Jimmy Page and his Jack

Photo taken backstage Indianapolis 1975 by Neal Preston just prior to Led Zeppelin’s intro. That’s Jimmy Page and his friend, Jack Daniel’s. Photo was taken during a period when ‘(Jimmy) went through this period where he always had a bottle of Jack Daniel’s with him.’ Larger version here.

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  • uber mask



    we don’t have this kind of rock star anymore. /sigh

  • stephanie

    i want to hop in a time machine and fuck that man

  • John

    aaaaaand that’s what a rock star looks like

    • chase

      No, thats what a Rock God looks like! 🙂

  • zep

    is plant about to snort a line from his finger?

  • Guido

    In any case, he still played like motherfuck’n god.
    And the same applied for Bonzo (yet you can spot differences in the way he played in ’69/’70 to the way he played in 1980).

  • JD

    Nowadays the only thing you’ll find musicians doing before a concert is tweeting about their new pants.

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  • Poor Tom

    nice one, Chive. except Jimmy never drank Jack. B( it’s Southern Comfort

  • Jim Marshall

    IT is Jack, and Jimmy drank alot of it, AND its not 1975, its 1973 , I know from the stage clothes

  • Actually, it is 1975. Jimmy's hair was longer in 75 than 73. These are also his 75' tour clothes among others he wore. You can also tell it's 75' because of jonesy's haircut (short)

    Norman oklahoma

  • Urewelcome

    Could have been in the top 100 greatest guitarists of all time… so close

    • fdg

      He is in the top 100 guitarists of all time.

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