• Anonymous

    This chick is busted. Ugh Im throwing up right now. Ugh those ginger kids. ugh gross

    • Obama

      why don't you post up a pic so we can critique it. BITCH

  • Warren Baker

    i’ve been on the felicia wagon since ’08

  • Ex Savir

    she’s def a unique looking girl. the geek factor adds hotness

  • Warped

    Not bad, but I would like to see a picture of her ass in some tight jeans…. then I could make a more educated decision on her hotness.

  • Insert Name Here


    • Big Tuna

      I’ll second that.

  • confused


    dats all have to say

  • Dreamy

    aaah the guild! I KNEW i had heard the name felicia day before… and yarr she’s quite pretty

  • Nagrom


    Felicia is SMOKIN’ hot!!!

    Love The Guild, and love her. Her sassy quirkyness ads to her already overflowing hotness.

  • Ken

    Three “thumbs” up!

  • Anonymous

    seen her on a washing machine commercisl

  • UBER guy

    holy shit, that’s where I’ve seen her. she’s hot laundromat girl, right?

  • CharybdisClan

    Also she played one of the potential Slayers in the final season of Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.

  • Gonz

    what a beautiful person, she radiates positive energy and is very attractive. how could you not smile back at her?

  • Adam

    Nerd crush doesn’t begin to cover it. I would date NPH for the off chance that I would get to meet her.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Wow, hard to find a girl that’s smart, awesome, funny, a total guy and not full of herself. This chick is my idol.

    • Skeeter

      Panda, panda,panda…….Find a guy leave the women to the experts.

    • to hellhath

      soooooooo ur full of urself…….?

  • top dog

    I think I’ve seen her in a couple of commercials. I like lady nerds, sexyyyyyyy!!

  • Liam

    i love how the Anon people come to the chive to put in their two cents of negativity. If you’re gonna say somebody is gross (which she isn’t) at least put your name. this isn’t 4chan

  • YesYes

    This chick is busted. I mean, she qualifies for a shit-pipe fucking because she has a vagina and she is breathing, but she looks like one of the Lee sisters . . . Homelee and Uglee.

    • joe

      are they all shit pipe hookups for you captain negatvity?

  • Mr Mobius

    Felicia Day is cute, was great in Dr Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog and I’ve been keeping a watch on The Guild since season 1 episode 4 or so was first released.

    Now the Chive needs to follow along with a gallery about Veronica Belmont, another major nerd crush.

  • aaron

    i like her in glasses.

  • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

    For a redhead she’s alright but I’ve seen and dated better and I have no idea who she is.

  • Woodnote

    She’s fucking hideous.

    • PyroPretzel

      you have no fucking taste dude

  • Ampatent

    It’s clear here who likes and dislikes Felicia Day. Regardless of her appearence, those of you who don’t know her from anywhere other than this feature probably don’t like her. However, those of us that have seen her material, listened to her, and know about her personality (at least as much as an internet user can without being a stalker) would probably say we like her.

    Felicia Day is beautiful, not because of her body (which ain’t that bad either), but because of who she is…. an awesome female geek.

    • PyroPretzel

      Too true man thats where the crush comes from… probably after Penny's song in dr horrible was when my crush started… bout three days ago… i cannot beleive i was unaware of this awesome girl!

  • Big Slick

    Holy crap, nice overbite.

    • forge

      Yes, and what pray tell is wrong with a slight overbite?

      • PyroPretzel

        I think the overbite is cute really =3

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