Abandoned Six Flags is eerie (16 Photos)

Abandoned Six Flags theme park in New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

  • siround

    OO Eerie!!

    • Yagmur

      You are having fun! We know you\’re wirnokg hard, too, but fun trumps work in this case.The surroundings look very beautiful indeed.love

  • somerandomguy


    • Brandon

      First thing that came to mind on my end too

  • jeff in Australia

    What the hell is this all about.. ?
    Very strange… explanations please..

    • Donkey Punch

      The New Orleans on the sign and the fact the roller coaster is underwater tells me this was due to Katrina, but I’m real smart.

      • jeff in Australia

        After reading the other comments and seeing the news footage, not so it seems.

    • andrew

      This is so sad! i was just talking with people at work about how much we miss jazzland! (what the park was called before six flags bought it)

  • gozer

    why was it abandoned?

  • andyg8180

    @gozer check out #15… its new orleans… George Bush flooded the place so he can go Cartman on that six flags…

    • gozer

      O, I see.

  • jayme

    the one in ohio looks the same when you look across the lake at it from geauga lake

  • IKR

    whoa, what great inspiration for post apocalyptic art

  • Mustafa

    Reminds me of the abandoned dolls island in Mindhunters.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    The next Mad Max movie?

  • Danny Cox

    There actually is a reality series being produced shortly and filmed in an area near that Six Flags that will show if people can survive in a hurricane ravaged area for a length of time living off what is around.

    I live about 10 minutes from that Six Flags and see it in the distance as I drive all the time. Supposedly it has been purchased and to be made into some other theme park. Who knows for sure down here though.

    • showtownman

      I’d LOVE to know if they’re going to auction off that stuff in the process of changing it into another theme park. Some pretty cool amusement park stuff, regardless how trashed it looks in these eerie shots.

      • Danny Cox

        There had originally been rumors that themes and such would be changed, but that the attractions themselves would simply be renovated. There is no way in hell I’d ever get on one of those rides that were submerged in water, touched up a little, and then repainted after sitting for about 5 years now. No thanks.

    • exexec

      Danny, they’re trying to sell it. It’s tied up in litigation last time I asked. Six Flags as a whole is in a lot of financial trouble at the moment. I’m not sure exactly what the story is but there seems to have been some public money invested in this park and the state is trying to get some of that investment back before Six Flags can pocket the sale.

  • Sliver

    The Joker hideout for real :- O

  • http://misainzig.wordpress.com misainzig

    This is some Scooby Doo shit right here.

  • the_dude

    whooo… thanks for the nigthmares!!!

  • a

    aw come now… that was just six flags attempt to convert jazzland into a new water park 😛

  • Klappstuhl

    “Hey look, KIDDIELAND!”

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  • Smitty

    Pic #2, right column 2nd down, is Six Flags Over Georgia during the Sept. 2009 flood.
    Others in that frame I think might be too.

    NOT abandoned, they cleaned up and reopened that weekend.

    As seen from the WSBTV news chopper:

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  • Katie

    I’m almost one hundred percent sure some of those flood pictures are actually the original Six Flags Over Texas. In Arlington we had a huggge flood a few years ago, and they ended up having to take out a whole ride due to so much damage. And one of those pictures looks just like the Judge Roy Scream, which was almost completely covered due to the fact it’s right by a large pond/mini lake. So yeah. None of these are abandoned Six Flags, just damaged ones. :]

  • a

    Sorry to tell you Katie, but Six Flags New Orleans is still closed… which would mean it was abandoned.

    Google it.

    Nickelodeon was supposed to buy them out and rebuild it, but the city screwed up and that idea went out the door.

  • Uday

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