A word from Jenny (16 Photos)

We couldn’t have pulled this one off without the help of this adorable young woman. You’ll see in the coming days she’s as smart as she is sexy. Leo and I will now return to our bottles of Jim Beam and enjoy the rest of this wild ride…

Chive On,


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  • http://lathompson.com Antonio

    This is the BEST thing ever!!!! Jenny ROCKS!

    • http://www.twitter.com/justin_speedo NTFW

      so she takes off her top… when? πŸ™

    • Dug

      Ummm, no this was NOT the best thing ever. It was actually pretty awful.

    • Semper

      This is stupid. She didn't make it up….she just held the signs. What's the big deal? Did anyone think she really quit that way? Of course it was a hoax. It was just for entertainment. You guys are so dumb.

      • Hokey

        What's so finny is that only a handful of idiots actually thought this was real. Almost everyone realized this was a pretty lame hoax. It's a pretty girl who can't act, holding up implausible signs. Just lame.

        Is this the chive's idea of entertainment? I'd rather watch paint dry. The hoax was so uncreative and poorly implemented that it comes across as quite insulting of whoever the hell reads this site I've never heard of.

        Viral marketing for a site that wants to do viral marketing… you guys should be embarrassed at this effort. I've never heard of the other hoaxes, though I'm sure they were lame too. Anyone wishing to purchase some viral marketing from this site should go with someone a little more creative, with better talent.

        • hotkey likes men

          then gtfo off this site

    • B-Dog

      It was an obvious hoax…… Who would be a receptionist for 2 years in hopes of becoming a BROKER? To become a broker you need a degree in FINANCE, pass your series 7, and then get a job at a brokerage firm.

      She is hot though.

    • JohnnyBoy

      Chive report some real fucking news

    • mememe

      psst, ill never link shit from this site again… these assholes did this to pull in the attention and the web viewing, congratulations, they did exactly that, plus lost my respect. good job you money grubbing attention whores..

    • Harry

      Elyse sucks!!!! No more stupid hoaxes.

  • http://lathompson.com Antonio

    I mean, ELYSE rocks!

    • Hokey

      What's funny is that these fanboy comments are probably just faked too.

      Even the people interested in this hoax noted it was obviously fake. The acting was terrible and the idea was just dull and pointless.

      I'm sure there is someone out there who is dumb enough to find this interesting or even dumb enough to believe the acting and concept. But those people are not intelligent enough to operate a computer, for the most part.

      Viral marketing should be clever. Unless, I suppose, you mainly want to weed out the intelligent and clever audience, and build 'the chive' audience out of the dumbest morons you can find. Someone has to buy all those shamwows and ab blasters.

  • perry

    could care less if it's a hoax, i lol'd. and she is beautiful

    • matt

      could NOT care less.

    • http://www.simplifyitsolutions.blogspot.com Boris

      So you are able to care less, and you do care that it is a hoax? Maybe you meant "couldn't care less". Meaning you don't care that is is a hoax, and she is still hot.

      • dirtyrussianhater

        Hey Boris… Ever heard of a 'contraction'? It's like this:
        Could Not = Couldn't
        Is Not = Isn't
        We Would Have = we'd've

        Way to be, buddy.

    • SpongeRinger

      Moron American. You 'couldn't care less'.

  • partly

    was funny watching the media point fingers, accuse, and speculate. Meanwhile the chive was just doing it for the lulz. i tip my hat

    • Notbeingasuckup

      Where was the lulz? They manipulated you all into thinking something epic had happened when it hadn't. There was nothing funny about the first post, they were trying to be epic, and now they look like assholes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elyse.porterfield Elyse Porterfield

    I love you guys! Thank you so much for all of this!

    • Max


    • jojo

      πŸ™‚ wtg girl. milk it.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Love your work, girl! Full kudos!

      And my number is [………], no pressure.

    • Chris

      Go for it, Girl!! πŸ˜€
      Great job, great facial expressions!
      You will get far, no doubt about that anymore!!


      • coocoocuchoo

        haha! Chris -Europe- thats funny


    • http://www.facebook.com/javierlopezurena Javier López Ureña

      Thank you to you, Elyse! It was funny!

    • memyselfandi

      wow you are awesome!

