Cars enhanced for our amusement (25 Photos)


  • Ichibanme

    Hey losers! It appears you accidentally included a photo without any cars in this car-related post. Hello, #13 has no freakin’ cars anywhere to be seen. Idiots.

    • The Guy Above is a moron

      Are you an idiot!
      There are 2 cars in this picture, moron.

      • Chiver

        i agree with the first comment …
        nothing interesting in the cars in #13 or #16
        they are here for the girls..and u’ll find them in future bikini threads as usual
        the chive will transform into a porn site soon
        rate Down if u agree bitches..

        • The Guy Above is a moron

          @ Chiver
          i never said they werent there for the girls but your friend in the first post said and i quote,
          ‘#13 has no freakin’ cars anywhere to be seen. Idiots.’
          when clearly there are 2 cars in the background and who cares if there are a couple of posts with hot women in.

          • Anonymous

            It’s called HUMOR, pole-smoker. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. He was pointing out, in his tongue-in-cheek-funny sort of way, that the hot chick made him not notice that cars. You sir, are a nimrod.

            • The Guy Above is a moron

              Yeah I don’t think he was otherwise he wouldn’t have used all the insults.
              as for the HUMOUR part NO it was not humorous at all, ‘Ha Ha’ and ‘Chiver’ also failed to see his ‘humorous side’ (maybe because there wasn’t one)
              Oh and yeah I have heard of humour, I still find it funny that someone had sex with your mum to create you.

      • HardCore Mike

        Dude… c’mon… yer wasting good oxygen. Here’s to hoping your gene-pool gets thinned out … SOON!

      • spook01

        In this case unfortunately you sir are the moron… its called sarcasm, look it up

  • Benny

    #3 actually that is an improvement from the original hideous vehicle

    • zipperz

      PT cruisers are only hideous if you’re a heterosexual male…

  • Haha

    @Ichibanne : i think you’re an idiot too. Cause you’re also reading what the so called “idiots” are reading.

    In fact, just like what “the guy above..” said: two cars in that pic

  • SaintxXxAsh

    sniper jeep

    • thatsnotausername

      Sniper Jeep.. no .. Bad-ass Cherokee on 35’s .. yes

  • Loving xXx

    xXx so hot

  • CunningLinguist

    space ghost, it has come to my attention that i am pregnant with your child….

    • Space Ghost

      And that is my problem because……….

  • Jon without the h

    Lego Car, FTW.
    By the way, Lambo doors do not belong on any other vehicle besides a Lambo! I work with repossessed vehicles for a living, and I once saw Lambo doors on a Nissan Sentra. Yeah, it looked dumber than it sounds. And to me, if someone is dumb enough to do that to their vehicle, they deserve to have it repoed. It’s like taking a child away from abusive parents.

  • Rich

    Lambo doors are so daft. Even Lambos don’t have them anymore.

  • Lupivthegreat

    I’d like to ride #13 😛

  • aosux

    Nice “hub caps” #13, if you get what I mean

    • aosux

      I’m sorry, that was lame

  • missly

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    • Mattythegooch

      What the fuck is THIS all about?

      ——-> Richard Pryor

      #13 is what I ride to work…..( ok, no it’s not. )

  • Anonymous

    At 1st glance, I thought 21 was just a rusted out El Camino.

  • Nagrom

    Alien Queen in #3 KICKS ASS.

  • choto

    Visit this site from Abu dhabi the amazing cars are on display

  • Frenchguy

    Looks so awesome to drive !

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