• aosux

    I’m not impressed.

    • DrRockso

      He’s a fucking hacker. Kills you get during killstreak awards don’t count towards your total killstreak. Oh and headshot hack as well. Fucking douche

      • Anonymous

        Except that kills made by predator missiles do count towards your kill streak, as well as kills made by the harrier

      • That Guy

        Kills from care packages don’t count toward your killstreaks, but kills from other killstreaks still count.

  • Anonymous

    Randy Savage is better

    • Anonymous

      haha i meant Sandy Ravage. My bad i just woke up

  • garp

    ….put Chad in Afganistan and I’ll bet he totally shits his fatigues

    • Anonymous

      nah man hes a total pro, give him a sub machine gun and a couple predator missiles and hell find osama no sweat

  • Teco

    Why’d you even post this? Booooring
    Just another loud mouth douchebag

  • What a waste

    Five minutes and 18 seconds closer to death.

    Thanks alot guys

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised this guy is able to play being neck deep in pussy all the time

  • Merovingian


  • Anonymous

    Yea…that’s really not anything amazing at all. Decent…but nothing more than that.

  • Anonymous

    Chad is a douche. Decent player and thats it. He is great at covering the same angles the whole game. We call that camping Chad. Its funny how he talks crap about his team. Your part of the problem as well buddy.

  • Paul

    @ DrRockso: Yes, your killstreak rewards do count toward killstreaks. Those out of a care package do not. A legit-earned Chopper Gunner can lift you to a nuke, a CG out of a box will not.

    @Chive: If you think this guy is a beast, you need to get better at this game.

  • chris

    what the fuck did i just watch

  • Anonymous

    This guy sucks anus.

  • Ash

    Jibberish commentary ftw.

    Shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking trombloid….chad is a sad no life twat

  • Anonymous

    It’s not hard to get that many kills on ground war when you don’t actually go for the objective and instead stand back and shoot everyone who is. Easy kills, that guy is a douche.

    • Adam

      Denying your opponent of the objective is part of ensuring that your team gets the objective.

  • flav

    Chad is a real to god ignorant redneck…

  • alicia

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    • goposaur

      Chad could use your help

  • Brandon

    If this is actually WingsOfRedemption, that guy posts MW2 with Machinima on YT, and he is absolutely retarded. Just some fat wigger from North Carolina that played 20 days worth of MW2 in the first month the game was out.

  • Pufffdragon

    Another bedroom hero. Yee fucking haa.

  • Anonymous

    The guy maqy be a douche but hes ot a point about the noob tube fucking hate that

  • Ounikao

    what was the point of this? this was really stupid. just some redneck shit head complaining about literally, nothing.

  • Anonymous

    “oh, i’m so cool. yada yada yada.. whine whine whine”

  • Ted Crisp

    Why? Why did you just rape my senses for 5 minutes, Chive?

  • Anonymous

    This video is not even interesting, Chive you let me down!

  • aaron

    viva tejb.. on and onlyusemeblade

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