Daily Afternoon Randomness (22 Photos)

lead new england1 Daily Afternoon Randomness (22 Photos)

  • swords n' stones

    kid’s about to motorboat his mom

  • shockresistant

    lemme guess, in 2007 the girl in the failto picture popped her cherry.
    but seriously, that much tan looks bad, especially with the ultra blonde look.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Ron and Hermoine FTW! *takes off nerd hat*
    Dude knows that if you kill the hooker, you can get your money back.

  • matthew

    6th picture down is the character Omar Little from the TV show “The Wire”. Great show.

    • B.E.R.

      Yeah, great show indeed.

  • aaron

    nice, post. Lead pick sums up where I live in the winter. Puppet pic, kid next to the vehicle, fireworks all great never unseen pics. (for me at least). And I dont think I have seen the Dr. OMG on here before that one was good too. *sarcasm. But overall really good randomness.

  • Erik

    Ron has boner lolol

    • JimenezCricket

      i would too if an attractive young lady jumped in my arms like that.

  • Bang


  • MissChris

    That “Derp” girl looks like a f*ckin blonde Oompa Loompa! Why do people do that?? lol

    • http://onesickpuppy.wordpress.com Bad_Obsession

      are you talking about the stupid “duck face” pose, or the ridiculously orange tan??

  • nelly02

    fenga pappit! ha ha ha! nice.

  • Ken

    Great set! Kim Jong, Sun Shade….LOL.

    Any guesses as to what is going on with the chick in her undies on the street?

    And would somebody give the Bear a break and give the biscuit a nudge?

  • Regina

    well well well…there goes another douchebag and what a waste …..lame

  • redhead lover

    is that last pic from one of the movies?

  • eo2

    #13 I need to be part of that hazing

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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