I outsourced this gallery to India (24 photos)

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  • St.Christopher

    I love my India

  • vince

    #5- WTF does she think she's gonna DO when she reaches him?

    • Gandalf..

      he's got her money…

    • Darksoul

      He's going to get that prostate exam, and he'll like it!

    • schoolgal

      She will tie Rakhi on his wrist ..n off course he doesn't want that to happen.:P

  • vince

    Isn't the guy in #24 the creator of the video game, Worms?

  • BigDingo

    India wins!

  • http://kyo9.blogspot.com kyo_9

    really like the "Just Do It" photo..

  • Panzerschrek

    there's a camel, but no camel toe 🙁

  • .G.

    Id hate to see what #24's caricature would look like.

    • vince

      Hollywood good looks…

    • sock_puppet

      "Eye" can think of one thing the caricature wouldn't need to exaggerate.

    • aakash


  • injekter

    wow, that place makes Mexico and Mexicans look intelligent.

    • McBeastie

      wow, that makes you look completely unintelligent.

    • sanji

      @injekter I didn't know retards can do chive, wow!

    • RAIn

      Dude, in India, your average taxi driver has a BSc.

  • McFly

    #7 – I've heard of kids who ride the "short bus"

  • Raj

    Just in time for Indian new years…Happy diwali bitches!

    • Gandalf..

      raj is an indian name rite ??? happy diwali..!

  • inTheBuck

    This gives the wrong Impression

  • Lou

    Jai Hindh !

  • robsterling

    Indians – Dot, not feather

  • Ari

    #3 – I've been there! That photo was taken at the Italian restaurant in Dharamsala!

  • The knowledge


    • Randall

      I was in India last week…and……..well you're not wrong

  • Gandalf..

    Fuckin No boobs ?? 5 mins of my life are never gonna come back…:|

  • Nav

    thanks for this extreme offensive view of india…

    • A.H.

      The offensive thing is that the abject poverty depicted in many of the pictures is completely true. Shame on the Indian government, and on the US Corporations who would like to make Middle Class America look the same way.

  • http://twitter.com/enemyofaverage @enemyofaverage

    #24 Im pretty sure that is the Bollywood Harry Potter

  • Coldzilla

    Thank you for coming!

    IIl see you in Hell!

    ~ Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

  • Tom

    What's funnier about #12. The monkey on the Dog or the sign saying Gaylord?

  • jrodmanjr

    #15 – Hey Chive, if you're going to post a photo (which is awesome!), how about giving credit to the photographer??


    #22 between pot smoking sessions they play. #4 needs mo' money for pot so he can continue "praying" and chanting.

  • prithiv

    Indians are rockers .they only know how to keep india clean&tidy.

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    Very funny pictures.

  • priya

    All crap

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