• http://intensedebate.com/profiles/giraffe66 giraffe66

    epic 80's buttrock song is missing the meedley-meedley-meedley-meedley-meedley guitar solo…. what gives??

    • Matt

      the vid wasn't long enough. that song is another 3 minutes long. not W.A.S.Ps finest songs.

  • pet_wookiee

    And in case you're wondering, that Gawd Aweful music was by '80s hair band W.A.S.P.

  • Ben

    Gallagher would be proud.

  • Doublenix

    Love it, but the music is fuggin terrible.

  • http://egotvonline.com/2010/08/03/am-hot-links-for-8-3-10/ AM Hot Links for 8-3-10 | EgoTV

    […] 3. Who doesn’t like bullets ripping through objects in slow-mo? […]

  • http://twitter.com/100window @100window

    Hitting a playing card from side on??

  • vince

    What? You want Britney Spears? Lady Gaga? Justin Bieber? It could be worse.

    Wish it were slower motion for some- especially the water bottles.

    • Phil

      Agreed, bullet impacts are only fun in super duper slow mo

  • ericvdm


  • Texdot

    Agree with Vince, water bottles were awesome would love to see the 10,000 frame per second video shot of that.

    Seeing the apple explode, my mind was yelling "APPLE SAUCE BITCH"

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