• Lisa_Martin

    Bob, are you an early riser or a late sleeper? Regardless, thank you…ya make mornings bearable.

    • Keithp420

      Well, he’s making me an early riser …

  • juice


  • Bobba Fett

    There's a hellofa finite things better than a lower back problems post.
    I sure love brunettes…*le sigh…

    • HANK


  • tommybhoy

    I sure love big breasted women in the morning….

  • 4xaClown

    Hit thumbs up if you enjoyed these more than the Halloween costume pictures

  • http://tonyjwhill.wordpress.com Tony

    Sorry but there's no way Cheryl Cole (number 11) qualifies for this list, a quick image search will show that. As for the rest… holy hell that's a great way to start the day

    • Agreed

      No 11 has the biggest rack here. They moved Cheryl to 10 (just in case people thought you were crazy).

      Also 9 will never have back problems…. but i don't care because those two are 'sell your mother' hot!

  • Kidrota

    I think the posts should come with names so we can look for the girls other pictures. As i would like to know the name of my future ex-wife Number 27.

    • Dudemandingo

      Ember Reigns of Ember-Reigns.com

  • http://quqe.ru quqerus

    Good. Big siski.

  • couchjesus1264

    5-13-16 now thats a tri-fecta right there.


    Dear Chive, thank you. This topic is my favorite thread on theChive, or anywhere else on the internet for that matter.

  • http://www.aced.net.au Aced

    21 and 30 Get My Vote who are they when can i meet them lol

    • that guy

      tiffany taylor

  • HardCore Mike

    YES…. Tuesday starts right. Minus the one duck-face this is an AWESOME post!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nels0nCosta Nelson Costa

    11, 16 and 28 – i wouldn't mind they knocked me out with those heavenly atributes

  • chrisdg74

    5 – Old E? Damn, I haven't had that since my junior year of high school.

  • mipo2010

    This post had boobs, beer and guns…WIN

    • andy

      i didn't notice any beer or guns

  • Leo

    This one gave a lot of problems at work. It's kinda hard to focus when you've got a massive hard on, Chive. Thanks for making my life better.

  • jdubottawa

    awesome, thanks chive

  • Spliggs

    #5: if she keeps up with the Olde English, she's gonna have lower back problems from the massive gut she's going to develop…

    • SHUKI


      • hemsa

        just love ure boobs


  • mali sapun

    #1 & #17 = Nikolina Pišek, Croatia

    • ali

      u r very sex hummma kash meri bhaon ma hoti tm

  • Tuesday=WIN

    Just when I thought the Chive may have lost a step…. you totally redeem yourself, well done!
    Who's #24, that pic been floatin' around for a while now, but the name escapes me.

  • mcctan24

    i'd do bad things to no. 4

  • Hitbox

    who's #1 and #30 ?
    both HOT!!!

    • shoope

      read above… Nikolina Pišek, Croatia

  • shaded

    #11 denise milani

    • soni

      so very hot
      your boobs

  • Roscoe

    I like big boobs and I cannot lie!

  • thetech2

    ok 16 wins and cmon do we really need to see those duck face bitches that just ruins it for me I love boobies just next time crop out the ugly faces all we wanna see is the titties anyway

    • shadowman


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