More “WTF” style cars I am fond of (30 Photos)

  • Wooosh

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    • Clickawhat

      There also weren't any douches in the comment section…Congrats

  • @ananth2ananth

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    • Spiderpig615

      NO FUCK YOU!!

  • Spiderpig615

    Anyways I would like to see BIGFOOT DESTROY all these fucked up cars…..except for number 12.

  • Spocker

    I don't see anything "WTF" with #12, except WTF isn't she doing in my bed.

  • nojunk

    #16 must get AMAZING gas mileage with that Aerofoil (or whatever it is called)

  • HardCore Mike

    #31 FTW

  • Spocker

    What is that supposed to be on top of #3? A siren?


    Awesome work once again! I am looking forward for more updates!

  • Alfredo

    Short answer is no. Even if there was a paoopsrl the answer is still no. Regardless of what religion one has we all have to face our maker in the end and saying you changed your religion because of your spouse isn’t a valid reason.I’m catholic and my wife is Baptist. Its not the greatest setup but if you love the person you love them regardless of the differences.

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