Creative writing assignment goes hilariously awry (1 Assignment)

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  • HellHathNoFury

    why do women have to pretend to sit and reminisce about a non-relationship that they themselves initiated? Oooh, I was easy, but that means he should love me, and if he doesn't, it's abuse, waaaah.

    If it's real, I'm glad bill told Laurie what an airhead she is.

    • Nateb123

      Because they’re boring and if they stopped whining about their life for two minutes they might be forced to confront the fact that the men they pine after want nothing to do with them for good reason?

      • HellHathNoFury

        True. Dat. Bro.

    • Lialls

      It was Carl & Laurie, jeez louise O_O

    • Chiveinator

      ^ this thread is even funnier than the main post 🙂

  • mssugarkane

    That really just made my day a whole lot better!

    • http://www.facebook.com/conecta2.dk Eduardo David I. Sicard

      same thing happened to me xD

  • RocknRollDr.

    Wow… That’s a hilarious story, and an awesome teacher.

  • geoff

    was not expecting this to be FUCKING HYSTERICAL

  • diddle

    there is truth in this

  • Apexs

    that has to be the funniest thing i have read all day

    • Mustafa_Beer

      1 I’m amazed that so many people actuaaly read this, without scrolling for the pics
      2 It is funny as a fuck
      3 I want to see Chivers do this project. HHNF, geoff and Equalizer ?

      • HellHathNoFury

        I think I punish you poor people enough already.
        However, Equalizer would be a great target.

  • Navy Adam

    pure awesomeness!

  • Preformed Cone

    “Go drink some tea” – That is a f*cking brilliant put down!

  • Equalizer

    A+, chive

  • Fail Rater

    Wow, Makes me want to do that assignment.

  • Easy E

    Meanwhile….not thinking about tea… HAHAHAHAHHA

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  • jester

    check snopes.com…. fake

    • ben

      F snopes, its 2 people in their house, they cant debunk everything.

    • tm5710

      recheck snope

    • schango

      maybe you should have looked it up yourself first:

      “Sharon Melnicer, a former teacher in living in Winnipeg, who claimed
      that it came from an assignment she gave to her Grade 12 English
      students in the late 1990s (which she subsequently presented at a
      workshop for Manitoba English teachers in 1997). “Both students got top

  • kirts197

    reading this in my class now, almost burst out laughin

  • randomdreamer

    After reading this I feel like drinking some tea and play Starcraft 2.

  • http://richrebel.wordpress.com richrebel

    Some of the funniest shit I have read on this site for a while. “go drink some fucking tea”

  • habsfanx


  • Biz

    While admittedly hilarious, this has been around for 15-20 years. Back when I first read it it wasn’t written through email, they supposedly passed the story back and forth in class, which I think is even funnier. And it was missing the sophomoric ending, which doesn’t really fit the creativity of the rest of it.

  • Koko

    this was amazing…HEY! i want that techer! lol

  • Kakao

    HAHA nice! I love how the guy took control of the story with his Sci-fi adventure… guys have more imagination and creativity that gals… chamomile tea vs Skylon 4? Skylon 4 baby…

    • Fyn

      I take offense to that remark Kakao. I’m female, and her story blows. I’d be writing about fucking ninja’s, or cutting bodies up just for the hell of it, not sitting down deciding what fraking tea to drink.

  • thisisascreenname

    too much fuzzy text reading. I will assume that the girl talks about relationships while the guy talks about esplosionz.

  • Matt

    This is beyond hilarious its hysterical!!!! Damn awesome teacher too!!!

  • Robbo

    I wanna know what happened to the earth in the end, did they get revenge, will Laurie’s sister sit and reminisce about her lost sister???

  • LOL

    LMAO!!! Now y’all know that this guy & gal were just dying to knock boots! Neanderthals can drink tea…bimbos can shoot guns. 😀 Just get it over with already. 😉

  • Alphadog

    So fake… … Funny but stereotypical BS.

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