• Pedobear

    PLZ STOP GETTING OLDER! MOAR #1-28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://hotmail.com redfoo

      u r so sexy

    • waqar

      oweSaM….. & cUtE…. :*

  • xjf

    first of all these arnt emo chicks most of them are scene chicks

    • Stan

      agreed, some of them are just regular chicks too

      • mikethecarpenter

        saw a dude in there to maybe

        • andrea

          totally a dude on 8

          • Maddog

            Dude fo sho! and # 2 es no attrativo

    • http://www.facebook.com/marcos.haubert Marcos Haubert

      and IGAF why?

    • dubya

      What is the difference between emo and scene?

      • turdfergusson


        Well, tears and cutting.

    • http://tinyurl.com/cynosurium AJR

      yeah, some of them are smiling

    • scv

      snuck a first right passed everyone, touche

    • http://Hotmail.com redffoo

      no most of them are emo chicks

  • Foppish Dandy


  • xjf

    of all… these arnt emo chicks most of them are scene chicks

    • Sine

      who cares?

  • Tititititititititito


    of all… these arnt emo chicks most of them are scene chicks

  • yabba dabba

    dyed hair and makeup = emo?
    #8 is freakin hot

    • NPS

      #18 i think you mean…

      I'll admit, I stared at her pic for over 3 minutes lol

      • ads

        shirley you mean #4

        • Dave

          I mean #5, and don't call me Shirley

    • http://www.facebook.com/marcos.haubert Marcos Haubert

      ok obviously you all mean #3… try again

    • andrea

      i hope u dont mean #8……#8 has a penis lol

  • Fizzlebottom

    Scene girls get a nigga dick wet.

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      shut up

      • andrea

        its tru, my man loves them lol its like a fantasy lol

    • mofatchicks

      Especially the fat ones.

  • stoops

    They all look the same. Having said that, I would butt hump all of them equally.

  • http://www.facebook.com/theredprophet Eric Larson

    According to chive, if a girl wears eyeliner she is an emo chick…hmmmm, not so much. There was maybe two girls in the whole set, the others were scene chicks and normal girls.

  • Crystal

    ew rank

  • K94

    I would sleep with most of them (Though some only with a few condoms on), but I wouldn't be able to talk to them for more than ten minutes before wanting to punch them.


    I like straight hair and I dont mind colored hair, but excessively poofy hair, thats where it stops. Put a hat on or somethin.

    • Mel

      They can't, hair it too big for a hat.

  • meh

    Jeez looks like i dont know what an emo girl is anymore.
    I thought some of these were 'scene girls' and others just normal.
    I thought emo girls were those who always looked depressed and upset and pretended to cut themselves?

    • http://www.facebook.com/marcos.haubert Marcos Haubert

      because 5 other people didn't already establish this?

  • stafferty

    This girls would be hotter if they didn't take fashion advice from Tim Burton movies.

    As to the Emo/Scene girl debate, there is not enough of a difference to break them into groups. (Heavy makeup, peircings, depressed attitude, misguided idea of "individuality)

    Vote yes on the COnvention of the Chive: Vegas 2011

  • Bob

    Long as they like shagging I could date an Emo.

  • Ronin

    Emo = punk rockers from the 80's

    • Willem

      FUCK NO! The punk rockers of the 80's were people with a purpose. They lived in the getto's and had some serious shit to be angry about. These emo chicks are just rich spoiled brats who really need to get their head out of their ass.

      If you want to compare it with anything I would say Emo = 80's hair metal.

  • Da Sandman

    #7: why emo…?

    • kroenen

      whats wrong with them, they are hot chicks…what are you gay.

    • http://Hotmail.com redffoo


    • waqar

      nicE photo…. 😀

  • CGG

    They all look exactly the same

  • rev

    some look underage too..jackpot… i mean.. tut tut tut

    • turdfergusson

      yeah, boooooo.

  • 3rck

    attention whores?

  • meh

    This should be re named to "Strangely dressed Freshman in High SChool Gallery" amirite?

  • thetech2

    they're all young and cute til some scumbag knocks them up then the piercing and makeup are just memories

  • Lester

    no, no, yes, yes, yes,
    yes, yes, no, no, no,
    yes, no, no, yes, no,
    no, no, yes, no, no,
    no, no, no, no, no,
    yes, yes, yes,

    • Sopha Staley

      i agree with u

  • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    Not a thing EMO about #3…she's wearing a "World Industries" shirt for shit sakes. Poser Yes…EMO No.

  • Random Guy

    hate to burst your bubble; but most of these are scene kids, not emo kids. but either way, almost all of them look retarded.

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