Things that bounce Part I (12 GIFS)

Don’t miss Part II tomorrow, Chivers

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  • trans am

    awesome gifs. bounce = win.

  • mike

    Greatest. Post. Ever. #11 o me o my

  • Sye

    Shay Laren. The video belonging to that gif is available at 4gifs.

    • Niall22

      Thanks for the info brah! Found a gif of her playing Wii… Needless to say, it is awesome

  • malaka

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE find #11 and give her a post!!!! That is as wolrd class a body as it gets…. Please make a cold cold Canadian feel warm again… Sorry I have to go and look at #11 again, and again and again….

    Thanks for the good work!!!!


    Very nice but what about the booty shakin?

    • cyphon420

      hopefully that is covered in Part # 2

  • aosux

    Thank you, chive. You have turned a crappy morning into a beautiful day.

  • dt546

    it's shay laren, she's realy hot, but her boobs aren't even

    • Aaron Connelly

      True, i looked it up. her right boob is definitely bigger.

      • vicariance

        so I love one side of her slightly more than the other side

  • brad

    the movie is called "grind"

    • dean

      sweet, now off to see who the actress is and if she's ever been naked.
      or at least see through.

      • Mark Stolzoff

        nah, I already did that research a couple years ago

  • Chris Jones

    11 deserves her own post. WOW

  • ROK

    #11 is F@#% ridiculous.

  • DaddyD

    I think I've seen #11 before. Can I see it again, please?

  • F U Chiveassholes

    I almost passed out during this one.

  • aleXTC

    MOAR #11
    that is all



  • C-G

    damn, still traumatized by the earlier Asian trap post… can't enjoy #1 & 2 as much as I should..

  • Shinfo

    Done well

  • Anthony Jackman

    #11 is Shay Laren. Google her for NSFW goodness.

  • aosux

    This will never get old!

  • Joe

    Very nice

  • Mery Perez

    nice bounce,this is great.

  • Asdfgarg

    Where is #8 from?

    • brben

      Yes please moar of her

    • Timothy Wilkes

      I'm guessing that her ancestry is African?

    • Thomas

      Her name is Mouni Farro. I believe that she is on a French crime show.

  • erick

    best post ever?

  • gorthaug

    I could watch 11 all day long …………………………

  • Maddog

    Numbers 10 and 11 simply made my day. Thank you.

  • ummm

    I think we need more boobs, just saying

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