The Human Tree man *Warning Graphic* (13 photos)

Indonesian fisherman, Dede Koswara, has been suffering from a rare skin disease called Human Pappiloma Virus since he cut his leg as a teenager. HIs skin appears to have tree roots growing out if it. He has been dubbed the ‘Tree Man’ and doctors from around the world are working on a cure.

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  • Phil

    proof of evolution, if he procreates the genes to allow that will pass on and voila, at some random time in the future this could be what a whole village of people look like! real ents!

    • Anonymous

      There is not one fact that proves evolution…. not one!

      • Ken

        Can we NOT have an evolution debate? People are going to believe what they want to believe and it has nothing to do with the science. Scientific theories are not proven like mathematical proofs anyway. They are only disproven or replaced by a theory that explains the natural world better than the previous one.

        It is not a theory that effects people’s day to day lives anyway (unless they are paleontologists), whether they believe it or not.

      • Anonymous

        There is not one fact that proves creationism…. not one!

      • me

        same for creation

    • Ken

      Did you not read that this is from a virus? Of course, I’ve never seen a case of warts like that one so he may have an immune deficiency that allows the virus to proliferate. An immune deficiency *may* be genetic, but could also be due to other factors like it representing a new nasty strain of virus. Maybe he shouldn’t be fondling that child?

    • Becky

      He has two children you idiot, read up on things before you post shit. This illness is as a result of a very strong case of HPV. It has nothing to do with evolution. I strongly believe in the theory of evolution – but everything you just said is bullshit.

  • Tree hugger.

    I'm in love.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah right

  • Twentyseven

    I feel bad for that bloke, but that scares the shit out of me. Its going to make me look at my newly cut Christmas tree in a whole new light.

    • Me & Me

      I know. I'm diffidently going to think twice.

  • Adam

    This condition is epidermodysplasia verruciformis not HPV. It is however caused by HPV where a recessive mutation in patients makes them hypersensitive to HPV and the resultant lesions.

    • Iam thu bast spaler

      I'd hate to have that

  • Shadow Sterks

    Wow, I got a chainsaw if it helps. I could trim some off.

    • Iam thu bast spaler

      Yeah why not certified surgeon

  • Anonymous

    They did a special with this guy on Discovery last year, it was really moving, they are still working on a cure for him, he has had it rough, and all this man wants is to be normal, the only reason, so he can provide for his family. Keep him in your thoughs, maybe they will find the cure and give this man his quality of life back!

    • P-90

      Yeah I saw that, apprently after the programme he underwent sugery to remove most of the growths but sadly they quickly grew back.

    • Iam thu bast spaler

      It's good to know somebody speaks up and doesn't curse the infected man out

  • Michael

    That's rough, I wonder what happens when he gets wood? Get it? No? Fuck.

    This proves evolution somehow? Not really, considering that evolution favors genetic traits that give people a comparative advantage over the rest of the species. Now, I'm a firm believer in Evolution, but this would seem to rebut evolution given that the trait is in no way beneficial to the guy. Or, at the least, it shows a genetic mutation, which to me is very different than evolution.

    Do Creationists believe in genetic mutations, or is it all part of the big guy in the sky's plan?

    • Rob

      Creationists do believe in genetic mutation and this is one example of de-evolution. They believe all changes in our genes is in the reverse direction…..our genome is becoming more corrupt. I think we can all see this happening around us….how many people do you with some kind of genetic flaw; whether it be asthma, balding, arthritis etc.

  • Anonymous

    That sucks.

  • Anonymous

    I just lost my breakfast.

  • aaron


  • meh

    You have moles? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    • HellHathNoFury

      Moleymoleymoleeey poke it with a stick!

      • yup

        …and crabs…

      • P-90

        I went to the doctor to have a mole removed from my dick, I’m not gonna fuck one of them again.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Thanks for the coffee on my screen!

    • jumble of letters

      Ooh did you moles are actually a thing that humans have

  • HellHathNoFury

    I feel bad for him, and find myself disgusted at myself for hating my moles and whatnot when some people have it really bad.

    • D

      Well thanks for ruining the fantasy!

    • mook

      There is always suicide.

