Things that bounce Part I (12 GIFS)

Don’t miss Part II tomorrow, Chivers

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  • Optimus Prime

    #11 – 3 straps per orb and I'm still not sure the bra will win

  • Bea Mused

    OK so why are none of the Gif's moving as expected? And why does the Chive continue to load a TON of other stuff on this page that takes minutes to download even with a cable connection?

  • MeisterMon

    Is it tomorrow yet??? I wantz me somz moar!!!

  • Stan


  • Ruben

    #11 is just an absolut joy.

    My eyes are seriously worn down just looking at it.

  • BloodScrubber

    Mercy! The whole site just went………wait for it…….Tits Up.

    *Disclaimer: Wibbly Wobblys are intended for use by those 3 and under, and 16 and older.

  • Skedaddle

    I love how the blonde chick in #4 is checking out her friends tits at the end of the clip. B)

  • Bud Ugly

    Boing boing boing boing…

  • gtfo

    find #11 chive! PLZ!

  • damnyou

    Damn, I was expecting funny stuff. I postponed masturbating to hardcore XXX porn to watch these.

  • Turd Ferguson
  • ryeguy

    #11 is a classic, but she needs to be taking it off instead of putting it on

  • Richie


  • Bernard Mamo

    i love you man thank you 🙂

  • Shannon Coverdale


  • equalizermax


  • RGO

    shay laren needs to be a pornstar

  • Mmoglider

    This is epic!

  • Free AK-47, Gorillaz, and kik.  /  Welcome to Freshman Year

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  • AK-47, kik, and gorillaz.  /  Welcome to Freshman Year

    […] that bounce (with video). […]

  • Avko

    Who is #8 ??

    • Anon


  • riro

    #8: Mouni Farro

  • Mark Stolzoff

    Grind, Great fucking movie

  • Munk85


  • vicariance

    #3 is Jana Defi who is famous for having the largest possible perfect breasts.

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