If you like sexy geeks, you’re gonna’ love Morgan Webb (16 Photos)

Morgan Webb to attended UC Berkeley where she earned a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric with a minor in Italian. (Hot, I know) In 2003 Morgan got her big break co-hosting X-Play with Adam Sessler. Then in ’05 In August Webb became a contributing game columnist for FHM. Her love affair with games began with the first Atari unit and later, The Legend of Zelda.
But more to the point, Morgan might have a geek’s brain, but she’s got a model’s body, which is nice. She’s on of the only girls I can think of that could go heads-up with Oliva Munn. Maybe?

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  • Rob

    Photo 6 is Olivia Munn not Morgan.

    • guest

      I was just about to post the same comment…

  • Woody

    Meh. She’s average. /typical fucking “model-dating” douchebags that permeate threads like this and by “model-dating” I mean jerk off to the Sears catalog into a sock every night

    • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

      Wow an up close and personal look into your life, thanks for that mental image.

  • Mr. Obvious

    Good body thats about it.

  • McBeastie

    She’s definitely hot and was my favorite G4 girl…until Olivia Munn came along.

    • Big Bob

      Olivia Munn > Morgan Webb…Abso-freakin’-lutely! Morgan’s jaw line has always seemed a bit manly to me. I love Olivia’s sense of humor, often self deprecating. She’s never afraid to make a fool of herself to get a laugh. She’s just too cool imo.

      • rusty

        Normally, she’s a 7. The gaming angle bumps her up to a 9, though IMO.

  • pres

    hot, yes. for sure. great legs.

  • Anonymous

    G4 has an insane amount of hot girls working for a geek/guy channel.

  • uberbrie

    Raging Zelda fan you say!?…Nice…Nice

  • Kotlet

    The only pics she looks hot on are the heavily photo-shopped ones.Otherwise she is average.

    • Sparkyinfla

      Ditto, u r so right. Olivia rules G-4, Morgan is average at best.

  • The Dude

    My heart beat a bit faster at #6 and #12 and for that I thank you.

    • connor

      too bad #6 is actually olivia munn

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001388968979 Envision InkTattoo

      6 is Olivia Munn

  • Whynot?

    Do you think she wants to play with my joystick?? 🙂

    • confused

      i highly doubt she would

  • Apexs

    Morgan Webb > Olivia Munn – i have always been a big fan for Morgan — she is the only reason i watch G4 most of the time — Olivia Munn well very cute she just seemed forced to act like a gamer where as Morgan you can tell is one to the core

    • Big Bob

      Yes, Morgan definitely is the true gamer of the two.

      In terms of sexiness, you have to give it to the one that’s done a Playboy shoot and has been on the cover of Maxim recently…Olivia. She’s (Olivia) also going to play the part of Melina Vostokoff (aka Iron Maiden) in the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. With her growing resume of acting/modeling, I can’t see Olivia hanging around G4 too much longer.

  • Al

    Nice placement of the joy stick.

  • nouu

    munn acts like an idiot and is not funny. morgan IS hotter and the only reason half you dbags pick munn is because she is an eskimo or some shit.

    • mook

      Actually Olivia Munn has a personality.
      While Morgan Webb looks like a deer in the headlights.
      She sometimes acts like she is uncomfortable in her body, which is weird being she has a nice one.

      • Big Bob

        Nouu, If you can’t see Olivia’s sense of humor then you don’t have much of one yourself. She can make fun of herself and doesn’t mind being the butt of a joke. I can’t see Morgan letting her co-host grab her boobs for a laugh like Olivia did with Kevin on AOTS! She even had Arte Lange cracking up on Jimmy Fallon on few months back.

        Not sure where the idiotic Eskimo statement came from. I don’t think anybody cares where she’s from, she’s simply a funny, sexy woman with a great personality.

  • Anonymous

    haha, i’ve got that same armitage doll

    • mook

      HAH! How’s the girlfriend search comming?

  • Anonymous

    I never really noticed how attractive she really was. Now that I do, I have to say, DAMN SHE FINE!

  • Joe Clyde



  • Annoyed.


  • Sparkyinfla

    Sorry, they’ve missed the boat on trying to ‘sex up’ Morgan, not bad looking – okay, but sexy and on par with Olivia Munn, no way no how. Lots of photo shop with Morgans pics. Olivia is in a whole ‘nother league…natural, stunning, beauty, in my top 10 of all time!

  • sean

    the photo on the beach (i think its number 6) is actually Olivia Munn

  • http://supercooldude.com js91

    #13 – angrily holding two invisible dicks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001388968979 Envision InkTattoo

    number 6 is Olivia Munn. slightly hotter but not a gamer nerd girl like Webb

  • A2114U

    That's my wife

  • A2114U

    I fell in love with her mind mo… but Goddamn, she's gorgous!!!

  • ChaseTheWalker

    Who the hell wrote the intro?? Spell check much?

  • Always Last


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