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    Imma have to say butterface. Nice hips and ass though.

    • Can't Help It


      But it’s Israel. Not Isreal.

      • DaddyD

        Israel ISreal. Unless you are Arab.

        • Matt

          i can’t believe your saying shes a butterface? Shes beautiful!

          • TheVoicesInYourHead

            I agree with the guys who say butterface, she’s pretty hot otherwise but, yeah. butterface pretty much sums it up..

            • CunningLinguist

              shes got a bad case of nohassadol.

    • mattguy9000

      Butter face!? no, you though…. you’re just ugly.

      Also, this is proof, truly they are God’s chosen people.

  • Da Gecko

    are you kidding? her face and EYES (!!) are beautiful! Not that ‘just like every other bimbo’ beauty – but actually her own. So many of the models have that ‘manufactured’ look even when they are not… same lines, same eyes, same cheeks… You can really tell when the photographer is telling her how to look and when she is being herself – and when she is herself she is gorgeous. Heck, she doesn’t even have ‘bitch-lines’; she might actually be a nice person to hang out with too!

    Each to their own though, I suppose. I know I could happily look into that face for years (and at the rest, of course).

  • monkey

    butterface for sure.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    maybe one of the first chicks chive’s put up that I don’t think is hot. i’m not hating, she has a nice body, but ehhh…

    • thatsnotausername


      • SaintxXxAsh

        I saw pictures in the Sexy Chivers post that were way hotter than this chick.

  • kg

    Anyone that doesn’t think girl is HOT is insane she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OneClownShoe

    Yeah, she’s hot but someone needs to feed her a sandwich and a cookie.

  • Your Local Priest

    Wouldn’t touch that with a stolen cock

  • 74365876

    She. Is. Bovine.

  • Name

    From Israel with love: 15 people died today.

    • ido

      and how many were killed in afganistan?

      • LiaMMV

        15 humanitarian aid workers on ships carrying supplies to Gaza. I do not support the war in Afghanistan but that’s pretty un-chill on Israel’s behalf.

        • Ukulelemike

          Well, they are stupid, going into a potential combat zone, having been warned that the Israeli navy is going to stop them-the Israelis are doing what they have to against a people who seek to kill them just because they exist. So, if idots are going to sail into that area in defiance, they get what they get. It’s what they want anyways-to make Israel look cruel.

        • Dudi

          The UN is bringing aid in Gaza every day. Those ships could have unloaded their aid in an Israeli port, and given it to the UN – and it would have gotten in Gaza. But the people on the ships don’t really care about the people of Gaza, do they?

          They only wanted to break though a military blockade to prove some political point. Even then, five of the six ships were handled by the Israeli army without any weapons fired. Only when the sixth ship fired first, they got shot back. Next time, go through the UN, like civilized and rational people, and don’t go sailing though a military blockade thinking nothing will happen on the way.

          • LiaMMV

            It has been seen in the past that the Israeli government have restricted said aid when placed in their possession, limiting that available to a quota that most would consider unfair. The ships were boarded in international waters. The Israeli military had no jurisdiction to justify their actions. As far as I’m concerned this act of defiance was wholly just.

        • C

          Don’t you find it interesting that these humanitarian aid workers and peace activists have guns, attacked, and attempt to kill the boarding party? A faction aboard these ships wanted such an international incident and a few martyrs, they got it!

          • daniel

            paintball guns! the israeli soldiers boarded the ship with paintball guns!
            obviously sinking the ship without boarding wasn’t a problem had israel wished to inflict pain, they tried to take over the ship with talking and paintball guns (and real pistols as secondary side arm for self protection) only when they were almost clubbed to death with steel rods did they open fire.

            also, what kind of idiot attacks soldiers with clubs and chairs? what do you think’s gonna happen?

          • LiaMMV

            The weapons described included knives, axes, and metal rods. All of which are pretty standard on a ship for non-violent purposes. That to me doesn’t sound like a militia with intent of taking on armed soldiers. That sounds more like a desperate attempt to defy a massacre.

            • Anonymous

              REMEBER THE LIBERTY!!!!
              Look it up if you don’t know it. And chive…. Bad choice for today, lose this post while the world mourns those murdered by the idf.

  • thetech2

    nice ,,bit on the boney side I like my women with a little meat on their bones not huge but geez it’d like eating a chicken wing oh nice tits too bad we can’t see em ,thank you israel

  • The_Robert

    Ugly as hell!
    Skinny bimbo with big jugs, nothing more…

  • truthspeaker

    Imagine how nice it would be to eat her box compared with, say, Oprah’s.

  • Drizzt

    Gonna have to agree with the butterface statements here.

  • poppajo8

    You guys focused on her face are kidding, right? Who gives a damn unless you planned on marrying her what her face looks like! We’re talking about a ‘hit and run’ tactic here, she’s definitely worth a notch on the belt.

  • Smarsi

    This is a MAZEL TOV!

  • Fun Guy

    I am always amazed with how people put down an obviously beautiful woman. I would venture to say that 99% of the guys doing so have never, ever had the opportunity to be close to anyone as lovely as the women they discount..

    • douglas

      Exactly, she is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning

      • northerner

        Agreed. YUM! Not a thing wrong with her. Great eye candy. Just what the hell is “butterface”? And why is it bad? Not understanding the “lingo” here. Yeah, I must be old. Sigh. Life happens.

        • MJ

          “She has a slammin’ body, butter (but her) face…”

        • http://metalcool36.wordpress.com metalcool36

          It just means that everything else is nice butter face

    • FrenzyHunter

      I agree. These guys can call her butterface all they want, but I’d wager many of them have never been with this caliber of woman.

  • Equalizer

    She’s not that Hot, but I still bang her.

  • Cenobyte

    Butterface? BUTTERFACE?! Guys, come one. You may like the face or not, but it’s not a butterface. Awesome hooters. I think she’s a stunner.

  • douglas

    By popular demand she is here!

  • Wing Zero

    This is why the muslims hate Isreal… Their chicks get to walk around showing their goods.

  • NTFW

    holy cheeze, what’s up with her hips in #2 #3 … lol

    anyways she’s nice, yeah I’ve seen better

  • P-90

    Wow very sexy.

  • nouu

    i’d tongue fuck her booty hole yo.

  • fer

    #11 photoshop disasters hahah (no camel toe! )

  • TheNutFlush

    Ewww she’s ginger.

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