Surrealist Alexander Lyamkin gives Dali a run for his money (25 photos)

Check out more of Alexander Lyamkin’s work and buy a print HERE

  • aosux

    Hey man, pass that over

  • missly

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    • aosux

      Your community sucks

  • Hotdog Neck

    This stuff is so surreal.

  • McBeastie

    This art reminds me of Carlos Mencia… it’s been done already, and been done 10 times better.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, AWESOME avatar.

  • HellHathNoFury

    You mean he’s making a run for Salvador Dali’s money, because that’s exactly what he’s doing.

    • 123 Roast Him

      And he’ll probably get it, too, seeing as how most “art critics” are just mindless retards.

  • sharkerio

    dali is better

  • sfmountainbiker

    Dali is WAY better. This is like a cartoon version of Dali. Part of what impresses me most about Dali is the unbelievable detail on a micro level. The Persistance of Memory is actually a very small painting, and the detail on it is crazy.


    So, according to #17:

    When women get fat and old; their cheeks and torso-balls absorb most of the weight.

    When men get fat and old; their necks, torso-balls, and bridges of their nose absorb most of the weight.

    Interesting theory.

  • Anonymous

    Omg, looks like kids drawings. Dalí got a sensual message, an adult view because of his lover Gala, far better.

  • Anonymous

    These are all really really old. I saw them 3 years ago and even then they were old. Also Dali wouldnt be scared, these are done in a style he created and these dont top Dali. Dali has meaning and a more varied style behind his. Also his were very falic in nature so this guy is missing parts of dali’s style.

  • ken

    There is a Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida that is worth a visit. As stated previously, his skill was amazing and there was incredible detail in his paintings. His talent is lost on many observers because of his weird vision, but that guy was a major talent. These cartoons are nice but no one who has studied Dali even a tiny bit would confuse the two.

  • bubble_Rider86

    maybe it’s me, but these make me think of breakfast-y foods….tell me you don’t see bacon, eggs, and/or cinnamon rolls in most of these……MMmm, breakfast…for dinner!! BRINNER!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    No, no he’s not. Dali would out paint this dude in a minute. His work is good, but you can’t give Dail a run for his money, the guy made up his own frackin’ language for christ sake!

  • tomatso

    cheap immitation of Dali

  • km

    This isn’t fine art, it’s illustration. And it’s impossible to be a surrealist painter – that was an art movement that happened during a specific time in history. It would be considered Neo-Surrealism but it’s not even that.

  • Mr Milk

    Copy copy copy copy copy cat.

  • andrei the official site

  • Dan

    Disagree his art may look the same in style yet it lacks his complex art within art when you look at dali paintings there is always more than meets the eye and there is something special about them this guy is a pathetic poser trying to live off someone great

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