19 reasons to have a big nerd crush on Veronica Belmont (19 Photos)

We’ve posted a lot of geek crushes lately but Veronica Belmont is our Belle of the Cyber Ball. She attended Emerson College where I’m sure she was the hottest thing on campus. Veronica began her career as an intern producing audio content for CNET Networks but matriculated quickly. In 2007 Veronica was announced as the co-host of the Revision3 show Tekzilla and was also named to the ‘Top 10 Sexiest Geeks’ list by Violet Blue.

There are many more photos at Veronica’s official website and her Flickr page.

(Photo Credits: The amazing Bui Brothers, Lan Bui, Sasha Friedenberg)

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  • top dog

    Not nerdy enough for me, I like em real nerdy. She's just smart, not a nerd.

    • Big Tuna

      Doesn’t nerd = socially inept? Why would you want to date someone like that?

    • Rowgue

      Yeah she isn't really part of the geek/nerd world. She's just pretending because it's not exactly a secret the kind of influence an attractive girl has on a lot of the guys that are part of that culture.

      A geek crush has to be on a real geek, not somebody pandering to geeks.

  • pary hard

    i like the zombie curve ball

  • Joey

    Nerd crush achieved, btw as watchmen costumes go those aint half bad

    • Ian

      The Comedian is especially good.

  • Larry not cable

    do want

  • at work

    she’s hot

  • aldo

    really hot

  • Shadow Sterks

    I wanna be that icecream cone so badly.

  • Westfall Boars Preservation Society

    Makes Felicia Day look like a pile of rotting garbage.

  • Anon

    Not only is she hot, she’s next in line should Dracula rise again.

  • MigraineBoy


  • Ken

    How did she know I am a perv?

  • HellHathNoFury

    All I need is her dressed as Deadpool. Duct tape duct tape duct tape!

    • cavemanlawyer

      Can we have a gallery with 25 photos of HHNF?

      Pretty please??

      • Yo yo what up

        Heh saddo.
        OMG a girl on the internet, omg omg what do i do?!
        I know ill ask for pics of her, she might notice me if i do that.

        Heh sad.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Dood, I’m. Not. Hot.
        It would be a galley of fail

    • P-90

      Gotta love Deadpool. (Almost typed ‘Gotta love DP’, that would have been embarassing) Oh and yes I am a Marvel super-freak.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Hehe, I often think that.

  • Gonz


  • DrRockso

    So I guess if you are somewhat attractive in the geek/nerd world you will have fans whipping out thier light sabers all over the place

  • Nagrom


    I was going to say, she has a look of Felicia Day in the second pic. I scroll down and THERE IS Felicia Day!!!


    And hes, she is hot.

  • Mr Mobius

    Mahalo Daily rocked when she was there. Now it sucks. It became daily viewing because she seemed like she’d be great to hang out with.

  • at work

    she should start modellign

  • papasmurf

    What the hell is modelign ? I bet she aint that much fun , but on the other hand, I betcha HHNF would be a riot at beer pong !

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’m allergic to beer, so it’d have to be vodka pong. So much more fun, with less peeing.

  • Milwaukeeeeee

    *not kicking out of bed for eating crackers

  • mook

    So… Who is this chick?

    Some groupie?

  • SJL

    Now thats veronica ;D

    Awesome post

  • Ron Burgundy

    Love the bw pic – very hot

  • P-90

    I wasn’t that impressed with this girl (She’s relatively normal looking) but then I saw her in a pic with Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, awesome!!!!!.

  • Jonathan Passow

    Soooooo cute!

  • shockresistant

    all of a sudden i fancy a sandwich.

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