Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos)

UPDATE: Jenny’s identity revealed! CLICK HERE.











Or, simply go check out this sexy video.

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  • Motoring SOB


    • dw55

      Wow the most commented post I've ever seen on the chive.
      I say she has a talent

      • http://twitter.com/Africanlegnd @Africanlegnd

        Yeah!! The story is priceless!!

    • anonymousrex

      Friends of the Ypsilanti Freighthouse

    • damstr88t

      Shes is HOT!

    • Chad

      This is why we have had a jobless recovery. Because the middle class has been doing this for over a decade. We could have been having 20 hour work weeks being equally productive, making twice as much by the hour but now that times are tight companies don't want to pay their employees what it costs to keep the economy moving and here we are.

      And that girl could easily be in porn. Easily.

      • bEanBanDiT

        She probably is in PORN because this is FAKE, it's a publicity stunt that is obviously working.

      • Cathy

        Quote: "And that girl could easily be in porn. Easily." Gets my vote for funniest reply to anything, EVER.

        • Cathy

          I mean that in a good way.

    • faffaafafa


    • Rae

      Oh!! If only I had had the equipment to have done this at my last POS job!! BEAUTY!!! Spencer—you are so *&^%%^^$?(*!!!!! Had one like you. Took Karate lessons…….

      • CiCi

        I agree …nothing worse than working for a pervert! Dealing with that right now, can't wait for the day I can tell him to go to %^#$.

    • Phillip

      I'm pretty sure I love her.

      • dAVE

        i'm absolutely sure i do

    • Dave

      (generaly reply. not to Motoring)

      big fucking deal. so a guy who works at a company and does his job plays a game.

      is she that much of a nutcase to do this ?

      (its faek)

      • HAL2010

        you r probably guilty of the same huh ?? loser !

    • Vicki

      Jenny is my HERO. I hope she sues the pants off that dude.

      • yankee242B

        She can sue my pants off anytime.

    • abcdefg

      it was a hoax, ppl…. which means FAKE. Do some research; it's FAKE.

    • twngrls

      Did anyone notice that HOPA and HOT PIECE OF ASS are not the same. She transposed the O and the P. So we are still wondering what HOPA stands for.

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  • robsterling

    Well done! Almost as good as the guy from Jet Blue!

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      Jet Blue was classic….Nothing says FU like deloying the emergency chute, walking down the tarmac and driving home….Then smiling as you get arrested….

      • chrisdg74

        Nothing like telling everyone to f-ck off, grabbing a couple of beers, opening one, then the emergency exit and going down the slide. If I ever quit my job, I hope it's as epic as that.

        • MiPo_TheGoaT

          I work for myself so who am I gonna tell off?? And my assistant is a miserable emo chic so she would just end it all in front of me

        • MarleneBomer

          The way I quit one job wasn't as epic as the Jet Blue guy… I just left a note at every desk and inbox saying I was tired of being the station's ni**er, and tired of being taken advantage of, and tired of training kids just out of broadcasting school running a full time job when I had been there *eight years*!

    • ape toes

      this is way better

      • annoyed

        errr, umm…except he was at least REAL! This was enjoyable until it turned out to be a hoax.

    • lilaliend

      this is WAY better. The Jet Blue guy was quite a douche. He didn't just sink down to the level of the uncooperative passenger, but surpassed the douchebaggery in cursing out the whole plane and making an even bigger scene.

    • alleyoop

      Yeah, but the guy from jet blue is going to be more popular in jail.

    • Cheryl

      That was hilarious! But now I want to know about the guy from Jet Blue!

    • Emme

      Actually replying to all. Sounds great and I guess the HOPA thing was the last straw, but if anyone cared to notice she said he called her HOPA but when she figured out the acrynim she changed it to HPOA, which means she may have quit for the wrong reason. Also she is very pretty but no employer will know that till they meet her and every job she wants 500 other people want to, welcome to the recession Jenny, let's hope you have some rainy day money in the bank.

      • inverse137

        Emme, actually, when you say it out loud it is pronounced "Hoh Pah."

