• thomas

    for some reason i think #23 is best

    • SashaFierce

      I'm a straight girl, but that's what I was thinking. The reason is because she's fucking hawt, without being completely and insanely trashy/slutty.

    • secho

      I've got this girl on facebook. she has some smoking hot photo sessions. I'll talk to her and see if she allows me to submit to the chive!

    • { ironic name here}

      I don't think you have to have a reason. There are no losers here. Everyone's a winner….

    • imme

      totally agree

  • toby

    29 = best underboob ever

    • Mike

      Toby speaks the truth

  • fourTWOzero

    great googly moogly!!! some hot women indeed!! #23…we've seen her before…can she please submit about 10 more photos so she can have her own post!! i would honestly lick between her toes….ok maybe not that far!

    • Luke


  • Boris

    #13 is Amy from Spunky Angels. She is not a Chiver.

    • its_forge

      And OMG she's adorable. Sweet face, killer figure – flat tummy, nice boobs, awesome firm round butt, holy moley. And she did like, one day of non-nude shooting with some photog in Canada, took her cash and vanished. Ya gotta have respect for that!!

  • http://twitter.com/rte148 @rte148

    Hello ladies. #15 FTW

    • http://twitter.com/rte148 @rte148

      I meant #13

  • thetech2

    thank you evelyn thank you love those abs

  • nathan

    dear #3,
    you are smoking hot…
    …that is all

  • Nick

    Holy greatness #29 Evelyn!

    • William

      I would like for you to molest me, my wife says it's ok…..Honest

  • Harold^Sick

    It seems like a lot more of these are finally original. Props, The Chive.

    #11 & #15 Oh, I definitely would!
    ¡Sexy sexy sexy!

  • garp

    ….dunnadunnadunnadunnadunnadunnadunnadunna NAMTAB!!!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/CPO_Mendez CPO_Mendez

    #22 that look like a professional picture of a model I've seen around the web…

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/unfairrobot unfairrobot


      Eg: http://pixdaus.com/single.php?id=125943

      TinEye reports that photo is all over the web.

      So, the usual bullshit here, then… Oh, why do I ever believe you, internet? You're like the alcoholic spouse who keeps insisting they'll change.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/CPO_Mendez CPO_Mendez

        Indeed. Why do people insist on thinking people will believe such lies? Oh probably because he doesn't even have a girlfriend…

  • normal

    #29 perfect body

  • Matt

    #23 is hot as hell and #26 is ugly as hell. why would you put #26 on here?

  • Some Guy

    Dear Chive,

    Please stop encouraging girls to be attention whores.


    P.S. If you're going to continue, at least automatically disqualify any douchette doing the kissy duckface pose.

    • fourTWOzero

      ladies…don't listen to this douche….please continue whoring yourselves out to us!

      • some other guy

        you're right, fourtwozero is a douche, so dont listen to him.

        • fourTWOzero

          hahahaha….. nicely done!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/its_forge its_forge

      Er, actually we don't mind girls if you pose for pictures in your underwear but for Christ's sake YES, PLEASE forget that stupid duck face.

    • Ron

      I completely agree. Plus, quite a few of these girls are:

      1) not hot
      2) not actually the person who submitted the photo (modeling pictures, pics pulled from other sites, etc.)

  • Crud

    Is that Kayden Kross?

    • Yeti

      That's what I was wondering. It looks like her.

      Please be real and not some wicked PS.

    • Yeti

      That's what I was wondering. It looks like her.

      Also, she does laundry = HAWT

    • Dan

      Exactly what I was thinking too. She could have a thread all to herself.

  • McBeastie

    #24 – very girl next doorish and cute….I like.

    • AtomManhattan

      I concur.

  • keithp420

    #3 for the gold, and I really don't dig blondes…

  • cat21

    what a nice leg 27…..make my day.

  • uberursu

    #24 is ADORABLE!!!

    • Kyle

      Agreed. Nice ladies all, but #24 is my fav.

  • fzero

    as always, thanks for the grim reminder that I'm single and have no chance getting a girl even 1/10th as attractive as the worst looking girl in that post

    • asdf

      lol sucks for you!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/its_forge its_forge

      Dude, stranger things have happened. There used to be a LiveJournal group called luckybastards made up of dorky-looking, or bald, or fat, or all three dudes with wives that made these girls here look like the starting line of the Kansas City Chiefs. Heck I'm old and creaky and kinda squooshy in the middle and my Mrs. is seriously gorgeous.

  • isawoj

    You are all purty girls.

    Having said that, the girl on our right in #2 needs to be put down. I don't care if that was an old picture of you before you realized that only douchebags and douchettes and maybe Canadians do the duck face. And yes, your face looks just like a duck.

    That is not a sexy pose at all.

  • Dreamy

    # 11 purrty
    # 13 I'd choose her over any woman with big ones 🙂
    # 29 a little too much abs there, sadly!

    • Dreamy

      oh forgot to add # 23, she's a thumbs up too.

  • HardCore Mike

    #3 FTW!
    #29 close 2nd!!!!

    THANK YOU CHIVE for my last visit for the day…

  • Brian

    That last one is amazing… even though she's probly 14

  • Learn From Evelyn

    All girls should take self picture taking guidelines from 29…23… too self centered evelyn knows whats up

    Thank you Evelyn, we appreciate

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