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      Elyse, you must now be punished for your transgressions….30 lashings for you, filmed and then posted on The Chive as your penance

    • Blue

      You deserve some sort of award. I wish I was a casting director, cause you would be hired in a minute.
      Beautiful. And I am guessing…pretty smart.
      Keep working at it and good luck!

      • http://isaaclw.com isaaclw

        I don't know why people keep saying that.
        Just cause she can make faces doesn't mean that she's smart.

        I mean, she didn't write the script, those two dudes did.

        • Hubble

          "Those two dudes"? Respect the leaders of theChive.

    • Glenn

      Great job pulling it off!

    • Hotdog Neck

      elyse, you are hot. make out?

    • PTC Tom

      Well done and fun. I was due for a good grin and you delivered.

    • Ike Pigott
    • aleXTC

      No, Thank you!!

    • NO.

      Awwwww man, I was really hoping this was for reals!

      You've won this time, Ms Porterfield, THIS TIME….

    • Tim

      Nice going – speaking as someone in Fort Collins, I hope you've been away from Greeley long enough to get the stink off of you. πŸ˜‰
      I hope this is a nice jump-start to a successful career for you.

      • LawChive

        she's from Greeley? No longer hot.

    • Don

      Elyse, great job – you are gorgeous and charismatic. Now I look forward to seeing you in movies and on TV!

    • Mauricio

      That was amazing!

    • Chris

      You are lovely Elyse. I'm sure that you will be successful.

    • alan

      would love to meet you one day

    • Dave

      You are very attractive and it was hard to read the board because I had to take my eyes off you!!!!

    • Rick S.

      Well, at least one thing about your "spoof" was true. You really are a HOPA!!! πŸ˜‰

    • P-90

      You are ridiculously beautiful.

    • Joe

      Love your facial expressions darlin!!

    • Spence

      Nice work, Elyse. You trash me so you can get a job. Who's the jerk?

    • http://www.modelmayhem.com/amf Aimee Fant

      Elyse~! Holy moly- I am chomping at the bit to post my parody to your HOPA Hoax and am not able to get a hold of anyone…I have a parody to your viral frame by frame. Is there anyway to link my post to your's? This is my first time posting on The Chive. Someone help!

    • Pamela

      Too bad it wasn't real….It would have been an EPIC way to quit XD I gotta keep that in mind in case I ever quit somewhere. It was a great laugh, and I'm sure you'll be big someday πŸ˜€

    • Mike

      This was great! Terrific job, Elyse!

  • theshape

    Amazing! She's great! You're great guys! πŸ™‚

  • uber

    I feel betrayed!

    Kidding, i don't care, can Jenny do playboy now plz?

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  • russ

    i kind of don't care if it was fake. i definitely laughed. and let's be honest. she really is a HPOA πŸ˜‰

  • Paul

    Had me fooled. A great hoax and Elyse is a stunner πŸ™‚

  • http://teed.nl/2010/08/10/ontslag-nemen-doe-je-zo/ Ontslag nemen doe je zo | TEED.nl | media, gadgets en innovatie

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  • http://www.facebook.com/christophe.courtin Christophe Courtin

    Good one though! πŸ™‚

  • Colm

    Trombone your an asshole too..I wack your head with the dry erase board and shove it up your ass. Elyse you are hot. Good luck with the auditions in LA!

    • LucidDreamer

      lol Colm – that was funnier then the actual hoax!

  • MotoringSOB


  • xAv

    LOL, this HPOA is really funny…Thanks elyse..u've make me smile =)

  • tommybhoy

    Well played….the chive can control the worlds media!

  • http://www.hotelsanddeals.com HDeals

    You faked out the folks on NBC Nightly News

  • Bob


    • Ben

      Or the Inception. Duh. Duhn. DUHN.

  • Derrick


  • OneClownShoe

    You're gonna be a huge star, Elyse! You are fantastic!

    • lbdarling

      really? How much call is there for pretty girls to hold up cards and smile outside of the AutoShow and boxing/extreme fighting events?

  • http://www.meneame.net/story/chica-abandona-trabajo-avisa-email-toda-oficina-era-hoax Chica abandona su trabajo y avisa por email a toda su oficina <- Era un Hoax

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  • trombone

    elyse you are an asshole

    • Helgarde

      I think you are talking about yourself, trombone.

    • Penny

      trombone – get a grip it was cool. My bosses loved it. lighten up you jerk and don't be hatin.

    • grodon

      look who's talking.

