Daily morning randomness (24 photos)

a random funny gg 8 Daily morning randomness (24 photos)

  • gee gee

    The Media picture says a lot!!!

  • shockresistant

    love the scarface one. specially since i watched it a few nights ago.

  • MissChris

    LOVE the gangster photo. I’m sick of all these wannabes – especially where I’m at, lots of kids think they’re so “hard” and it’s such b.s.

  • cookiemonster

    the polar picture is so cute

  • Balls deep

    can you please give me the time miss?

    • Megarath

      Time to fuck off, according to my watch.

  • BillyBlaze

    That watch reminds me of Nick Swardson’s ” can you read my watch joke “

  • HellHathNoFury

    Ew. Thanks for the ruination of Mario.
    Say hello to my leetul fren. Name’s Frosty.
    Rowan atkinson FTW
    Bond is Putin? Moneypenny is gonna have a heart attack.

  • ozzie

    lol HH

  • aaron

    flip flop carpet is great.

    • P-90

      Do you think that if you have two left feet you wear ‘flip flips’.

  • Dan

    Figures, that's what Mario games would probably look like if they were remade really violently…

  • Nik G

    The media manipulation one is pretty epic…

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