Dude, your garage….epic (5 Photos)

Believe it or not, these garage door are all closed. They are painted to look…well extreme, I guess.

  • justme

    I want a garage door painting of a garage door…only bigger. (To borrow from Steven Wright)

  • StaticFX

    No they are not.. look at many of the images – you can see the pull string to lower the door. Not to mention the fact that the doors are ribbed, you would see the ribs if painted.

  • Alex Hammer

    these doors are open. you can see the arms for the door. Looks like the interior of the grage is painted like those sidewalk paintings.

  • top dog

    They look real, thats good artwork.

  • Matt

    wow thats amazing. I think the latter is the only real thing in there. You can see thats pretty much the only consistent thing in almost every picture. This guy is an amazing artist. I can’t tell whats real and what isn’t.

  • doctorteef

    these are all commercially available from europe, search for Photo tarpaulins for garage doors to locate the vendor

  • Anonymous

    i think this is just someone taking pictures of open garages, and editing them in photoshop to make it look like they have stuffs in them. not painted on the door.

  • Thing

    These are just large stickers you can buy and put on your garage door. They are really closed, the stickers just look like the door is open. This is the wohle joke!

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  • durmalanchi

    Alright, maybe it’s just me, but the nose of the airplane in #1 looks like a giant boob.

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