Myspace girls, like Facebook girls only trashier (34 Photos)

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  • imdbsux

    and now you know why i never leave myspace…i mean facebook.

    • bbb


  • Eric

    Anyone notice to two kids in the last pic?

    • D

      Sad, but true……

    • goposaur

      so much fail




      ARE U SEXY



    • Big Curt

      you know how i know ur gay?

    • Deadalready

      It looks like the kid is taking the photo!

    • -.-

      I have bad news to you…

  • Hah!

    There’s a kid in the last picture with slutmom.

  • getbig

    whos the chick with the giant juggs 4th from bottom?

    • BillyBlaze

      Thats In Bed With Faith. Some English chick with a website.

    • Brzooza

      its Faith, she does porn, and she knows how to use those boobs

  • stafferty

    I’ve never been jealous of elmo until today

  • HellHathNoFury

    Girl with the blue and yellow bikini is just…*melters* And the one below her, her body is amazing.

    • cavemanlawyer

      I agree on blue-yellow bikini…wow.

      But don’t overlook grey v-neck with lucky, lucky little cross…praise jesus!

    • wowee

      Agreed, she is stunning. That body! Damn.

    • mike c

      She's one of the prettiest girls i've ever seen


  • at work

    this gallery isnt that impressive…but i’d still do em all

  • confused

    i cant be sure if there better than facebook girls

    • isawoj

      At least no overabundance of pouty face/duck face.

  • LOL

    Anyone notice the fuzzy/photoshop erasing (?) of the 5th (from the top) girls left hip?

    And 5th from the bottom…I love that bikini top…what’s in it isn’t shabby either…yikes! 🙂

  • Brzooza

    wait, its that boxxy from you tube? white bikini with I “heart” NY?

    • anon

      ah! thats what i was thinking too!! …..shopped?

    • Anon

      Boxxy’s back?

    • forge

      That’s totally Boxxy, or it’s shopped, or it’s a girl that looks a lot like her and put her eyeliner on the same way. That’s one cute kid there.

  • deer

    Ouch ! My eyes broke !

    Eric, you must be a fag to have noticed this. As far as I see, there’s another milf next to the first one. We can see her ass. Could be a nice parenting fail 😉

  • D

    I personally don’t use, or give a shit about Myspace or Facebook. What’s the point; all i have to do is go to theCHIVE to find the best that both sites have to offer……..

  • top dog

    Myface, Spacebook, they all look the same to me. Some look good, and some don’t.

    • Me


    • dorothy

      how old are u

  • shuqq

    14 is shopped boxxy.

  • aaron

    #4 FTW

  • ozzie

    i’m with HHNF on this one,black bikini got it goin on,there a couple good ones in there.

  • NTFW

    man, that is one smalll top… boner time.

  • top dog

    Well, at least they didn’t do the fish face thing most of em do. Like I said, some of these girls don’t look bad!!, I mean they don’t make me hungry but I’ll poke em.

    • mike c

      What is up with that fish-face thing??? They do it CONSTANTLY!

      How can they not see how ridiculous it looks? IS it supposed to look like a pucker? Wtf??

      lol…it's bizarre….

  • Lamp?

    I love Lamp

  • peteyroboto

    So the fact that i liked this post more than the facebook makes me trashy? lol and i think i saw hellhathnofury sumwhere in there…hmmm am i wrong?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Nope. Nowhere near any of those girls.

  • DrRockso

    4th down is hot as hell

  • towely

    Don’t forget to bring a towel.

  • Parry

    Towel. check

  • aaron

    these girls actually look like they would uck and ick dude. They are hot in the sense that you can talk to them maybe bed em and they arent all on vacation on daddy’s dime.



      • DOROTHY



      I LOVE SEX

  • Darn Sillius

    TRASHY!? TRASHY!? Mongo liiiike TRASHY!!!!

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