    • Son of Dad

      It's not trombone's fault… he's rusty.

    • tonedog

      trombone, what a hatin' dipshit man…chill out, the girl was having fun and it's a riot! Maybe you need to adjust your meds…

    • Kate

      Trombone – you afraid she was talking about you

    • ford prefect

      sorry trombone, did you type that while looking in the mirror? She only embodies the hellish life of a whole sector of busin ess life – underpaid or even unpaid young hopefuls who get shat on by asshole male ADs. Or was this one too close to home for you? Go Elyse, Go Chive!

      • equality is a bitch

        WOW WOW WOW. Why do you talk about being treated poorly in the work place and then say that it is male ass holes doing all the shating. Trust be there are bitchy women in the work force shating on males too.

        Your comment is fine just try not to be gender specific. Beleive it or not, not all men are ass holes.

  • fma

    you're not an actress, you're a hpoa

    • chive is gay


    • djp

      Luckily for Elyse, most people don't make the distinction anymore =)

      • http://www.facebook.com/fly.conley Fly Durden

        I was thinking the same thing heh

  • Tim

    Hate to say it after the fact, but I kinda figured it was a hoax. Bar the "where is she taking these pics?" and "they seem extremely well taken for just some wannabe broker quitting her job", there's the dyslexic 'HOPA" term, the farfetched "garbage di-spencer" gag and the unlikely half-a-working-week playing Farmville. Still, certainly got everyone's attention and great launchpad for Elyse. I hope she's a geek – Hollywood needs more girls like Olivia Munn πŸ˜‰

    • ...

      and how many emails were sent to hold the 15 or whatever HQ pics

      • Kirbster

        Please don't put Olivia Munn on the same level as this girl, Elyse is 10x hotter, not even close.

        • aosux

          Are you out of your friggin mind?

    • Ed-fROMNJ

      I've had PHBs who definitely had the time to sit on FarmVille all day (but not all of them had the brains for it). [And I can't believe this thing wouldn't let me list my name as "Ed" because it's "too short"!]

    • Iambetterthanyou


    • Anonymous

      You mean. Less Olivia Munn. She destroys the reputation for girl gamers everywhere.

    • Kathryn

      Actually, dude, the half week of Farmville was the most credible bit – that was what had me going. Totally believable. Unless perhaps you are saying the time said to be spent playing Farmville should have been more? πŸ™‚

      I do agree the quality of photography made it suspect…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001252728515 Lorelai Ross

        No kidding, bosses everywhere sit on their butts playing computer games while they take away the coffee breaks of their employees and tell them they can't have their vacation this year because things are 'just too tight'. that part was smack on.
        this was a particularly timely little piece because most of us are just plain grateful to have a job at all, and we're putting up with garbage to keep it. I imagine a giant cheer went up around the working world from seeing these, we all wish we had the balls to do the same thing, Even if it wasn't real, we all wanted it to be.

        • ozob

          preach it, Lorelai!

          Kathryn — maybe the peeps giving your comment thumbs down play farmville @ work πŸ˜›

          it happens all the time…entitled asshole bosses piddle their time away and then jump down the throats of their hard working employees for not pulling enough of the boss's incompetent dead weight behind them…check this out:

          furthermore, the whole administrative structure is set up to promote incompetence: http://www.texaschapbookpress.com/magellanslog12/

          i'd like to give a shout out to my ex-supervisor, who gave me link #2 above, and resigned from her job just before i did (for the same reasons). on a related note, i would also like to give a shout out to my ex-boss, who made all this oh-so relevant to my own life experience.

    • OldMayfield

      Gotta agree with Tim, pretty clear early on it was a hoax, but very well done – all the best of luck to Elyse. Hopefully see her soon on the screen, not just The Chive. Last question – whose handwriting on the white board? Was a guest penman brought in as well?

    • ???

      Actually, I've got a few co-workers who spend 90% of their time watching videos instead of doing their work…
      the supervisor's only there for 1 hour of their shifts each Friday, and 2.5 hours on Monday morning.
      I won't spill the beans, (company, etc, YET)… but, they've gotta get their asses in gear

    • Anon

      To hell with Olivia Munn. She's so damn fake and she gives female gamers a bad rep. She said "I can't play Guitar Hero because I have a vagina" – that is a real, on the air quote from G4.

  • Anonymous

    No f.ing way

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