Dead fly art, surprisingly hilarious (15 Photos)


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  • Equalizer

    Translation in English Please…

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  • Giraffe

    it’s funny in any language

  • LOL

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Someone has ENTIRELY too much time on their hands!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLL That’s just funny.

    Equalizer…google translator dude. Seriously. 😉

  • Bill the welder

    ” Equalizer is a dumbass ” Damn dude even the Germans don’t like you.

  • http://icefirex.deviantart.com s3xt0y

    wow somebody has alot of time lol

  • Tofte

    Swedish ftw 🙂

  • icantbelieveyouvedonethis

    According to freetranslations.com its actually “Equalizer ist ein stummer Arsch”. Equalizer wouldn’t know about freetranslations.com because last time I checked they don’t have a message board that you can post pointless crap on.

  • Digitsis

    these are great. I will never look at a dead fly quite the same

  • boneman

    You forgot to put the Chive.com thingie on the bottom….but then,
    you probably don’t want folks to think you
    “draw flies”?

    You know, my blog is called Time Flies Like an Arrow,
    (and fruit flies like a banana)

    (don’t worry. I’ll be sure to tell folks where they come from)

  • roberto

    WTF, this is awesome, really creative.

  • Mad Dog

    Swedish, not German.

  • Dennis

    1.- Do you like it?
    -It’s really well done, Britta. Taste like shit.

    2. Are you bi? (Bi = bee as well as bisexual)

    3. It’s the latest fly. (fly = here old slang for cool)

    4. Guys, I have to sneeze.

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  • ken

    Not a single fly was harmed in the making of these photographs. All the flies are professional, highly trained models.

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  • kathy weller

    WOW. Now THAT is something I’ve never seen before!!!!

    Great stuff. Somehow you’ve managed to make me chuckle at the sight of dead flies without being nauseous!


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  • Taras Kozlov


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