I want to go to there

This enchanting house is located on an island called Elliðaey near Vestmannaeyjar, a small archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. The house was given to singer, Bjork from her motherland as a “Thank You” for putting Iceland on the international map (even though I think Mr Rand McNally put it there first). Some amazing shots of this beautiful house here and here. Thanks to Sinoj for sending us this photo.

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  • The Snake

    That is really cool actually, I’d probably build a bigger house if i had an island like that though…

    • THE MAN

      ya lol id build a rlly big wall personally


    i’m speechless

  • Paul winston

    new screensaver

  • stanton

    i’m there, reading Poe, drinking a nice scotch and breathing deeply

  • uber guy

    thanks for this. I had a rough day.

  • pres


  • muff

    dat is well crap man

  • Paul Tingle

    wot is dis shit

  • Brandon

    Pretty awesome, but I can only imagine how rough the weather conditions would get being that exposed on such a small island.

    • Anonymous

      ‘Zactly. I mean…

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  • LOL

    I bet they make shopping lists. Definitely not running over to the neighbor for a cup of sugar on that island.

    Beautiful. Frosty. Clear. Lonesome. Peaceful. Thank you.

    • laura


  • Ken

    Looks like a better spot to exile someone than a gift to a national icon. Maybe the government was not too fond of her music?

  • HellHathNoFury

    The only thing missing is me, my kid, two pickle barrels and helmets.

  • mirou

    ohh la la la, very nice place, I would like to finish my days there,

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      Well said! I would love it for the solitude.

  • Emerson

    Very nice!

  • b


  • http://Safario Gladradbad

    Location location and yes, location.

  • J-Diggity

    This is like that house from the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker that you had to fly to using that dang magic leaf.

    Man, that game was kinda cool. Oh, and the house is awesome.

  • JQ

    I love 30 Rock and little houses in craters.

  • Silent

    Sounds like a great idea, unless there is no internet access…

  • chity

    no wonder she’s fk’n bat sh1t crazy

  • Aksel

    I live in Iceland 😀

    • HellHathNoFury

      So, aksel, is your last name…Rose? Sorry, i had to.

  • nelly02

    beautiful! and so is little pretty pixie Bjork!

  • Jon

    Must be a pretty cool view from there

  • Jo jo

    As ugly as that bitch is, I would put her out on that desolate rock too!

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