Freaking huge baby (6 Photos)

big baby lead Freaking huge baby (6 Photos)

  • looch

    oh my horse..

  • ant

    the last pic looks like he a huge pair of balls too!!!!

    • Lumberjerk


    • *

      Ant…are you some sort of pedephile..why would you be looking at the size of his balls…um

    • KristieLG

      It’s called a fucking diaper you suck pig.

      • KristieLG


        • B.E.R.

          The two people above me fail. He was talking about the floral design on the seat.

          Regardless, that kid is an abominable. Or the parents are idiots. Either way is fine.

        • ME

          I like suck pig better.

      • CeeDee

        Garbage mouth!

  • born2love

    on his shirt there are pictures of a rabbit , dog and a bear i think , and under them its written ” children’s meals ”

    yep , a rabbit for breakfast , bear for lunch and a dog for dinner will definitely make you look this fat ^_^

    • CABBAC

      –more like all 3 animals for every meal!

    • Gza Gza

      That baby is too over weight! It is just as dangerous to have a baby over weight as it is to have under weight babies. The parents should speak to their pediatrician. Soon, before the baby has health problems.

  • sticks

    Watch this kid grow up to be a tall skinny guy like me lol. I was fat as a baby.

  • mook

    Fat children should be fed to horses.

    Stop sticking food in your kids mouth.

    • Jeanie

      My children were chunky, now they are skinny, you know there has been diagnosis of children gaining weight without the parents over feeding them. If you can’t say nothing nice then keep your opinion to yourself, it is people like that make things worse for the overweight person. I think you should be fed to a horse since you have a horses mouth.

      • Hillmatt

        No ma’am it is being fat that makes things hard for overweight people, I’m not talking about that kid, it is obvious just by looking at the parents and the fact that the child is so young that they are not to blame there. I’m talking about adults that get fat it isn’t because they were made fun of and even if they actually do have medical disorders, they are still to blame. If you get made fun of in school don’t eat away those feelings, beat the piss out of your tormentors. If you have an “intestinal disorder” or whatever, exercise anyway. Don’t blame others, fix yourself. I used to be fat, then one day I looked in the mirror and was disgusted by what I saw, I did not blame other people, or the meds I was on, I went to a fucking gym.

    • Anonymous

      how could u said that about a child ud make a great parent / holy smokes i pray 4 u.

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  • ozzie

    mook the kid was born huge you dumb idiot.sticks you are probably right.he’ll be huge but skinny

  • Marilyn

    i love #4 picture! so cute! so what if he’s big? happy baby!

  • Anonymous

    aww how can anyone say anything bad about this child….look at how cute and what a smile…looks adorable to me. bless the little children…

  • minnie

    dont blame the child blame the parents for feeding their kids to much as long as the babies happy though but parents who over feed their kids should think on the health problems that come with it i think every child is beautiful reguardless of weight

  • waycross48

    Sadly, he looks like a baby Sumo wrestler!!! And, he looks VERY unhealthy. His little face almost looks like he’s in pain rather than smiling. I would NOT be proudly showing off a baby with such an unhealthy weight problem. I’d be doing something to help him.

  • sandra

    Poor baby, what kind of shit are they feeding him? he will have many medical [roblems, if he holds on to being FAT! Look at the dumb ass parents, they looking at him like it so beautiful to be this FAT! Sick o’s!!

    • tkmcguire

      Would someone please put this baby on a Diet! this is how young children and toddlers develop diabetes,by being overweight.It may be cute but it is not healthy! I know from first hand experience being a Registered nurse that has worked in pediatrics,we see overweight babies having or going on to have lots of health problems.Someone needs to give these parents a wake-up call!

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  • Joker

    the print on the seat makes it look like he’s got a decent pair of grapes

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  • Dr. Evil

    His name is Fat Bastard, he weighs a metric ton.

    • ftfim

      This dopey arab kid looks like a future terrorist to me. his parents should be castrated. His mother does look like a man!!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    They blow up so fast nowdays…

  • jtother

    Oh my word…

  • margie

    This is an adorable baby but i really wished the parents would do something about his weight before it is too late, not only could he become diabetic but his weight could have alot of straing on his heart considering the size he is he could have a heart attack or if he stays this size he could have breathing problems or other health issues that could go on for the rest of his life, this is very sad, however i am wondering also how old he is and what they are feeding this poor baby. It is the parents fault for allowing him to get this big, can’t blame the baby he doesnt know right from wrong thats for damn sure. and how much did he weigh when he was born, Are these parents just stupid or they just dont care, let alone this baby is going to have problems walking to even burn off any weight if any at all.This is really sad and i wished there was something i could do to help out. If anyone finds out anything else about this poor baby would someone please email me about the things you find out. i really feel soo sad for this baby and i would love to help out in anyway i could. These people should be turned in to social services or someone for having there baby this size.

  • Anonymous

    cute baby .. i wanna hold him.. aww.
    Im sure he can start loosing that weight when he’s able to walk and run. It seems like its just genetic.. but gosh he sure is ADOREABLY CUTE!

  • P-90

    I’m getting a backache just thinking about picking the fucker up.

  • Anonymous

    This baby is beautiful. How much did he weigh at birth? I had a baby that weighed 11 lbs 91/2 ounces almost 12 pounds. I felt like a freak. Today he is 42 years works out all the time. He is not a diabetic, but I am. This baby should be put on some kind of healthy diet under the doctor’s care. He is cute but I wouldn’t want to carry him.

  • Anonymous

    My firstborn daughter weighed 11 pounds 13 ounces. My second daughter weighed 12 pounds 6 ounces. I had both naturally. My third child was induced, but ended up being a C-section baby, two and a half weeks early because of fear she would be 13 pounds or better. She still weighed in at 9 pounds 3 ounces. I did nothing wrong during any of my pregnancies, gained only normal weight for first two and actually lost 38 pounds for the last. I just have huge babies! I do have type II diabetes now, twenty years after last one’s birth. Two oldest are 6 feet tall or better, last one is 5’7″ tall and slightly chubby, but not morbidly so. Sometimes nature just makes the decision for you as to how your child will be when they are little, not necessarily what you do or don’t do. So, don’t be so quick to judge. And this is not something to do with heredity in my family or anything like that, everyone else has average sized babies. My medical condition now includes the diabetes and hypothyroidism, but I was fine during my very normal pregnancies…

  • unclejerro


    • Anonymous

      u are a real dumb fuck 2 even say something like that about a child your prob a 400 pound beast yourself .

  • tiggerit

    IF anyone does any checking she had gestaional diabetes while prego and it can cause abnormally large babies, I have seen this one before and it is what happened. It is nothing that the parents are feeding him now… She did not have the proper care for the diabetes while prego

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