Some people should not procreate (15 photos)

people should not have kids Some people should not procreate (15 photos)

Photos from the twisted genius at

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this post!! and here’s to hoping I’m sterile!!!!

  • Carlos MV

    fun stuff

  • impriss00

    cheers to High School LUST

  • robin yates

    the easiest thing in the world is to procreate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, insects do it,,,,,,,,,,,,the hard part is raising your mistake !

  • lord_sandro

    Age isn’t that important when it come to be a good parent. Yeah they are young but in the end it is their choice. Yes most of them will regret it later but what if they don’t what if they take this seriously and grew their children just right?
    Then the joke will be on us, the unwashed trolls. :grinn:

    (I know a young family, they are both 18 and already have a child (2 years old) they are maybe the happiest people I know and I’m sure that they will do good in growing their kid)

    • mook

      Is this a pass at mook to make babies with the lord_sandro?

      I accept visa, mastercard, discover… but no amex


  • niggers die now

    this is true all niggers and spicks should never procreate since they love to abuse the welfare system

    • hunglow

      Asshole hope you don't ever procreate, to have some dumb ass kid follow your intelligence, I would rather Shane a black and hispanic

  • Smartiepants

    dont be a racist idiot.Ignorant assholes like you should not procreate.

    • mook

      You don’t know me.
      You not my babies daddy-mommy

  • mook

    This is why mook does not smoke meth.

    Meth makes babies!

  • Skeebles


  • Darko Venture

    I gotta say that I don’t particularly understand why some of the people pictured here shouldn’t procreate. A couple are obvious and blatant, and some seem to be happy parents. Maybe someone could point it out to me?

    And not to pull that card, but this post kinda comes across as ‘why mexicans’ or ‘why blacks’ shouldn’t procreate. Not everyone wears a three-peice suit 24/7.

  • Dave

    Congratulations LEO, you are an elitist moron who just lost a ton of readers. Let's hope you never procreate. The world has plenty of racist asses already!

  • Robert

    LEO your an ass

  • Ross

    This, like most of these kinds of most, seems to be in poor taste.

  • schan

    are you retarded?

  • Jawbone

    Ah, site admins must approve? What's the matter, not enough "DAR me? *Giggle*" for your tastes?

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