There are sexy Chivers among us (28 Photos)

We asked for sexy Chivettes and y'all responded. Thanks to all the sexy Chivers out there for your support. If you've got what it takes and don't mind our 1 million daily users gawking at you, submit your photo here and collect internet fame.

Chive On!


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  • tom

    wow, 28, just wow

  • tory

    I want to see the face on 10

  • Mike Hunt


  • jacksons hole

    there are some sexy chivers out there. thumbs up.

  • stafferty

    I'm willing to go to South Africa if you can ensure I will be safe from surprise vuvezela attacks.

    • uberbrie

      I just bought a plane ticket and another pitcher of water because it looks like she spilled hers.

    • shanna

      🙂 … lol they've calmed down a whole lot now that the soccers over …. btw thats me…. 😉

      • stafferty

        Well "elloo0oo" to you too.

  • jroc

    holy #7

    • Northman

      Agreement. I'd like to shake her father's hand for a job well done.

  • partnersup

    Dear Willow….

    Love, Chivers

  • tom

    is it just me or is #2 the hottest?

    • G-Monay

      Agreed. Something about her…

      • aosux

        She's all yours.

    • HANK


  • Dallylamma

    #19 has quite the turd cutter on her

  • Homeer Simpsoy

    16 all the time.

    • gUEST

      #16 anyone knows her name? : – /

    • Hubble

      I didn't need to look at any of the other ones after I got to 16.

  • gaboy

    Very good post. Thank you Chivettes.

  • Gonzo

    16 is absolutely stunning

    • JEff


    • Hubble


    • swaags


  • SashaFierce

    Does #4's semi-cleavage make up for her otherwise disappointing skankiness?

    • DeMonikk1

      I think she was the chick who tried to tell off her boyfriend a few days

    • MarkAssBuster

      No – especially when semi cleavage is semi blocked with an undershirt :/

  • Mike Hawk

    Loves these girls.

  • Bing

    In my country, these ones would be worth many flocks of sheep and rivers gypsy tears. #25 Not so much that one.

    • man


  • SweetAwesomeness

    Dear Chive,

    Are you looking for screeners on the hot chivers posts? I would like to have an opportunity to fap to these women before my fellow chivers do!!!

  • Jonathan

    #2 wow. Really. Wow.

  • Kawz

    As attractive as most of these girls are, I found it very, very difficult to scroll away from #16. Those eyes, my god, those eyes.

  • Walla

    #6 camel toe?

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    7 and 16 please.

  • Gas

    Hi love willow.
    I like all the other trees, too.

  • Dufresne

    I see some areola on 7. The fapulations are imminent.

  • Hwrd_Strns_Pns


  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    21, My freckle fantasy for the day is now complete….(Please tell me your a redhead!!!)
    25, My glasses fantasy is also complete today
    3 and 9, Hello, back at ya ladies

    Thank you Chivettes, lots of cuteness today…Much appreciated

  • jjflash

    1 – cute, curious what she looks like without the sunglasses
    2 – great smile, freckles on the nose, nice cleavage
    3 – needs to smile
    4 – too close to camera
    5 – girls in costumes always get a thumbs up
    6 – nice camel toe
    7 – the breasts are actually distracting
    8 – see number 1
    9 – close ups like this indicate hiding flaws (chubby?)
    10 – no face shot? bah!
    11 – adorable!!!
    12 – an iPhone wankette
    13 – on daddy's boat
    14 – yeah, that pose seems natural
    15 – adorable!!!
    16 – she's got a website of all close up face shots
    17 – nice ass!!!
    18 – I'm actually getting tired of the mirror self-shot
    19 – and of the mirror ass shot
    20 – is she trying to decide between spitting or swallowing?
    21 – implants? meh
    22 – get back to washing that truck
    23 – very cute. (petite blondes get me every time)
    24 – need to pan out
    25 – hipster look is so 2007
    26 – a twin sized bed? really?
    27 – apparently they don't have bras in South Africa
    28 – another self ass shot. cute panties tho.

    For me, I think 2, 11 and 15 are the top three.
    with 1 and 23 as the next batch.

    • McBeastie

      Did you really say that #7's breasts are distracting? What breasts aren't?

    • keithp420

      how do you have so much time on your hands, when clearly one is typing and the other is up your ass?

    • SG34

      Damn you must be a virgin!!!!! lol

    • MarkAssBuster

      boo on the #28 "cute panties" … please this is chive. We need some sexiness !!!

    • joemofo

      where is #16 webite?

    • jsch

      what is 16's website?

      • Motoring SOB

        when is 16's website?

    • batty

      Whats wrong with you?!? All these girls are HOT! Prefer boys?
      I bet lots of money on the fact YOU are a girl… You write things my sister would write.

      Nice one Chive girls… so so so HOT

      • gtr

        Of course he prefers boys, coz it's a she. A girl pretending to be a guy.

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