• David

    Who’s the hottie in the 3rd photo down, with the long black hair and short shorts?

    • Izno

      Glad I'm not the only one.

  • Chameleon

    Wow! This is a really beautiful collection!

  • latallal

    These were just pure wow.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Can’t get enough of looking at beautiful women! I like the girls in the first and the fifth photos the most, but the other ones are beautiful as well.

  • Diamonds

    All define beautiful in their own ways.

  • Equalizer

    Mine is the 12th picture… Sooo F%^&%ing HOT….

  • Bag of Hammers

    Jesus, did you guys just cut and paste from a Russian Mail Order Bride Catalog? Where are the wimmins of color?

  • xclusive02

    always nice to see some tasteful pictures taken


    WOWBOOTY babes

  • Pepperand


    Why do u have to comment on every single post on theChive? C’mon lol…

  • abilities651

    i thought the same thing too

  • doodahdoodoo

    he’s gunnin for that #1 spot on “top commenters” :-/

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  • DaddyD

    I’m with David. #3 forever! I’m going to make her the wallpaper on my computer so that I can look at her all day.

  • Dave Mitchell

    Is the any one of those girls you wouldn’t ____, boys?

  • Miguel

    fuck yeah #12 all the way

    • Glen

      Did anybody figure out the ID of #12 ?!?

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  • bigdaddy

    full erect

  • Jim Beam

    2nd from bottom – kill me now!!!

  • wonder

    Do the photographers know that you use their pictures for this?

  • sam

    who are these models? does anyone knows name?

  • Sophia

    I am going to Moscow, and i will have time to visit the Lenin

  • hairstyles1

    wow great hair tips,ill have to use one of these ideas

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