Your kid is fat. Stop feeding it garbage. (20 photos)

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  • Jonathan Passow

    We, as a race, are doomed.

  • Digitsis

    Whoa! That is really sad.

  • Moi

    I agree. It’s child abuse.

  • faceh

    holy GOD.

    Enroll those kids in some recreational sports and PLEASE stop feeding them junk.

  • jokez

    What's the big deal? They're just average sized American kids.

    • selta

      Are you blind?
      or maybe you fat too?

  • omnomnomnom

    they eat because they're unhappy. They're unhappy because they eat

    • xiomata

      fat kids are always thinking about food. I hate fat kids, but most mexican fat kids , nasty

  • Canibal

    I bet those kids taste good!

    • habsfanx

      they taste like grease or sweat

    • OliverDread

      Yum! It would be a Fois Gras only obese kids livers instead of obese duck.

  • Chiver

    Messed up. Child abuse. I feel bad for those kids. Probably die of a heart attack.

  • mo

    We see this all too often and we are apathetic to this situation, but in the end we are to blame for these kids and the health problems they will have because we as parents won’t say NO….

  • robin yates

    if the parents are slobs,,,stands a really good chance the kids are the same,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it is the parents fault and I agree,,,, it could be called child abuse

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  • rudeboi

    some parent think that not giving them all the bullshit they ask for is child abuse. just think about those kids when they start going to school or start getting interested in the opposite sex. these are nothing but future suicide victims there parents should be proud.

  • korner4

    At this age, child are the results of their parents’ choices. Unlucky them …

    Later they will be able to make their own choice … but until then I wish their parents could use their brains … unfortunately this is what seems to be missing in these cases: parental brains.

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  • Mar

    “It”???? .. .com’on….they are childreen not things…..

  • Edwin

    These are very disturbing photos. I just hope parents of obese kids are aware that their kids are highly vulnerable to heart disease, diabetes and stroke.
    There are many ways to overcome obesity. One of these is by taking garcinia cambogia.
    It is more effective when combined with exercise and proper diet.

  • blah

    Im thanking god cuz i am 10 and NOT obese and NEVER will be…….

  • The one

    This is why America can not have free health care. There are far to many Diseases/Disorders that are directly related to being obese. We would go bankrupt. I feel bad for these kids, They’re parents should be shot.

  • Anonymous

    These photos make me sick. These kids have horrible parents. It’s really sad that a fucking five year old can be 3 times my size. It makes me wonder sometimes.

  • Joe K

    Hahaha, childhood obesity..

  • kinechuy

    No es broma, ni se ven bonitos. Y menos cuando esos mismos niños comprendadn que pesan mas que un adulto en pleno desarrollo

    • lola

      y nunca van hacer queridos por la sociedad. Culpa de lpps padres que le dan comida en cantidades grandes. Yo soy honesta, ami no me gusta sentarme al lado de una persona gorda.

  • Larry

    This is what our damn welfare system has caused in america. The damn parents should be shot. Which would save the tax payers money and the kids sent to a home were they will be fed nothing but veggies. This is true child abuse. I don't care who says it isn't. Look at the scale. 76 to 80 we had very little welfare compared to today system.

    • selta

      I agree w you

  • zri

    sukkels zeg zo dik

  • Anonymous

    Yeah they ate some fat kids lmao

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