The hottest college chick in America is crowned. Agree? (16 Photos)

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  • Baker

    Thumb me up if you think she’s the hottest. Thumb me down if you don’t.

    • Furthy

      She is way hotter than Ashley. I voted throughout the entire contest, and I noticed that Ashley was guilty of duckface in quite a few of her photos.

  • Tom

    Yes, No, I mean yes. yes

  • steve

    first, bitches

    ——> John Candy

    • aosux

      ^ double-fail

      • bowhuntpa

        aosux FTW

    • HellHath NoLife


  • aosux

    She is not as hot as the runner up

  • dawson1488

    A 3-way with these two would rock!

    • dawson1488

      And I would definitely pick Ashley…

  • Chris

    She tries too hard to imitate asians, but I have to admit she’s one fine specimen.

  • Joe Clyde

    She is very hot. No doubt. Kind of short for my taste. But she doesn’t look stuck up.

  • bobaloo

    I don’t understand lip jewelry. It does nothing to enhance her hotness and actually distracts from it.

    But always an opportunist, I’d be willing to make it useful by strapping a powerful magnet to my cock

  • Vern

    Ashley (the runner-up) is hot, but waaaaayyyyy too much duck face.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I won’t dispute that she’s very pretty and in great shape and that I’m kindof jealous.
    But ‘Hottest’? No. The Chive has featured innumerable Hot Chivers that far surpass this girl.
    Just take a look at 15. No.

    • meh

      You are a girl so your opinion looses clout on how hot a chick is, however I have to agree with you here.

      • HellHathNoFury

        I’ve probably had more girlfriends than you have, so your opinion loses clout. Plus, I have to be a female every day, and know all about hot girls, so I win.

        • Anonymous

          Really? How many girl friends have you had and are you willing to back that up wirh photographic proof?

      • HellHathNoFury

        And I’ve never loosened clout. Is that like a mixture of grout and caulking? What a pain.
        I would probably ‘lose’ it if I had to ‘loose’ clout.

      • mj

        Um its 2010, a lot of girls like girls (ahem), and we are also more critical so if anything, leave it to the women to make the decisions. And HHNF DID give her props for being in good shape, Most jealous women just talk shit. The more ppl hate HHNF the more i like her, I swear…

    • Maddog

      Yeah, but look at # 14…

      • Tiger's Wood

        I happen to like #15 and all of the others

        • Furthy

          I think that pretty much everyone who frequents this website agrees by now that HellHathnoFury is a fucking moron.

          • HellHathNoFury

            I would tell ou to go look back at some of your previous comments, but I really don’t want to be legally responsible for your therapy costs.

            • MichaelGS

              women are waaaay more critical of each other than we men are. Have you ever been to a strip club with a woman? The bitchiness that comes out at that point is beyond belief. So HHNF’s argument doesnt really lose much clout. And by the sound of some of your comments meh, even if she had only 2 girlfriends she’s had more than you already.

              also, I would pay good money to eat that candy

  • wyatt22

    yea the lip stud thing is why i don’t car much for her. it is a huge turn off for me

  • LiaMMV

    Good boobs but super trashy. Definitely not the hottest in the competition. My favourite went out in the first round 🙁

  • Marmor

    Yes I agree, beautiful !! I hate jersey shore!!!

  • mj

    what?! I’m so disappointed! She looks like every other girl you would see at a party, and they picked her out of the literal SLEW of hot women posted on this site? She shoulda been put in the b-b-b-b-butterface post!
    I even think of myself as hotter than her and I would never run for this title!

  • NTFW

    she’s hot.. but my vote honestly was the other girl that was featured, not the runner up.. can’t remember the name…


  • Anonymous

    stop hating on tx you all know she is hot but i dont think she is the hottest college girl but only cause not every college girl in the U.S entertered the contest

  • RandomRolis

    I voted for her so im glad she won 🙂

  • Verbal Kint

    Shelly had better outfits, but in all other categories Ashley was hotter. Ashley, still waiting for you to hit me up for dinner.

    • Verbal Kint

      And don’t worry about my wife and kids, they’re cool. You’ll like them.

  • Mattythegooch

    Killer body, face looks like she has TOD. ( touch of Downs )

  • But....

    She’s hot not only her pictures but what she wrote for her profile, she’s funny! Read it!

    • http://rubberdogturds.wordpress.com RubberDogTurds

      yeah, cuz im sure she wrote that profile aaaall by herself on a whim

  • Rod_Juaxoo

    EFF Texas A&M, she shouldn’t have won!

    HOOK ‘EM!!!

    • Tiger's Wood

      SAW”EM OFF!!!

      Bevo, it’s whats for dinner!


      Horns blow ass, such a bunch of pampered babies!

  • The Dude

    The man in says she is a complete hottie. But the nerd in me wants her for having Cloud’s sword from Final Fantasy VII in pic 4

    • Anonymous

      The cloud sword is actually THE hottest.

  • j

    That chic is FUCKTASTIC!!! She wins, hands down.

  • http://dirtyninja.wordpress.com BlogNinja

    I was going to say no, then she dressed up as Silk Spectre II and the nerd in my said yes please.

  • dongtacular

    I’d prefer Ashley, but I wouldn’t kick this chick outta bed for eating crackers.

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