• Bob

    Go number 13, WOW!!!

    • HANK

      Bob you're a cheater no way this bitch wins, especially seein as how 18 has the same and is actually hot.

  • toby

    8 is mysteriously sexy as hell. 18 is just sexy as hell but I have to give creativity points to 17. I'm going to have to fap this one over for a while

    • http://www.myspace.com/leeroynowandlater bob the builder

      If you can seriously FAP over any of these girls, then you are a desperate loser who never leaves the house to notice that there are hotter hoes at the local Target than are in this stank ass gallery

      eat shit TOBY and eat his shit's doodoo Chive!!!

      • keegan

        i would like to know the location of the target you've been shopping at

        • http://www.myspace.com/leeroynowandlater bob the builder

          It is the Target your Mom works at! owww boom!

  • eGag

    complete and utter disappointment!
    [polldaddy 4019227 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/4019227/ polldaddy]

    • darren

      to quote your parents

    • daniel

      hey eGag, link me to your blog where women dress up in lingerie holding signs with your site's name on it. I'm sure it blows this one out of the water. we're eagerly waiting

      • Schmitty

        derp derp derp…daaaaa well if theyz showz skinz and boobz dey must be hawt. aaaderrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    • ron

      There are SEVERAL in there that are hot as hell.

    • Lau

      We can hope that perhaps the hot chivetes are still too hungover to submit thier pics.

      / crosses all fingers /

  • rawnoyz

    dayymm.. pretty weak costumes chivettes!

    • rawnoyz

      69 thumbs up ———->

      no one touch it! i like that number.

  • Moe

    Winner—> the sluttiest picture wins, duh!

  • NiceJerk

    Overall these pics kinda suck.

    • Fred

      I agree…possibly because Chive only let people submit photos till 9am today. 9am?! Soooo many people are hung over from last night…not to mention some folks aren't the fastest at offloading pix to their computer, uploading, etc. Chive shoulda waited till 5pm or something. And only 20 pix? Did Chive whittle this down already? I was expecting at least 100.

    • BigDingo


  • MrOd

    Come on ! ! ! No. 13 really….

    Go No. 12…


      Uhh…#12 looks like my little brother

    • Call me Danger.

      number 3 all the way dude! maybe because felisha was always a my fantasy… but still!

  • GTV

    one of each please!

  • thomas

    it's always easy to forget the lead photo imo. Slave Leia FTMFW

    • Force Fed

      I agree. Slave Leia is always hot.

      This has to be the least sluttiest collection of Halloween costumes I have seen this year. Makes me wonder what didn't maek the top 20.

  • Dakota

    fucking bellydancers, really?
    i'll send in a real costume for friday's sexy chivers.

    coulda done 100x better, chive

    • Skedaddle

      looking forward to seeing it, D B)

    • Ivan

      Guess you should have entered.

      • Dakota

        i know, i had a ritard moment and forgot to take the pictures in time. luck of the irish.

    • the chive

      Dakota…which posts are you in or on…. ? been trying to find out among all the posts ????

      • Dakota

        i made one of the sexy chivers a couple weeks ago… plaid bra, chest tattoo, kinda unique. i'll get dressed up again and send a couple for friday, then i'll be easier to pinpoint

        • The Chive

          Can you post the link on here… been trying to find it….lets be honest…your def making some people excited in anticpation for friday lol

          • Dakota

            https://thechive.com/2010/10/08/there-are-sexy-chi… #15… i'll do better this week though, obviously i've got some standards to live up to!

            • rawnoyz

              would like to go in between..

              • Dakota

                only in your dreams.

                • rawnoyz

                  then in my dreams, i shall! good form Dakota!

                  • rawnoyz

                    although you should be flattered.

                    • Dakota

                      oh, trust me, i am, and blushing like a little school girl.

                    • rawnoyz

                      well there you go playing with my school girl fantasy.. theres not much that i could do now! fap fap

                    • Dakota

                      i'm gonna run away from this thread now 😛 see you friday (hopefully!)

                    • rawnoyz

                      hehe, you can run.. but you cant hide! my bets on you being there.. remember the name!

            • lonin

              You should do the world a favor and post more pics of yourself.

