There are sexy Chivers among us (34 Photos)

NOTE: That dark angel up there is Madelaine, one of our most loyal Chivettes. Madelaine works at Hooters (awesome, I know).. Each year Hooters holds a Halloween contest amongst employees and they allow people to go online and vote for their favorite costume. Let’s show Hooters Inc. what theCHIVE can do. Go vote for Madelaine. Here is the link. You know what to do.

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  • randomdreamr

    sexy overload……..

    * head explodes *

    • SweetAwesomeness

      the chive has just raised the awesome level to the highest level of awesomeness…..sweet sweet awesomeness…

    • Cat

      No big loss there.

  • tyler

    Worth. The. Wait.

  • dustin


    You have my vote and my boner

    • Freddie Mercury

      *Sigh* I'll get the microscope…….

    • Madelaine

      Really? *Sigh* Hold on, I'll get the microscope…….

  • Yourfreakindaddy

    31 and 34 call me

    • Yourfreakindaddy

      Oh and 20 too

    • #31

      I called, hun, but your mom answered and said she couldn't get you out of the bathroom… sorry baby…

      • Yourfreakindaddy

        Must have been a wrong number because I was at your mom's house Tea Baggin' the shit out of her.

        • #31

          Now, now sweetheart… we both know that's not true. I was calling from Mom's. We both wanted you to come over to help us out with a little something…. you do have a "little" something, don't you?

    • Yourfreakindad's Mom

      Sheldon Herschel Klevenstein!! You got a phone call! *Slow down you'll trip on the stairs like last time and get an owie-boo, and you know we don't have carpeting on the basement-steps yet*

  • mca

    #4 We stole them and you can't have them back.

    Phenomonal week on a whole.

  • zym

    Outstanding job as always ladies. Out. Standing.

    • zym

      And, yeah, epic fucking MILF.

      • What zym means is

        You said it! MILF= Mom I'd Like to Friend(on Facebook)

  • Lance

    I recently discovered the chive last week. It's now dawning on me that this site is a bit of a monster.

    • A Bit Too Happy

      What you talkin' about?

  • gator

    made my friday…..

    • The Booty Warrior

      gator, who let you out of the kitchen?

  • Darren


    We cannot wait,

    The Gentleman of the Chivery

    • HHNFMakesMeAroused

      we can wait.

    • HellHath NoFunny

      No, we can wait( at least those of us that can actually get laid).

  • cassidy


    • paul

      stop saying that. It reminds me of the time I wanted to punch you in the face

    • paul

      (Cont.) After you quelled my hopes and dreams by rejecting my advances via a sensual strip-tease done to the tune of "Wild Thing" by The Troggs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

      Your jealousy is showing.

  • SG34

    and the winner is…..#20!!! wow….but on the flip, i cant wait for tuesday sexy stephanie

  • mark

    23, trespassing on a celebrities' property in a bikini for our viewing pleasure has made my shitty day at my shitty desk job a little brighter.

    • Peter

      23s name is Tenille. I had a photography class with her in high school. Such a small world.

      • Giggity

        I'm on the same island as her then. She's gorgeous!

  • G-Money

    #20 i love you.
    #31 i also love you.

  • HHNFMakesMeAroused

    #26 Get off this post picture, you're not even a girl.

    #32, your cat accidentally took a picture that was framed perfect and you just happened to have Chive written on your hand?

    • pandora

      It's rare when somebody can make two separate, yet equally retarded statements at one time.

      Well done!

    • Luke

      Yeah, what was that all about. She is hot, but also a compulsive liar.

  • Dude

    Hell yeah, Jess is back in #16. She's got my vote

  • Catence

    Little bummed I didn't make the cut this week….I will have to try harder, with maybe a little less clothing next week.

    • GMO

      Keep doin it! If nothing else it's incentive to keep that body rockin.

    • Jeff

      Send them to me, I'll appreciate em!

    • M. Gibson

      Best get on that stat! Us Chivers love a hot chick with a dick! (That's the only reason we don't track down HellHath NoFury and slap her in The Phantom Zone like all attention whores).

      • rawnoyz

        ey girl… use floss! and then send those pics to me!! what u think?

      • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

        Wait, so, she doesn't have a dick is why you don't track her down? I guess that's good… though that would explain her desire for the ladies.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=852135240 Dave Murray

      Can't wait…..next week seems so far away :{

      • Chad

        Not when you can get laid. You have my condolences Dave. So long jizz-hand jivers!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=852135240 Dave Murray

          Ha! The trolls are funny tonight. Who let the 4chan twats out of daycare and onto The Chive?

  • Dave

    The Chive is habit forming! And has been on a pretty good roll lately!!

  • GMO

    21 is adorable. One of the cutest girls I've seen on here.

    • Phil

      Agreed. Now, if only those are special brownies… perfection!

    • Stud Kernal

      I think so too(never thought I'd find such a thing in the "More Animals I Don't Hate" thread).

    • nomyia

      Pretty and can cook? That's marriage material I think 🙂

  • jack

    a stripper in town here wore pretty much the exact same thing as #34 a couple weeks back. black wings, killer boots, not much else. very close

    • Freddie Mercury

      Was he hot?

    • Donkey-Dan

      Was he hawt?

  • JSeries

    Wow! Why can't I be one the taking these pictures… A man can can only dream!

    • KSeries

      Well, what else is there to do in the basement?

      • Random Crazy Person

        Post the same message three times, apparently.

  • Meghan

    After weeks of submitting, my rack has made the CHIVE. It's more surreal than I expected

    • JSeries

      what # are you?

    • eldurbo

      Congrats to you and your rack, Meghan. Regardless of which number you are, you've done yourself (and the Chive) proud!

    • HellHath NoFury

      I know, I couldn't believe you made silicone saggier than actual fat(which you seem to be in no short supply of, but hey, us fatties gotta chafe together!).

      • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

        Really, dude? Why not register an account and use one of her pictures to make it really confusing. You're a prick, man.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Don't blame me, I tried. But once I clicked on the picture, my computer reacted worse than it has to any computer virus(even the screen cracked, and the mouse let out a *squeak* of horror).

        • Big Black 69

          What are you, her virtual bodyguard or something? FAG!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

        Dude, what the…? I can be rude on my own, thank you, and I see no reason to be this week, save for #8, since that is clearly not written on your boobs.
        But that may be the best profile pic of myself I have seen.

  • Danny P

    #14 is cute as fuck!!!

  • Brian

    I like the Swede

  • Jon

    I would do dirty, dirty things to #11

  • Emt

    FUCK hollywood stars!… THEEESE are real women! made out of flesh and bone, not just silicone lol… chive on!… now if you excuse me im gonna go and do some business

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