        Second, do you live your entire life in a state of fear? Have you ever stood up for yourself?

        Perhaps a little introspection is in order…..

    • John

      Probably a smarter way, too. After all, she doesn't have jonnylaw looking at her as though she was trying to blow up a plane.

    • JonReremy

      Really??? You guys give this actress/model too much credit check it out: http://www.examiner.com/x-15166-Comedy-Examiner~y

    • jdschaefer

      Need help getting through the work day?

    • Darlene

      I agree… a toast to HOPAs everywhere and also to smart, funny and intelligent women.

    • mstjazzy

      She really should be in the movies!

  • parker

    I'd hire her in a second

    • mikethecarpenter

      i wonder if she would be interested in a small secretarial position in a construction co….
      She would bring in work like no other!

    • Jackson

      pity you couldn't afford her

    • Wood

      I'd hire her in a half second….

      • bob

        she would find some dirt about you and make a scene about it, she should be an actress

    • Hendy

      Yeah, I mean after all she is a HPOA right?

      • Nancy

        Your a sorry ass of a person….get your mind out of the Gutter!!! & back on the work you should be doing

    • Hurbleflurmagrrbr

      I'd hire her all night long.

    • Ash

      After this stunt, everybody's gonna want her, i'm sure.

      Except for bosses that play Farmville most of the time. That's just asking for trouble, really. 😛

    • jdschaefer
    • steve

      I imagine you do not own a company or are in a position to hire anyone. Whether you like it or not by using the IT codes to obtain information about someone else is a fireable offense and if she did it once why would you think she would not do it again.

    • Nancy

      I agree with you Parker…good workers are hard to find & companies need to Appreciate their worker's not be snooping into what they are doing all day. As long as the work they are suppose to do is done & done Right! then what's the problem. I spent a whole year learning my boss' job so she could move on & I get the promotion….well that didn't happen, instead they hired a guy that knew Nothing & Asked me Constantly to do his job….Because I told him…He got paid the Big Buck…do what you were Hired to do….I was "let go" Come on CEO's Start Appreciating those who work for you & stop all the spying!!!!

    • http://1-borneo.blogspot.com borneoman

      you can hire her but she will kick you ass in the second.

  • dustin

    I play Farmville way more than I should too, man

    • pfiddle

      Sad bitch

  • tom

    I think I love her

    • Nick E. P.

      I also think I love her

      • Jim

        I definitely love her.

        • Low

          It's OK… I've just married her.

          • Down

            She's already had my babies.

            • danP

              yea! well I already divorced her!

              • Jim


              • Bankie

                Rebound for the win, bitch! o/

    • MGK

      I know I love her

    • http://www.facebook.com/jppando Jean-Paul Pando

      I think most of the young guys on here are smitten. I would legit take her on a date and see whats up.

      • blob

        it's not real, idiot. this was all written by some dude named leo who hired that girl to pose and smile.

        • Ogie Ogilthorpe

          I hate you for telling me that. You probably go up to children and tell them Santas not real, dont you??

    • ian

      me too

    • bEanBaNdiT

      Why is everyone falling for this FAKE crap??? Doncha think this is a little TOO clever to be REAL??? Well…Let's just wait till she's on Leno to see how she came up with this brilliant idea.

    • Kirk

      My wife heard me say 'I love her' at picture 32 from downstairs.

    • jose

      me too

    • Clare

      Me too and I'm a middle-aged, straight woman.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    She is such a HOPA lol! I'm pretty sure she'll have no problem now finding work.

    • Marc

      Its HPOA you DPOS.

      • Dex

        Marc, shoe meet mouth as she spelled it HOPA in a few of the frames. DPOS.

        • apstorm

          It was probably spelled that way because 'Spencer' likely spelt it that way- note it was only spelt that way in reference to what he said. Then when she spelt out the acronym, it was HPOA, and continued to be HPOA. She was likely highlighting how 'Spencer' can't spell an acronym.

          • Michael

            Spell and acronym on the phone? He probably said it as it sounds as a Hope ah. Then when actually read, it's HPOA.

            You all lose.

