Soldiers returning from war surprise kids, loved ones. NSFW b/c you will bawl your eyes out (video)

There is a 100% chance you will cry within 30 seconds of this video.
If anyone knows who is responsible for putting this video together, please notify us at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com. So we can give dredit where credit is definitely due! Thanks.
PS The song overlaying the video is “Praan,” by Garry Schyman.
Photos of Why you say “thank you” to soldiers

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  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • http://miramisecreto.com.ar Francisco

      It just disgusting for me, I would like these parents to be dead, I just think of them killing other people (protecting your country), it just make me feel sick.

      • Travis

        First off, you are disgusting. Soldiers don't pick the mission, so whether you agree with the war or not, you should support the troops. Otherwise, you may want to consider moving to Samoa or Tuvalu, where they don't have a military. It may not be the prettiest job but it is certainly the most important. I'm sure you enjoy living as luxoriously as you do, and that would not be possible without a military. People, we need to stop being complacent and feeling immune to threats or we are going to fall like Rome. It sucks that there are 3rd world countries, but I am happy and proud that we are not one.

      • Adal

        You have rendered me absolutely speechless. How can you wish death upon so many brave men and women when you have just stated that killing people makes you sick? You are just unbelievable and you make me sick. You don't have to agree with war, but be thankful for those who are putting their lives at risk for you — and thank their families while you're at it.

      • Fransiscosuxcok

        Troll or not, you are a disgusting little shit. I suspect you are a lonely individual and you get pleasure from winding people up. No doubt you have few friends and you can only wish to know what it is like to have a heart. I do not wish anything upon you as I am satisfied that you probably spend your evenings masturbating wondering what love is like.

      • Nick

        Francisco's comment translation "Hi im Francisco, I like to get my anus plowed by foot long cock along with my nipples twisted really hard." also the translation starts rambling saying "I would like to say to all of my friends on the CHIVE that I would like everyone to grab baseball bats, and kick my Mexican ass". Well it appears that is what Francisco just said. its just I couldn't understand most of it, because I couldn't separate the BULL SHIT rushing out of his mouth from the actual words.

        – that is all

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001289552723 Alex Steeves

          I couldn't have honestly put it better myself except. Francisco i hope god has pity on your soul u insignificant little shit. I pray everynight for all these brave men and women. I wish there was some way that i could repay you all for your debt of service. Thank you all of you guys. My freedom wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for you sacrifice. You guys make the ultimate sacrifice. Death. There is a special place in Heaven for everyone of you guys.

          -God bless you all.

      • anonymous

        Dude… if there were no one to protect the country, the country's doomed for… please… think before you comment

      • Kevin

        Americans are funny. They think these soldiers are actually protecting their country, instead of being just pawns for idiots like Bush to play with.

    • defogged

      I hate how so many people buy into the bullshit that they're over there fighting for our freedom. Absolute fucking bullshit. It's about money, oil, power, but not freedom. The entire world, including America, would be a safer place if no American soldiers had ever set foot in Iraq. A lot more little kids would have live fathers, too.

      And yes, Francisco, you are an idiot for wishing them to be dead too.

      • LIKE A BOSS

        Are you fucking stupid? People said the same thing in WWII, "Hitler is none of our business, we shouldn't be over there, blah blah blah." When a country that has sworn to wipe you the fuck out when they get the power, YOU DON'T WAIT FOR THEM TO GET THE POWER! And, by the by, what the hell makes us any more special than any other human? We bring liberty to those who need it. My guess is that the woman who can be raped and her rapist suffers no consequences, but rather she is accused of bringing shame on herself, doesn't really give a shit what reasons the US military is over there, she's just really fucking glad they are.

    • dogbertx

      It's not any countries policies that are in question here. It''s a person's love for his country and personal sense of duty, that takes him/her away from their family. Looking at the faces of those left behind shows the price that's paid by all.

      Francisco, you obviously have no idea. Your blind hatred will get you nowhere in life. You seem to be blinded by a lot of anti-american rhetoric. You could be welcomed in Iraq or Afghanistan; see how well you adjust to your lack of civil, human or even basic rights. You need to get informed before you spout off such personally hateful sentiments.

      I'm not sure I agree with the way things are being done, but I do know the worst thing that can be done is nothing.

      • dogbertx

        The men and women of all countries who are supporting their countries leaders decisions are doing the best they can, for themselves, for their country and for their family.

        What do you believe in? What would you do for your family and country? I know what I did. I joined my countries armed forces and am proud I did. Are you a good enough citizen to do the same?

        Would you do it? Could you even do it? Not everyone is capable, not everyone has the moral strength to be able to stick with it once things get hard. I'll never know if you do, but think of it as a personal test. Can you challenge yourself? Or do you take the easy way and let others do things for you?

    • Larry

      I'm saving my tears for those that didn't make it home ! Thanks, Bush !

    • Arlene

      OMG I can't help but to cry this video just help your put life into prospective. THANK YOU FOR THE TEARS =)

    • Brandon

      I probably would have cried had I not been laughing the whole time. 😀

  • Firstly

    PS, awesome video. Even Firstly was able to shed a few tears.

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Huh. I think that's the first time I've seen one of your comments register in the positive range.

    • Chuck Norris

      This is now officially the only video to have ever made me cry.

    • Kurt

      Yes me too, but not because of the video, but because our gov is going to send them off to war again about a week later. That's what is really sad.

