These chicks are over 40?! Impressive (22 Photos)

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  • Danny

    Yeah but how long ago were these pics taken? I know for a fact Pam Anderson is looking used up and haggard these days.

  • confused

    oh wow they most of them don’t look over 35

  • ChrisDG74

    (assuming they still look like this), I would do them all. Hard. Well, except Pam Anderson – I have no desire to be near Hep-C

  • Anders

    You guys definitely missed Monica Bellucci.

    • MacheteJack

      OMG, I didn’t even think about that, Major Fail.

    • forge

      TOTALLY missed Bellucci. Also Laura Haring, Robia LaMorte and (pant pant) Musetta Vander.

  • top dog

    Michelle Pfeiffer is the oldest and the sexiest of them all. She don’t have to try to look good, it’s natural.

    • Zooks

      Naw, man.

    • leinad


  • chiver

    photoshop is a helluva drug.

  • jebuschristo


  • at work

    i hope these are all recent photos

  • interloper

    but how much longer do they have?

  • Matt

    These all seem fairly recent, Nearly all are very hot, and most don’t look over 30ish.

  • wastefull

    yea but how does that pussy look. i bet it looks about 40 yrs old

    • forge

      You get close to one of these women’s nether regions, you aren’t really caring if they “look 40” or not, you’re pretty much just glad to be there.

  • Joey

    Aging like a fine wine

  • Big Bob

    Laser rejuvenation fixes that!

    For the record, sign me up for some Diane Lane.

  • Gutterville

    These pics aren’t recent and most of them are airbrushed to Sh”t
    but the best girl there is diane lane or Salma

  • HellHathNoFury

    I thought you meant 40 years old, not 40 inches in chest diameter.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Thank You, Chive… you just broadened some horizons. Too bad they are all younger than me though!

  • Jose

    yeah, it’s called having a lot of time and money.

  • Sticks

    Julianne Moore is the hottest. I’ve allways loved red hair and pale skin combo.

  • slutifer

    Julianne Moore is 49? She looks beyond amazing.

  • Anonymous

    She’s over 9000!

  • top dog

    Kristin Davis look so innocent…..but I’ll bet she can gargle some marbles.
    Skulley don’t look bad either…..what the hell, all of them look sexy…and I am hungry as hell!

  • Brandon

    Plastic surgery and airbrushing/photoshopping are their best friends too.

  • LOL

    I know it’s wrong…I know she’s older than Eve…I don’t care…I still think Sophia Loren is aahhhhhhhmazing. She’s what? 60++ or even 70’s now? Wrong…but I don’t care. And for the guys, I would hurt myself trying to tackle Sam Elliot.

    • forge

      Sophia is seventy-six, about the same age as Nichelle Nichols who is also epically mind-bendingly gorgeous.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Still can’t believe Tom Cruise left Nicole Kidman for a child (Katie Holmes). Was it because she didn’t buy into all that scientology nonsense?

    • LOL

      He left Kidman for Penelope Cruz then hooked up with Holmes. Like it matters. He’s still a weirdo.

  • bigdaddydrew

    How’s Kim Basinger looking these days? Does Ashley Judd qualify?

    Diane Lane and Ashley Judd are on my list of women my wife will allow me to have carnal knowledge of should the opportunity come along. ( I just know it will happen someday! )

    • forge

      OMG I’d move a mountain with my bare hands if it got me closer to Ashley Judd. That is a seriously amazing woman.

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