            • Michael


        • apstorm

          Need to be more careful with these sorts of things, y'know. Else you end up being the DPOS. With the foot in the mouth.

          • Dex

            It's also likely she was writing it without noticing then when she came to spell out the acronym she did it properly without noticing she misplaced letters in earlier photos. We'll never know the truth, but you can enjoy your speculation.

          • Zing

            ITYM FITM. HTH

            • http://isaaclw.com isaaclw

              sorry, I didn't catch that acronym. could you say it again?

      • Pablo


    • mikethecarpenter

      i wonder if she would be interested in a small secretarial position in a construction co….

    • CuriousBear

      If a HPOA is a Hot Piece of Ass……..whats a HOPA???? unless she mispelled it?

  • gozer

    I love her facial expressions!

    • HPOA scout

      I was just thinking the same thing… mmmmm facial

    • Lucas Monteiro

      think someone here is in love…

      • MarleneBomer

        I think aLOT of us are, Lucas… even the ladies!

    • anonamous

      They'd be better with semen on that AMIRIGHT!?

  • funnyguy


  • obman

    my company follows me around online all day too and I hate them for it

    • huh

      Use anonymouse.org.

    • your boss

      you're fired

    • money

      Maybe you should actually do what you are paid to do then? Ever think of that?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury


        • MarleneBomer

          Wallace Shawn wuz robbed!

        • zbuilder

          Sounds like a Pricess Bride fan. 🙂

      • Dev

        Maybe they should pay me what I'm worth.

      • drusillah

        People needs breaks as well, you know. And some people need longer breaks than others. If they get their job done, it shouldn't matter what they do online in their free time. We aren't robots.

    • JoeBob

      Get back to work Goldbrick.

    • Mick

      Try doing some work u fuck and mabye they wont have to

    • jdschaefer
    • voice of reason

      suck it up or quit and get another job …… if you can 😉 fyi do you have any idea how many people view porn or other inappropriate garbage on company time ( yes company time they are paying you to work) NOT your time …….. along with the legal ramafications that come with it ???

  • ben J.


    • jeff

      Glad someone caught that! GOOD JBO!

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Nice entertainment center…and I'm liking the Van Gogh book behind you…..

    • osborl12

      If you noticed the entertainment center and the Van Gogh book, then I have bad news for you…

      • Piama

        Maybe he was referring to the girl when he said entertainment centre.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=786976505 Mark Benford

          Maybe he's just spent WAY more time looking at these pictures than you have.

          • tumbleweed

            Is that a real set of encyclopedias on the shelf? Where was this picture taken, grandma's house?

    • Ali

      srsly man?? LOOK AT HER!!!

    • junk_mcfeely

      You're kidding if you think she's used that book for anything but a pottery stand.

    • himagain

      MIPO Are we stalking the HPOA?

      • MiPo_TheGoaT

        Forgive me if after the first several practically identical pictures of the same sh*t I chose to look at some of the more static objects in the pics….and hey i discovered a few things other than a cute chic saying hey look at me!!! However if she does really read Van Gogh's work she is probably too intellectual for those of you who spent 34 pics worth of time looking at a cute smile praying for a tit shot to pop up….FYI, There is also a pretty cool mini giraffe in the top left corner of pic 25

        • Trademark310

          There is also a gay guy commenting on the insignificant items in the background. Can you see him?

        • Just_Me

          Don't pay any attention to the little "boys" posting on this article.

        • margar

          "Read Van Gogh's work" ???
          He was a painter, not a writer, DUH. Intellectual?

    • http://twitter.com/anml_styl @anml_styl

      EKBY shelving products, BILLY bookcases, probably a LACK or BENNO tv stand; yeesh I spend too much time at a certain furnishings store

    • Tonberry

      Nice try, but I don't think she's going to ask you out.

    • Gaydar

      This is the official Gaydar service. If you noticed anything in the background, we have some news for you lol

  • Bud Ugly

    Kind of lame. But she's sexy, so who cares 🙂

    • Brazilian

      thanks Spencer

      • Just_Me

        What he said

    • Matthew

      Yeah, what those other two guys said.

