This dog could use a hero (10 Photos, 1 video)

Galeforce gusts blew this Maltese-shitz right off Brighton Pier in Victoria, Australia. Sue Drummond could only look on helplessly as her dog, ironically named Bi Bi, was swept into the angry waves. Luckily, Raden Soemawinata was nearby and took action. Raden stripped down and dove into the bay to save helpless dog.
Raden was a humble hero about the situation saying, “It was pretty cold and windy, but it wasn’t such a hard decision to jump in, it wasn’t such a great feat.” He also added, “I’m a part-time model, so getting into my jocks isn’t so different to what I do for work.” God bless part-time models. Read the whole story here.
UPDATE: Thanks to Lachlan at the Herald Sun, we’ve found out that Mr. Soemawinata was actually on the pier to spread his grandmother’s ashes into the bay.

This one’s for you, valiant Radan

[viddler id=7c4ff39d&w=500&h=323]

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  • Brandon

    Why didn’t the owner jump in herself? What a lazy bitch. Serves her right for naming her dog Bi-Bi.

  • Roscoe

    Maybe she’s not a strong swimmer…. Wow, Brandon, why so angry? Celebrate the good deed instead of assuming things you don’t know about.

  • One Sick Puppy!

    Why assume Brandon is so angry? Celebrate Brandon’s bitchy comments instead of assuming things about people you don’t know.

  • Jordo

    To bad the dogs owner wasnt hot. He would have got soooo laid!

  • immalawyer

    Dam I was gonna comment on how that dude in the red shirt was a wearing a bra, then I read the text at the top and saw that it was in australia, so that explains everything

  • Anonymous

    funny because when i think of dudes with bras i think of america….

  • Murray

    Perfect placement for the Conchords video. Well played.

    The hero will probably still have to keep his normal job.

  • StudleyPendejos

    Anonymous = Pu-na-ni

    I think he needs to wash the sand from his vagina, sounds like he is irritated.

  • Xac

    Nope. Brandon is angry. Trust me. I mean look at him. LOOK AT HIM!

  • Booyaka

    Looks like there were a few cute girls hanging around, I’m sure he could have called in his “rescue awards”, but being a male model he might not be interested in the ladies?

  • immalawyer

    hey well at least it’s better than the hungry asian joke I was gonna do…

  • AwHellNaw

    I still don’t get why just took his pants off, not even his shirt or something, just his pants…

  • lodai

    pants can get pretty heavy in the water for sure. I guess if I had to lose something, it would be pants first

  • blueberryvoodoo

    def., pants and shoes
    instant poon points for being gutsy and animal-lover, good for him
    (hahahahaha: “god bless part-time models”)

  • HellHathNoFury

    She looks quite athletic, so why didn’t she jump in? And great way to hold your dog up by it’s THROAT after a near-drowning.

  • Penne

    Did anybody notice that the owner looks like George Bush

  • boneman

    Yeah…I’ll tell you why she didn’t jump in.
    Go back and look at that dude’s face when he got in the water. Cold water. Very very cold water.
    Good dude, but, I’ll bet HE pushes the ‘bitch’ in next time. Then she’ll save her dog!
    Yay! The dog was saved! And look at that face!

  • Angel

    well done Raden Soemawinata, you awesome!!!!

  • Psara

    Hurray dog savey guy!!!

  • austRALIA

    i think its pretty cool to see that this got global..
    the kid took his clothes off coz
    A. he’s wearing his business clothes.. expensive
    B. clothes get heavy when theyre wet
    and C. wearing clothes in the water is actually colder than wearing nothing
    that day was so unbelievably cold hes a smart guy

  • Monica

    I fail to see what the New Zealand Flight of the Conchords have to do with a dude saving a dog in Australia.

  • Greg

    Woulda been a lot cooler if he had dived in, instead of crawling down the edge and scraping up his elbows.

  • Aretha

    Yeah I noticed the post-near-drowning-choking as well! FAIL.

  • Emma

    Monica, you’d probably find it funny if you read that he was a part time model. and that’s exactly what they’re singing about.

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