Real farm girls pose to help German agriculture…in my pants (10 Photos)

Hoping to make working in agriculture more attractive to younger Germans, the Association of Young Bavarian Farmers has presented the latest edition of a calendar showing farm girls in awesome poses. I know what you’r thinking, the Association of Young Bavarian Farmers actually exists? I’m as shocked as you are.

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  • petrus

    viva la the Association of Young Bavarian Farmers!

  • Nateb123

    Wow. I think the most amazing thing about this is that if there was an Association of Young American/British/French/etc. Farmers, none of their calendars would be this hot.

    • a_guy

      there are several regional Young Farmers Associations throughout Britain

  • Mark Brent

    giving a whole new meaning to the donkey punch…

  • Brandon

    I’d like to sow some seeds in those fields

  • jozef

    those are not germans, cos theyre hot.

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  • top dog

    I’ve seen some german farm girls, they do look good with mud on their faces.

  • papasmurf

    Only 11 of em r HOT !

  • psara

    Kann Ich im den Jung Bayerin Bauern verbinden?

  • boneman

    Really like the bread maker at the end!

  • Equalizer

    3rd Pics is HOT!!!

  • Megarath

    ZOMG – the legs in #1 and #2!

    • Tyler

      Ich wünsche zum Motörboot

  • Kev

    Roll, roll, roll in ze hay.

  • Tyler

    I always knew there was a logical explanation for my lifelong desire to become a farmer and move to Germany

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  • Scott

    Promises of top shelf poon for farming won't work on me you sneaky Germans!

  • Aggie

    If you know anything about ag, number 8 becomes that much less appropriate.

  • Rick

    Id like to milk some of those ladies or have them milk me either way farm life seems more appealing

  • mith

    OH MY…. who knew?

  • Radu

    if those are young farmers i'm going to bavaria 😀

  • http://heirloomketchup.com steve

    I wonder if the 7th one will give me a goose?
    I’d be willing to give her one.

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, lived just south of Munchen for 5 years – these girls don't hold a candle to real Bayerisch girls.

    • bill

      yup your 100% correct..

  • Alex

    I want the name or e-mail of the number 2. I'm in love!!!! I'm from southamerica I'm single 30 and with a lot of money. new_salme@ymail.com

  • Jason

    I think I should be a young Bavarian farmer? need I know German?

  • paul

    hell yea

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