    • Cheryl

      actually not kinda lame, very funny mister-ain't-got-no-sense-of-humour!

    • xXZeNXx

      Go shave your giant head of smell with your bad self! SPENCER!

    • 1SexyLady

      I thought it was pretty clever.

  • scorp

    i love her

  • Davis

    the girl-next-door version of Angelina Jolie

    • ricky

      way more hot an Angelina Jolie(post Tomb Raider, anyways).

    • Aphrodite

      I was thinking the same – she DOES resemble Jolie a LOT!

    • Sheldon

      Jolie is a skank and not worth looking at… This girl is…

    • Refrain

      She looks more like Ellen Page. Just because she has a Tomb Raider colored top on doesn't make her look like Jolie.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=512398541 Josefin de la Motte

      I think she looks more like Jessica Alba xD

      • ThePelado

        I was thinking exactly that

    • Ryan

      I thought the same thing when I saw image #27. She has the same facial expression Jolie makes all the time. And yes, she is definitely hotter than Angelina Jolie.

  • Boris

    do want

    • muffin


  • Jon

    This girl is a genius, and hot

    • Nateb123

      If this is what it takes to be a genius I feel like the god damn king of the universe. #32 was the only picture worth seeing. Not funny, just petty in a sad "trying to make up for her new unemployment" sort of way.

    • Peter

      You serious? She quit her job on the spot with no backup plans. That's the dumbest thing you could possibly do. Even worst she smeared her previous employer all over the internet. If you were managing a business would you want this potential timebomb on your payroll?

      Besides the reason she quit was fucking dumb. Any straight man would find her physically attractive, and because she overheard her boss said "Hopa" (a term which she ASSUMES means Hot Piece of Ass) to a third party she's going to just throw her career away?

      No my friend, she's the dumbest fucking brick this side of Tinsel-Town.

      • HPOA


        Also add that she was too dumb to reshoot the pictures where she wrote HOPA and then apparently realized it was HPOA.

        • Rectifier

          Um, who's the dumb one here? Did you catch the photo where she shakes the letters into place? It's all part of the narrative my dimwitted friend.

      • Luka

        Actually, she is SMART, since I am reading this from CROATIA, which means the whole fucking world now knows about her.

        She could be hired in a second.

        • Tan

          Agreed, and most likely to be hired by someone who appreciates a person with a bit of balls.
          I'd hire her!

        • c sh

          she's just crazy hot.

      • Otherguy

        Actually she didn't send this to anyone other than the people she works with. In case you don't realize what this means, Peter, this means that you're wrong. You're not only wrong, but you've just announced to a great deal of people that you are a presumptuous, opinionated twat =).

        What she did was both clever and bold. Whether it was the best move for her I cannot answer to, but her boss sounds like a major tool. Just because none of you have the balls to do something similar or are afraid of your employees acting out against you because you yourselves are a huge douches does not mean you have to get your panties all in a bind over it.

        The fact that you used the phrase "this side of Tinsel-Town." confirms that you are in fact, a douche. Furthermore, I believe your post was the WORST I've ever read, much WORSE than any others.

        You are right about one thing though Peter, quitting your job without a backup is stupid. I mean, that's like leaving your wife without a girlfriend or two. Am I right? Of course I am.

        P.S. You're an idiot. You'll most likely prove this point by responding with some idiotic dribble in a vain attempt to regain some of the self-esteem and ego you're certain to have lost after reading this reply.

        • Tan

          Love it! haha

      • Guest

        Peter I'm just wondering… Have you ever heard of Sexual Harassment? Perhaps you missed that class, I'm pretty sure most jobs give it so employees and employers understand how to treat the people they work with.

        With that being said, by calling her a "Hopa" or as he meant a "Hot Piece of Ass" that is considered sexual harassment and she had every right to quit, in fact she can sue him. All because she heard him say it and it made her feel uncomfortable. You can find a woman attractive without making a fool out of yourself and calling her lame acronyms to someone else on the phone. Its called respect and he and you should learn some.

        Also its not like she can't get another job, if she is skilled at what she does.