  • http://www.superficialgallery.com Acadia

    I was already crying when I started playing it for an unrelated reason.

    • Mike

      I don't cry! Didn't cry until now

  • Kjellupa

    Thank you to all of the service men and women all around the world, and their families.

    • Shawn

      You're welcome.
      -Salior of the United States Navy.

  • DuroyPrime

    This the best video ever put on the Chive.

    • flgator

      You are absolutely correct

    • jerry oliveira

      totally agree…i started balling in the first 10 seconds. keep it up chive.

    • sari


  • Bob

    ok, so I just balled. Thanks alot Leo..dick

  • mark77

    holy shit….i admit it, i cried and there's not a parent that wont, awesome video

    • someone

      that is probaly why i didnt cry XD

      • anonymous

        Dude… I'ma kid and I'm still crying… HAVE A HEART MAN…

    • mommyof3

      agreed… all of the hurt on those little hearts… oh boy… i cried the whole time

      god bless all of the members of our military and their families… they do more for our country than i can imagine

    • jim

      There isn't a person that wouldn't. Those who say they didn't are lying.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    23 seconds Chive….Damn you Chive, Damn you……Awesome video

    • mark

      i only made it to 20

  • Sharon

    Yeah, I made it to like 21 seconds before I bust out into tears …

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000522611267 Kristen Weeks

    This is an amazing video. Had me crying within seconds. Such a wonderful video. Thank you to all of the service men and women protecting our country and to their families for their sacrifice and selflessness.

  • DeMonikk1

    When I saw this video the other day, the only thing I could think of was getting home to my kiddos and giving them a big hug. This is the best post the Chive has done.

    • mark77

      i felt the same way

  • passionboxster

    5:35 … Best vid of all time on the internet. And yes, i'm crying !!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.m.grant Brandon Michael Parham

      2:35 for me. im still crying =']

  • garp

    ….25 seconds

  • nathan

    2 or 3 for me… it was the cute little boy that was in class that started crying when he was running to his daddy. fucked my shit up… and im at work, everyones looking at me like Im a pussy… thanks chive!

    • jay

      Same here.

  • semperfi

    i'm a dad of 3, and this had me crying about half-way through. thank god for all the servicemen and women. anyone who doesn't cry, or at least well up, is thoughtless. great job, chive. well done.

    • no more war crimes

      How many children overseas don't get to hug their parents because they are dead from the illegal war of aggression started with lies told by Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Wolfowitz, Blair, and Fox News? Anyone who supports the war and doesn't support a full withdraw from Iraq immediately is supporting a war crime. When the majority of Iraqi people preferred Saddam Hussein to the American "liberation" a crime has been committed. It's time to bring the soldiers home and replace them with a reconstruction team. This will cost billions but we destroyed Iraq and it's time to pay for that, and to put all of the people I mentioned above on trial for war crimes.

      Children in every country deserve to hug their mothers and fathers!!!

      • Patrick

        you said what I felt when I was watching this, but couldn't put into words. Thank you, sir, for saying it so eloquently. I suppose the video is still cute I suppose in the sense that the troops risked their
        lives for the war, so you could see an extra outburst of emotion from the kids and especially the adults when they (probably a while ago) realized their loved military person might not have come back to hug you or speak to you ever again. That's intense, and completely independent of the motivitations for the war. If nothing else, I hope that watching this video causes people to hug their children more, and tell them "I love you, " and mean it. The "military parent" family dynamic really emphasizes how fragile the things we find safe and necessary in childhood can be.

      • will

        Jesus man… This video isn't about the war. It's about the terrible pain and suffering that military families go through when their FATHER or MOTHER is taken away from them to be sent into dangerous combat. I'm the son of a soldier, and I can tell you, It fucks with you. I was in fourth grade when my DAD was taken away from me for six months. He was called late at night, and he was gone by morning. For six months. I didn't give a damn about billions of dollars or oil or Saddam. I was so young I couldn't understand why MY dad couldn't stay with me. These videos make me angry. Notice how every one but the affected families are laughing and smiling? It's like they're video taping deep, hurtful emotions for fun.
        thanks for letting me vent. I needed this.

  • saltygary

    I'm at work and had to stop it within 2 minutes in. The little girl on Santa's lap was brutal… We need to get these folks home, they have been asked to do too much.

  • dkbales

    First time it took me 23 minutes to watch a 10 minute clip. I had to open it at work, didn't I? Couldn't stop watching it. And my eyes are already red from allergies. At least I have an 'excuse', right?

    Clutching my heart like the first little girl.

    • MigraineBoy

      Uh..Yeah…Allergies…I had that too. Damn those pollen-filled videos.

    • rat liz

      not to be a troll but they should also do this for when they tell kids their dad is dead.i have to say first hand that doing that is a freaking blast (sarcasm)

      • rat liz

        Kid: where is daddy?
        Mom: he is up in heaven with Jesus
        Kid: When is he coming home?
        Mom: he can't
        sorry i can't help but be bitter

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  • anonymous

    wao… had to dry my eyes – these are my best spent 10 minutes on the internet in the whole week.

  • JRDF

    This is why God made us… not to be fighting but to be loving

  • jonnyknuts

    awesome post.

  • Madd

    20 seconds. Damn you, Chive!

  • paulievitti

    And let's keep them home !!!

    • Jeanne

      Breaks my heart what this country is doing to families, bith here and abroad.

    • *drumroll*

      so with you on this one.

  • J.P.

    cryin at work….great. great vid.

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