The wind is no friend of skirts (15 photos)

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  • LOL

    BAD BAD BAD LEO for the last pic! SHAME on you!! LOL

  • Redline748

    wow Fergie has some cracking legs

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  • More Doctors Smoke Camels

    I love the fact that there are so many g-strings here 🙂

    • `

      My thoughts, too! Yeah, man. High fives to the inventor of the thong…awesome for bun and leg lovers…shazam!

    • northerner

      Yes, we must pay proper homage to the inventor of the Thong panties. Hooah!

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  • Equalizer

    Some of them does not even have underwear

    • Anonymous

      they does not?

      • northerner

        can I lick some now!

      • northerner


    • olive

      Thongs, darling.

  • Everett

    Thank goodness for the creation of wind and skirts. 🙂 They go together like fries and cheeseburgers. 😉

  • Everett

    The wind may not be a friend of skirts, but it sure is a friend of mine. 😀 😉

  • top dog

    Yeah, I love upskirt moments. Although that next to the last photo was blinding, didn't need to see that one.

    • kaaaBLAAAM!

      i know this post was forever ago, but i am scarred by that photo. Why is he not wearing underwear? Stupid non-american country.

  • mabimpact

    I ,as a middle age woman, was a victim of skirt in the wind along with my mom. I was 27 at the time and my mom was 61. We both were wearing A -line dresses and pushing my baby daughtor in her carriage. A 18 wheel truck drove by and caused our skirts to fly over our waist. We were both embarrassed when a bunch of guys gave out cat calls. I unfortuately was wearing no panties . My mom was lucky as she had both her panties and girdle inh place.

    Mary Alice

    • northerner

      Um, Mary Alice, dear, why were you NOT wearing panties, then? Hmmmm? Did you not foresee a possible disaster coming perchance a trauma should befall you and your mum? Do not blame lack of panties on the wind m’dear. What you do not wish to be shown, do not fail to cover. Would like to have seen you both in those days, btw.

    • Nash

      How could u bn embarrassed when u knowingly went out w no panties on. Women know anytime they have a skirt/dress on that guys r gonna try to c up it. Sounds like a few lucky guys got a good show

    • Steve

      Sorry to hear about your missfurtunes. I would'nt worry about boys seeing you a little volnerable, after all they probibly forgot all about it within 5 mins not that I would'nt of minded being there but what really caught my attention was your name. My late mom had the same name. Thanks for the story and keep your chin up not your skirt. Althought boys like seeing a flash now and then they really much rather have a lady. One last thing. Do you mind me asking what the heck you where doing wearing no panties

  • Everett

    To bad (and luckily for you) no one had a camera, because they would’ve been able to share it with us in theCHIVE. 🙁

    I think it would’ve been nice to see you without your panties, Mary Alice. 🙂

    • mabimpact

      Everett, Maybe youcan, if you E mail me or catch me in romance married chat room some day. Some friends have aso mentioned they would love to cat ch my mom with her panties and girdle off. she was a knock out even at 61 years old.

      Mary alice

  • carpetguru

    Hi Mary Alice

    I bet your mom looks good in that girdle and panties but I bet she looks even better with them. off. I can only imagine what you looked like when that skirt blew up over your waist, but I would like to take you up on your offer to Everett. What kind of picture with no panties can you send me.I bet it looks great. Even right now why dont you post some kind of picture so Ican drool while waiting on the big one. I hjope what yuou have under neath is a big one. My e mail is posted. E mail me sometime and maybe we can get together.

    Lonnie the carpet guru

  • tgodon

    My mommy was so embarrassed by her incident. i was only a little boy of about 10 and we were walking towards the subway in NewYork. I reemeber when the train passed it created a hygegust ofwind and sent my mommy’s dress high overe her waist. She was weasa corset and nylons but her fanny got exposed as thecorset had ridden up a bit and she never wore panties . A few men Iremember whistling and yelling vulgar thingsat her. She was a Scotch Imigrant and very embarrassed bythe incident.

    Guru, you are so shameful in your remarks to Mary Alice. You shouldbe ashamed of yourself taking to a lady in that manner.Owe owe you are so VULGAR, I feel like hitting you.

  • zbyszzek

    Straszne zdjęcia z gołymi tyłkami-podwiane spódnice przez głupi zboczone wiatrzyska.Na taką pogode to spodnie są najlepsze.Powinny mieć wąskie spódniczki,lub halki,żeby majtek nie było widać przy podwianiu spódniczki.

    • carl

      hey Zbyszku, dobra opinie masz, zgadzam zie z Taba, ale pozatym ja lubie patrzyc na take fotografie, wiem ze to nie jest purytaniczne, ale szczero wyjasniam.

  • doctorwhorules

    The blonde girl in the denim coat and yellow skirt is Billie Piper from Doctor Who

  • Great Grandpa

    SHAME on women/girls that don't wear underwear ! Nobody should go without underwear, it's disgusting.

    • Everett

      I have no problem with it. Especially when gorgeous women/girls go without wearing underwear in public. I think its great. 🙂

      • carl

        yeah, me too, what is disgusting to one is wonderful to 10 others, I love it !

  • http://www.facebook.com/i.am.jason.bell Jason Bell

    The pic above the airplane scene…. Two girls wearing skirts with CROCS?? They lost all credibility even if she had a nice ass. GAG!

    • Stan

      You noticed their Crocs? And said "GAG" like in, as with a spoon? I think you lost all credibility in judging women.

    • Juice

      I look at ass, you look at shoes. You are not straight?

  • Jon

    I am a friend of the wind

  • http://www.shed-26.com Jcon55

    When will the Chive tees not be sold out?

  • http://twitter.com/BijoyBenny Bijoy Benny (@BijoyBenny)

    The wind is mean

  • Anonymous

    I just fumed for watching this

  • gary carter

    exselent photoes lovely ladies

  • justaguy

    #18 Amazing! Katherine Mcphee, I love her!

  • alto

    hmmm fergie is got hot smokin legs..

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