Flavor of the Week: Bros Icing Bros (27 photos)

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  • bowhuntpa

    yum alcoholic sprite

    • Anonymous

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    • NTFW

      No offense Chive, but your butchered the fuck outta the rules of being ICED…

      but yeah, I got ICED by the summer student last week
      with an ice in the printer tray. I’m gonna smash one in his face


      • Brandon

        Please die.

    • Anonymous

      “2. You cannot refuse the Ice, or you are a douche”
      Um, actually, participating in this is the quickest path to douchbagery.

      • Nateb123

        No kidding. TheChive might as well just change it’s name to “Run by Douches” if they think this is somehow not exceedingly lame.

        I know if someone presented a bottle to me and said “You’ve been Iced!”, I’d take the bottle, drop it to the floor and slap that person as hard as I could.

      • Uncle_Scrotor

        I always thought Smirnoff Ice was a douche bag drink regardless. Remember Zima?

  • rcjaos

    I’m In………Awesome.

  • HardCore Mike

    That shit is fuckin’ nasty! Hit me with a shot of ANY liquor but SMIRNOFF ICE?! BLECK.

    • brofesser

      thats the entire point, you ice your fuckin bro so he has to drink that nasty ass bitch drink

  • Brock

    The latest gayest fad brought to you by frat douches!!!

    • CunningLinguist

      fucking agreed. are they that bored? fuck, i thought theyd be fucking each other by now or something, but this is just gay…

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree. Why should I be impressed if someone sneaks up to me with a flavoured lemonade and demand I drink it?

        Go do one and I’ll stick with my REAL drink, thanks very much.

  • Equalizer

    Taken from another site again…

    • HellHathNoFury

      They left the watermark and gave credit. STFU

    • DoubleOhSeven

      I’m fairly certain that this site never made the claim that everything posted was original content. I for one don’t have all day to browse the web so I can’t point out every bit of content that was posted elsewhere first. That being said, as long as credit is given where it is due, I don’t mid if it’s “taken” from another site.

  • HA

    went to a bday party last night…. sang the song…. chick cut the cake and the Ice was nestled in there ever so gently… i approved.

  • Splinter

    Rule #2 makes no sense. Refusing an Ice doesn’t make you a douche! You are much smarter than the retard giving that POS drink by not chugging it!

  • Pijus

    Seems like a trick thought up by whoever made that drink to make it sell.

  • EJM

    Actually, this entire thing seems incredibly douchey. My friends and I don’t call each other “bros” for starters cause we’re not in a frat.

    • DrRockso

      It’s pronounced ‘brrra’ and don’t forget to wear your puka shell hemp necklace and flip flops in 20 degree weather

    • booyah

      chive, dont sell out to douchery, anything but douchery. this is strike 1.

  • giraffe

    i think they have that backwards… if you DO drink a smirnoff ice, you’re a douche.

  • http://fasterthanu.wordpress.com fasterthanu

    Thats called poof juice where I’m from.

  • Rusty

    I guess I’m a douche; there is no way I’m drinking a Smirnoff Ice.

  • Anonymous

    The only way this could be more gay was if it came in penis shaped bottles. Ugh.

    • goposaur

      Too late.

  • SpatulaAssassin

    Looks like elaborate viral marketing to me. Number 10 was extremely inventive though. Might start a similar thing with my mates, except using some lovely 8% vol Warka beer instead. To, ya know, retain some heterosexuality.

  • http://fasterthanu.wordpress.com fasterthanu

    Do those guys not realize that is a ladies drink?

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I could see striking the Capt. Morgans pose and doing this with Morgans, or Jack or something good… but Smirnoff Ice is Zima for the newbs

  • ChrisDG74

    Seeing these douchebags makes me wanna go home and crack open some Patron.

    • Patronlover

      I get the idea of the insult of having to drink that swill, but please don’t insult the ladies that enjoy a real alcoholic beverage. Smirnoff Ice is for Rookies. Professionals know a good icy cold beverage when they taste one. In fact I hope to be enjoying some soon, it IS Friday after all.

    • Forge

      Hearing you talk about Patron makes me want to go home and crack a bottle of *real* alcohol and none of that pansyass tequila-flavored Kool-Aid they sell to spoiled yuppies who wouldn’t know a real drink if a pirate smashed one over their face. You want whiskey drink f*cking whiskey; you want soda pop drink that.

  • Greg

    Refusing a Smirnoff does not make you a douche. However, having a Smirnoff Ice on you in the first place does. Drink Beer or hard liquor and leave the Smirnoff to the high school kids

  • Shoestring30

    I think you are all missing the point. It taste horrible, it’s a girls drink, and taking knee is to add insult to injury. If someone would go around buying my a good beer to drink I would thank them, this is to piss your friends off.

    • Uncle Fumbles

      Thank you for pointing that out before I did. You did it kinder than I would have.

      • damn

        so, you two gonna run off to Massachusetts together or what?

  • Supercat

    When me and my friends are presented with a Smirnoff Ice, we smash the presentee in the head with it until the bottle breaks or until he is no longer a douche, which ever comes first.

  • Insert Name Here

    FRAT FRAT FRAT! this fad needs to die

  • cavemanlawyer

    I hope at least the Chive got paid for helping Smirnoff promote their shitty malt beverage.

    This is a viral marketing campaign; seems like its working!

    Anyone who drinks this crap and doesn’t own a vagina is a fucking idiot.

  • HellHathNoFury

    While down on one knee during a proposal….that would be good.
    At least she’d have an excuse to say no.

  • CMG

    yup, here we got some viral marketing.

  • snoop a loop

    super, super gay

    ur a douche if you participate.

    i would consider never visiting ‘the chive’ again, if it werent for all the enormous tits.

    strike 1

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