Funniest mug shot t-shirts ever (15 Photos)

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  • HellHathNoFury

    *first* They really shouldn’t take pics from my Private myspace gallery like that. *snerk*

  • Equalizer

    “If we get caught it’s all your fault” – Now that’s very FUNNY!!!…

  • Digitsis

    There was a trial in my hometown many years ago where the defendant, who was on trial for killing a two ‘friends’ -a prostitute and drug dealer. In court he wore a t-shirt that said ‘three can keep a secret if two are dead.’ Moron

  • Flash

    What’s so funny about the Irish one. I’m black and an Irish citizen. Maybe she is too.

  • Bill


  • Snuggles

    the last pic….robert downy jr?

    • socket2me

      lay off the crack

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  • robin yates

    thanks,,,,,,,,,,, love the black Irish pic

  • dufus

    When I got arrested for possesion i was wearing a shirt that said “one love” and had a big weed leaf on it

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  • Justin

    The world greatest dad one is actually a guy that got arrested for attempting to have sex with a minor – to catch a predator style. that’s what makes that shirt so great

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  • Dave

    The santa one looks like he’s about ready to hit somebody. The first one is funny cos she must be a virgin, who’s wanna have sex with her.

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  • Carl

    #6 burnt bra?

    • Carl

      nope #7

  • Paul

    #7 MOAR ( When she gets out )

  • Asif

    My goddaughter and Julian look GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! What bifuteaul, crisp, clear pictures! They look like they belong in a magazine!!! Will your photographer come to Miami to take pictures of our boys?!?!? Julian looks absolutely gorgeous (like a model!) in the one of him in his peacoat next to the tree outdoors! And my bifuteaul princess Isabella, what can I say? The one of her placing the ornament on the tree is just lovely.My favorite one is Isabella and Julian together (color) just bifuteaul! Great, great pictures!!! Don’t know how much it cost, but it’s definitely money well spent!

    • Med

      Go to bed, Asif!!

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