        It is also obvious she only sent the pictures to her co-workers, which means one of them could've posted it on the internet.

        Oh and PS he deserved to get smeared… he's kind of a tool… you should get along great!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jarheadglidden Troy Glidden

      Not quite a genius if she misspelled HOPA multiple times until she corrected it as HPOA when she spelled what it meant….

      • Mike

        That is the point of picture # 16…she is rearranging the letters into their correct order…it was the boss who doesn't really even know what he is saying.

        • Matthew

          Mike, of course you are correct, but sadly not everyone can be smart. To think, we have to share the road with the Troy Gliddens of the word. They are perfect poster children for the Dunning Kruger effect.

  • exemplary

    correct decision

  • Dave

    Amazing! Good for you, Jenny! Not only attractive, but smart, witty and funny! Great qualities!

    • John

      Dave, youre not going to get to have sex with her…."AMAZING" LOL

    • Anon

      Smart except for the "assistant's" part. Sorry, my inner grammar Nazi couldn't resist.

      • Alex

        'assistant's' is a contraction of 'assistant has' – Sieg heil!

        • Tanzy

          You've "Seen Kyle"???

      • Leann

        Apparently your inner grammar Nazi needs to do some pushups and get back into shape.

    • Bocelot

      Dave, this girl is not going to do you. Calm down.

      • pickedaname


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=826794348 Phyllis Tyler

      don't forget – creative

    • rafezetter

      TO ALL THOSE ABOVE WHO FLAMED DAVE: you all deserve a wire brush shoved up your a$$. He did nothing more than say it was good (which it clearly is), that she IS attractive, obviously very smart, and witty and funny, which ARE good qualities. Unlike most of yours, your posts show bigotry, judging at face value (never a good thing) and intolerance.

      You assumed he's trying to gain favor with that post – highly unlikely for several reasons: he could very well live overseas, he could possibly not prefer female sexual company, or be married or any other reason for him to see her NOT as a sexual object (which you obviously do), he simply respects her way of quitting and wanted to voice both his admiration and respect (another concept that seems alien to you).

      It's no suprise 99% of women think all men are tossers when you provide them with the evidence EVERY…SINGLE….MINUTE – Go join the KKK – you'll all feel right at home there. (oh I'm not a woman i'm a straight man and would happily say the all above to your face.

      • lol

        you will die a virgin

  • GretchenAst

    Amazing!!! I'm sure she will be JUST FINE

    • [A]

      she is fiiiiine right now.

    • Randy

      I'm sure she *is* "just fine".

    • david bishop

      I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!!!!

    • Ta'i

      You ROCKKKKKK!

    • Doug

      Yes I am sure she will be just fine as well. I only wish I could meet her to see what she is really like, so far I think she is awesome doing what she did.

    • Jordan

      Of course she'll be just fine. A good looking girl can always find a man w/ money who's willing to take care of them.

    • kraazee

      I love it!!!!!! I wish i had the cajones to do that sometimes! GO GIRLIE!

    • Finstah75

      Damn too bad she is a mute.

    • elena

      She's an actress.. cute though. I hope to see more of her.

    • Wyane

      nothing wrong for sticking up for yourself

    • HR Girl

      She should have filed a sexual harassment suit with the company before doing this, would have either solved the "Spencer Problem," or gotten her something compensatory (staying or not). Nobody should have to feel uncomfortable in their working environment! ~HR Girl

  • booyah

    EPIC. Girl…move to LA and hit the beach. Oh yeah, hit some casting calls while you are there.

  • http://www.teeznation.com/10133/thechive-girl-quits-her-job-on-dry-erase-board-emails-entire-office-33-photos theCHIVE: Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 photos) - Funny Pics

    […] HERE to see this entire gallery on […]

  • Mirror Man

    I wonder if she'd give ME a "job"

  • Slim

    when did she change her shirt? She should have included those pictures as well!

    • Amy

      I am assuming she changed to prove a point. Work attire while quitting, and then a casual outfit as she is leaving for good.

      • Robert

        I think he was wanting to see her change, not wondering why she actually changed. lol. She is hot!

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