Russian high school graduation is, well, you be the judge (32 Photos)

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  • HellRazer86

    I would do horrible, horrible things to #17

    • Najeeb

      I just like to be forever and ever hug me babe and fuck me babe and fuck babe and both fucking is very horrible

    • Anwar

      wow she is so cute and nice dress

  • Peter Perry

    fucking awesome?

    • bowhuntpa

      awesome fucking?

      • IceBerg

        i see what you did there

        • T

          I did what you see there.

          • HellHathNoFury

            T wins Best Response of the Week Award.

    • c

      ….an ad for the VELVET JONES “I wanna be a Ho correspondence program.” No wonder there are so many Russian psycho-crack-baby orphans. where’s a serial killer when one is so clearly needed here?

      • edc

        hey retard, the only serial killers are in buttfuck america, home of sluts and hookers.
        why oh why didn’t your dad just let your mother give him a bj?

        • D

          Suck a dick , commie bastard!

          • exbuffnav

            Andrei Chikatilo, Alexander Pichushkin?? I’d say Russia’s had its share of serial killers. Of course, that Georgian guy, Stalin, proved that state-approved killers are far more dangerous than any serial killer.

  • tyler

    love the uniforms

  • wright?

    because they have their clothes on, I can’t call this the greatest post i’ve ever seen however, I can tell you that my flight to russia is booked and my bags are packed forever

    so long, Milwaukee

  • granted charter

    Why go to Russia when they’ll just box one up for you and Fedex her to your front door?

    • Nateb123

      Why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars for one woman who doesn’t even like you when you could go to Russia and meet tons who will do you for free? All the Russian women I met were awesome. The average girl there is ten times more outgoing, cooler and sexier than the girls in the US of A

      • thoeze

        yeah, like you could get a woman, fatass.

        • Nateb123

          Lol. I’m fat? Or did you mean phat like the kids used to say?

  • Matt

    I second that motion!

    • imdb sux

      standing by with credit card ready…

      • mulliganstu

        I wonder if they combine shipping for multiple purchases…

  • Equalizer

    That guy from #14 looks left behind… HA-HA!!!

  • pines

    put me within 100 yards of #17 and she will be toppled

  • ishuntrox

    thank you. thank you so very much

  • Anonymous

    Visit Russia just moved to the top of my to do list.

    • ken

      the ladies in #1 just moved to the top of my to-do list

  • femtrooper

    My assumption that all russain women were hot seems to be true..

  • Kal

    you should search for romanian girls,,,, sexyer:)
    link: pitzipoanca.org

    • ken

      romanian chicks are ugly cows.

  • CudiZonin

    hahahaha 10 kills them all. in soviet russia, water break you!

  • douche nozzle


  • nelson


  • Passow

    #6…her water just broke

    • top dog

      I think she farted, big one too!!

  • top dog

    High School graduation my ass! them ain’t no high school girls. Look at #23, you are going to tell me she is in high school? ten years ago mebe, not today she ain’t.

    • RRRR69

      plus those pics are not all from russia

      • top dog

        I don’t think it matters where the pictures are from, I just said not all of them are High School grads, not this year anyway. But still, I would love to meet a couple of em’s aunt though, just for the heck of it.

    • Fuzzybeard2016

      So? I’d rather hit a Russian MILF anyway; she’s more my speed and closer in age.

    • wally

      #23 is one of the teachers chaperoning the grad dance!

  • petwookiee

    Russian high school graduation is my favorite!

    Also interesting… Russian graduation rate is 12% higher than in America… related?

    • exbuffnav

      Yeah, all those high school graduates sure have secured a totally bitchin’ standard of living.

  • hansel

    in soviet russia, high school graduates you!!

  • ch0nies

    Eff this im goin to the Berry.

  • 2400cc

    I never did understand the cold war…..

  • HHNFFan

    #27 FTW!
    Did I mention, Nom, Nom,Nom…

  • norm


  • Kakao

    when will anyone of them be available to buy for a bride?

  • Paul

    #23 looks like Susan Sarandon trying to take a mad shit on a street corner.

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