Which would you rather not have? (13 HQ Photos)

The Euro-spec iMiEV has space for 4ish. The Smart Herbie is better for parking. The iMiEV has many forms of decals. The Herbie is looking for that one-of-a-kind but completely fictitious partner.

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  • Kevin

    FIRST. i would like an order of #10 please. If not I can take the Herbie version.

  • crazy2

    I'll take # 10… I can fit right in….

  • youdummy


  • bob

    forget HR we love the random hot chicks

  • Buffet

    Testing, 1-2-3?

  • Buffet

    That's the THIRD comment I posted here! What happened to the other two?? Just what type of communistic censorship are you practicing here?

  • Buffet

    From now on, don't tamper with anything I write, lest you make me angry! Do you read me!

  • Buffet

    Glad we're clear on that.

  • aaa

    first one from greece

  • Kdtory

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  • trolololo

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