              • Dakota

                hey thanks! i do what i can with what i got… we shall see on friday 😛

                • yoyohoho

                  u got big implants

                  • Dakota

                    only they're real, nice try

        • The Chive

          great job Dakota. Im glad i asked for the post. cant wait for friday. do you twitter ?

          • Dakota

            yessir i do, find me! /hhll

    • Ginger

      I know thats right! I was sexy as hell but thought I didn't have a chance, now that I've seen the competition… definitely could have done better CHIVE..

      • getoveryourself

        you were sexy as hell?? talk about full of yourself

      • Dakota

        haha go for the gold friday girl

    • Mr.Sensitive

      I really hope you get a full post to yourself.
      REALLY Looking forward to Friday!!!

  • rawnoyz

    I went with #8.. she got me with those eyes and lips!

    • Steve Lee

      It's like she's staring into my soul

      • BloodScrubber

        Thats a winner! No 8.


    Really? #20 is getting votes. Is that not ONLY because of the shot angle? Look closely at the face fellas….BOOOOO!
    Pretty weak ass gallery by the way. 13 will prob win only cuz of her body. Bit of a butterface tho.
    And #7 should know better…Damn duckface biatch! your duckface looks stuuuuupid!

    • FapperX

      C'mon, #20? That face at that distance looks a little scary and I can't imagine it gets any better the closer you get. Also, something about that pose is setting off my tranny alert.

    • Chivemaster

      There's a big difference between duckface and sexy blowjob lips. #7 is the latter. Plus, pretty face and sexy cute costume. She gets my vote.

    • northerner

      The question is asking who is the "sexiest" which IS a function in part of the pose. #20 is a sexy pose IMO because of the look back over the shoulder and looking up at her LOOOOONG legs and right up her dress with a, granted, pitiful small peek at her tush. That is still a sexy pose. You are saying her face is bad? Your opinion. She looks rather beautiful and being a "leg man" those legs are gorgeous. The submitted "other" pics show her in different makeup, dress, and radically different poses. Still a very good looking woman. The pose in #20 is "sexy" which is in keeping with the vote question. There are others who are close runners-up but not in particularly "sexy" poses, i. e. #13, #18 and #19. MHO. So there.

      • G Monie

        You sir, sound like a douche…

        • nessi

          or #20's boyfriend..

          • northerner

            Thank you, sirs, your opinions are accepted. And the question still stands as asked. Doesn't change anything and no, I ain't her boyfriend. Just paying attention to the question.

  • Yourfreakindaddy

    Not impressed!

    • Joel

      Yeah, I don't see how they expect to win with just a picture of their face. And we know we have plenty of hot Chivettes out there.

  • John S

    #19 – Was in a sex tape with Verne Troyer (Ranae Shirder)

    It's like taking candy from a baby…


      Dude I just ate….do not wana picture mini me naked…nor do I wana picture that chick naked. Chick looks like a young version of that nasty ass captain hook lookin bitch in Housewives of NJ. nothing but CACA

  • sad samus

    Whaaat? I dressed as Zero Suit Samus and lost to these girls?


    • Fusion

      Chive! Get this pic on ^.

      • SuperSmashBro


    • Mr. Fancypants


    • lonin

      Feel free to send it to me for review 😉

  • Avante

    I'm going with #6. Love the sexy lips, eyes and green hair.

    • Giggity

      I'm gonna go for the same. She looks very hot…which is a huge plus to her considering she's a lot more covered up than the rest and still getting votes galore!

  • jroc


  • HardCore Mike

    Most flesh wins!! LOL But wow… I expected more form our Chivettes. More entries… more flesh… more SEXY!

  • ribsey

    Wow what a complete disappointment. I saw alot better ones in the small bars in Emmetsburg, IA Sat. night!!! 6 out of 20 are ok but thats pushing it!

  • petwookiee

    Sexiest? #8 by a mile.

  • http://colddeadfingers.tk God

    #1 I guess, but all pretty meh

  • Kris Coleman

    is #15 checking her pits?

  • ssf

    Why is #15 smelling her armpit and where did #16's penis go?


    wtf? weak. sauce. can the real chivettes please get together and freakin work this thread with a gallery of actual sexy? please?

    • Dakota

      friday, good sir, we shall try

  • Tucker

    That was the most disappointing thing I have ever viewed on the Chive. Maybe I have high expectations, but damn!

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