I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !

  • Josh

    This reminds me of lars and the real girl.

  • Aneesh

    you know what!

    The era of “plasticality or Dummycality” is now there
    Search one for your future life which will reduce Rape cases

  • gypsy

    WOW! It’s totally scary how desparate enough folks are for a company to profitably manufacture “rubber girlfriends” that realistic… i always thought the blow up doll was like a gag gift…. frikkin creepy x 10!!!

  • David

    The one I got left me after three weeks for “Deviant sexual behavior.” But whatever.

  • ebro

    there was a show a while back on the shop that does repairs for these dolls. people do all sorts of stuff to them that is so much weirder than just having sex. at least they can get their deviant / killing out of the way on fakes and hopefully not real people.

    also the male versions of these are hilarious.

  • princebowma


    Can someone tell me how to attach images to forum post.

    thanks a lot

    Follow your dreams as you don’t know where it might take you

  • yep

    that kid with the guitar totally molests that doll when mommy’s not home.

  • Rei

    A few of those pics are from the documentary “Guys and Dolls”
    Look it up and watch, it’s weird and sad. About real men who have “real relationships” with those sex dolls.
    I’ve seen it like twice. >_>

  • Anonymous

    al right whos been taking sneak pics of me again????

  • http://www.flickr.com/noh khashayar

    wondering why you didn't credit the photographer. Elena Dorfman.

  • lidalida

    #13 (just count) is just genuinely weird. Two fetishes in one.

  • http://twitter.com/DanCas2 @DanCas2

    Males were created to propagate the species, but we only "authorize" one way and that is marriage. Now lots of guys love it and I'm a vet mayself, yet why can't we just pay by the hour with a real person and maybe get more than just friction? If I can pay a girl to finger herself on camera, why is it different if we are in the same room? We have our religion, health and law all muddied up, no wonder I'm looking for an inanimate (but pretty) object to make love to! 😉

  • buddy boy

    I'm not player hatein, But those dudes in the pics are probably schizophrenic [youtube 1W78OFD2Yao&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W78OFD2Yao&feature=related youtube]

  • person

    Uncanny valley. Yuck.

  • Fish

    Beyond freakish

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