Worst fictional character costumes ever (35 photos)

a worst sci fi costumes ever 36 Worst fictional character costumes ever (35 photos)

  • blueberryvoodoo


  • Anonymous

    Thank you Chive…my eyes are now bleeding.

  • random-random

    WAY too much geek bulge, spandex =/= pants.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    See, when we see those elaborate and accurate costumes we say “Wow, they sure have alotta time on their hands!!!” and dismiss their hard work. Remember these pictures the next time.

    BTW, I thought the Hulk one looked great … until I looked around the statues knees and saw the little boy.

  • Equalizer

    Robin from Teen Titan is a Maniac. His enjoying himself getting arouse.

  • hey

    Mario is win and the Simpsons are awesome.

  • omnomnomnom

    the mermaid’s mine

  • Jonathan Passow

    Yes! I didn’t make the list this time, lol.

  • veronarat

    wow. the dudes as the women are weird. but i don’t think anything is worse than that kitty with the pink hair. holy mother of god, i’m disgusted but i can’t look away. weird.

  • impriss00

    that Kitty was sumthing for the eyes!! was tthat her bare skin where there was no sinthetic fur attached? she looked very serious as if she were in real form and not a c list costume.
    and oh my some one should have thrown that Mermaid back in!! LMAO

  • robin yates

    I’m happy being me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no desire to be anyone else

  • ranneys1

    the simpson one was great. haha definitely better than that furry woman with pink hair. ewww

  • B

    Im scared

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  • very funny

    did you get all of these from something awful? great!

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  • Anonymous

    Three words: Fat. Ass. InuYasha.


  • robert ball

    Well, I tried to see if I could pick the one I thought was the worst, but I couldn’t!!! They’re all pretty dismal. The most pathetic, though, was the guy with I AM GUNDAM on his tee!

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  • EN

    Ok dude, what the hell. This isn’t about bad costumes, your just making fun of fat people. And poorly at that.

    The people who had ab lines DRAWN onto themselves or were walking around half naked in ridiculous outfits or in drag costumes, were CLEARLY doing it as a joke. The rest of them are just people too fat to wear ANYTHING that isn’t a god damn garbage duck taped around their fat. This whole page fails and actually scrolling through all of this made me angry at the people who desperately need to take better care of themselves, and you for using such shitty pictures.

  • Anonymous

    DEATH STAR! lulz xD

  • Megan Fox


    furries are just creepy

  • Rina

    wow maybe you should have called this ‘lets all laugh at fat people’ instead…
    Even though i didnt really laugh i just made *eeeuuugh…* noises of creeped-out-yness.

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