The best celebrity side-boob collection ever (30 photos)

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  • northerner

    Once again, absolutely boobescent! The blond on the chaise in the leopard ‘kini and wedgies is tops. Or bottoms…or…er….you know…

  • Carlos MV

    lovely stuff

  • madman

    Who is the girl in the very last picture?

    • Hitler0000

      Angelina Jolie

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  • faris


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  • madman

    SURELY someone knows who the girl is in the last picture????

  • thejynxed

    Looks like some pics from one of Charlize Theron’s photoshoots from back in the 90’s.

  • madman

    Nar, its not Chalize Theron. Its a recent pic. seen it elsewhere but no idea who it is….come on guys….someone….?!?

  • storm

    Sophie Monk I reckon. Aussie wannabe actress

  • johosofat

    bah, here i was loving the side boob post and I’m presented with Heidi Montag! ACK.

  • Ozzie

    its definitely sophie monk. and she is an actress- not wannabe

  • robin yates

    very titilating !..personally I prefer small ones,,,,,,,,,,,,more than a mouthful is enough

  • Anonymous


  • Equalizer

    Who is that HOT FHM girl?…

  • top dog

    Angelina Jolie would have to bring a base ball bat to bed with her every nite if she was my wife, she’d have to beat me off them boobs. Brad Pitt you lucky man.

  • ROR

    Angelina Jolie=not hot. Hollywood needs to quit pretending she is, maybe at one point, but not anymore, and Pitt was a moron for ditching Jennifer Aniston for her. I'd gladly fuck Aniston once in exchange for ten times with Jolie.

    • al4445

      Jolie is hotter than Aniston. Aniston is a rail, and not very attractive.

    • Kenton

      I know you wrote that 2 years ago, but you were wrong then, and you are wrong now. Angelina is the definition of what every girl wants to look like as far as "modeling" goes.
      1. She has lips that girls get injections to look like.
      2. Girls go to the tanner everyday to achieve her skin-tone.
      3. Her boobs are naturally perfect as far as women are concerned. Yes, I love big ass boobs, but when it comes down to it, a handful is plenty for anyone.
      4. Her overall sex-appeal is why "Hollywood" likes her so much. She isn't Jennifer, she's the exact opposite. Jenn is a pretty blonde, who would take care of you and give you an old-fashioned once in a while. Angelina would throw your ass on the ground and deepthroat your wangsource and let you splooge all over her masticating orifice, and the area around it, watching out for the eyes because I heard those things can live and swim in your eye region, and we don't want her turning into a zombie.

      Oh, and in no way am I knocking Jennifer Aniston. I think she is amazing too, but to tell you the truth, I'd gladly give up those 2 for either Olsen Twin, Natalie Portman, Katy Perry / Zooey Deschanel(sp?), or ANY attractive asian with a decent rack. (Katy and Zooey remind me of each other which is why I put them together, I'd take either).

  • Joe Clyde

    side boob rocks

  • Amir

    i love angelina

  • celebrity side boobs

    Check out this video for some wickid side boobs!


  • suddenly in love

    Who is the lady in the first black and white picture?

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  • joeman53

    #6 don't you hate it when tags show – here let me adjust that for you

  • Anonymous

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