Kristanna Loken wants you. (25 photos)

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  • latallal

    pure wow-ness!

    • T800


  • TM22

    why is she holding a goat in that one picture?

  • The DUDE

    OMG her ring finger is longer than index
    SHE could have been A GUY once

  • sachin shinde

    thinkig of grils detail

  • sachin shinde

    fucking of grils with animal

  • Stan

    Ho…homygod… i ijust grew a wizard in my balls.

    *o face*

  • big dog

    This lady is fine as hell, you can tell her I said that if you want to.

  • GAC

    she is straight bangin ya feel chive

  • MOAR

    fuck u all bitches

  • nawwar


  • chena

    …well…..if she wants me, she can HAVE ME!!!!!!!!!

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