      And before you go trying to sympathize for this guy and make us think you are pious contemplate this…

      You are posting your opinion on a image found on a ‘joke’ image site.

      Get real. You caring or not caring for this man makes no difference and no once cares.

      I see you posting over and over on this site speaking like you are some super hero going to fix the world by posting on the chive picture blog. How things should fit what you think is right.

      I am not far from this scrutiny but I also do not care if this is ever read.
      Not going to change the world with a post or an opinion.

      The mook has spoke.

      • HellHathNoFury

        You obviously care, since you posted a novel-length reply in depth to my posting, which was a simple, ‘Wow, some people have it bad, puts it into perspective’.
        Not goint to change the world with a post or opinion? Really?! All world-changing acts have been based upon someone’s opinions and concurrent writings. Hitler, Stalin, Lincoln, King Jr all voiced their opinions and people backed them. please do your homework so as not to look more foolish than the girl you’re trying to insult.

        • arlyn

          i agree with you. go and let your opinions be heard. there’s nothing wrong in that.
          go go chive

  • Brian


  • The Trash man

    Picture 10..is that his son? Who would fuck a tree…seriously?

  • FUCK YOU :)

    Mutation = Mutant = X-Men = The Tree Man

  • vitorla

    wow….I wanna bang this guy. No homo.

  • P-90

    Imagine finding his footprints somewhere, that would be a huge WTF moment.

  • Bojangles

    Nice ad for GAP

  • cheetah woods

    i wonder will the doctors get to the root of the problem

    • messiah1

      root of the problem, hardy, har, har

      • jesse

        hes a sick SICK bastard!

    • cheetah sukcz

      fuck you assholethats serius conditon that he hass adn if you dont like it thenn go fuckiingng kill youself you bithc asshoel

  • sdgh

    how did he get his hands through the tiny shrit hole…

  • Honker

    One picture would have been more than enough.

    Lets all chip in and buy this guy a truckload of Compound W and have done with it.

    At least the poor bastard has some good begging credentials.

    Go to a third world country and you see lots of people with hideous lesions and such who turn a good buck for their families by appealing to the pity and disgust of tourists.

    Me, I prefer naked ladies and interesting natural pictures.

    You can keep the freak show to yourself.

    • dude

      you’re barking up the wrong tree here.

    • Iam thu bast spaler

      Well you looked it up and "the poor bastard" probably thought it would be interested in it; I did

  • oh my

    he’s totally flippin the bird in that second pic

  • John G

    So when he shits he drops a log?

  • jesus rulezz

    Don't ask me why but his face reminds me of micheal jacksaon…

    • geez

      is it because of the little boy between his legs?

    • Anonymous


  • Marilyn

    This poor guy. I wonder if that's his son. If it is, then good for him. And as for that jerk who was worried about him passing on his "bad genes" and possibly creating a whole village, that's none of your business. He's a human being, and has every right to procreate and have a family. If anyone should be denied their right to pass on their genes, it would be you for being such a douche and worrying about it, and quickly jumping to point your finger on this poor guy for the imperfections of mankind due to genetic mutations. It wasn't their choice nor was it their parents. We are not animals.

    And yes, I DO believe in creation, in a Higher power in charge of designing the entire universe, but in order to compare the THEORY (not LAW) of evolution, you would have to bring in the many elements of religion and correct interpretation of said arguments before even beginning to compare the two equally, fairly, unbiased and in an educated and well versed fashion from both points of view. So in all fairness, this is not the forum to drag out your evolution spiel.

    I don't know who to pity more; this man with this deformity, or you with your shortsightedness and self centered view of the world.

    • P-90

      I don’t normally chime in on the arguements of others but evolution is not a theory, it’s proven scientific fact. Not only can you trace the evolution of creatures through fossil records they can (And do) trace modern animals backwards to shared ancestors by studying them on a genetic level. Saying you do not believe in evolution is like saying you don’t believe in gravity.

      • Chris

        Actually you are completely wrong on both accounts, Gravity and Evolution are both scientific THEORIES. Look it up.

        • Anonymous

          Thing is were not floating

    • Anonymous

      Genes? More like infection

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