There are sexy Chivers among us (45 Photos)

For those of you who missed last week’s ‘Sexy Chivers’ …. BAM.

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  • james t.

    *Head 'splodes*

    • oportunist

      Put face in 28 to hold head together

    • hotdogneck

      which head?

    • OwnerOfYou

      I would normally say <Mind Blown>, so glad we can agree tha-…

      OMG!!! Did you see #28?!

  • Forrest

    You're not safe, 45, you're dangerous.

  • Devon

    I'm not a blogger or anything but I have to imagine that when John hits 'publish' on this post, it recoils like a shotgun

    • BloodScrubber

      His "Publish" button probably has a condom on it and it smokes a cigarette afterwards. 🙂

      • Cudaman

        Made LOLZ so much my boss had to look in my cube to see what was so funn!

        • douche

          Seriously?? That's how we're going to speak from now on??

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211787995 Keith Piscitelli

    my week is complete…

    • Six

      All of them are just superb, hot, sexy, cute. I want to marry them all!

  • applause

    TWENTY TWO —————–>

  • Juan

    #10, With the Pedo Bear Bomb FTW!

    • Me!

      I didn't even notice until you pointed it out….

      • Zacka

        that was fucking CLASSIC!!!!


    thumbs for Michelle to be the Chivette o' the week ———->

    • JPC

      That would be a resounding "No"

    • A.H.

      34A 34 34 and size 13+ shoes? That's a dude man.

  • Anonymous

    More hot dready hotels!

  • prolly awesome

    you know when you have an Abercrombie model sending you photos, you've done something right

    • timmy

      22 ?

    • ando

      yup, 22

    • michael

      lol, I just saw 22 window shopping at the mall

  • zellmerfudd

    Kinda disappointing today…Come on ladies! We can do better!

    • marshall

      if I could reach thru the internet and choke you I would. Here's why: This IS the best thing going on the internet right now and the fuel for this is provided by those awesome girls above. So when you're an ass, they fuel supply dries up. See how that works?

      and I think 22 is a Guess model. Yeah, the ladies could do a lot better. jackass

      • dunno01

        I agree with marshall. I will thankfully take what I can get. Well done Ladies

        • Azrrael

          agree and fap fap fap!

    • Anonymous

      Agree, not as good as last week's.

    • danny

      yeah, let's all head over to zellmerfudd's blog where the girls take their clothes off for us!

      • Dave

        I agree, last week was better.

  • mca

    #15 You just more than brightened my day, you lit it up like an atomic blast.

    Well done to all the chivettes out there.

    • Avante

      I think she deserves her own post. I could stare into those eyes all day

      • Nick

        agreed, she is as good as it gets

      • mca

        Upon further review (after a cigerette) we need to see more

    • http://www.facebook.com/richard.m.turner Richard M. Turner

      Heartily agree! I'd love to see more of this beauty.

      • Avante

        She looks like Olivia Wilde

        • Xeteh

          I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone else noticed this. I totally agree, she's gorgeous (#15 that is).

        • its_forge

          She looks like the lovechild of the (unbelievably hot) union of Olivia Wilde and Miranda Kerr.

    • OwnerOfYou

      Agreed. She's is beyond any combination of words we peanut gallery can put together to compliment her…

    • mrnitropb

      15 seems 15

    • Mat Couthon

      You hit the spot man. Just gorgeous!
      Say thanks to your mother for me (Mark Wahlberg impersonation intended).

    • Billy

      Hell yeah!! MORE 15!!

    • Dylan

      15 FTMFW!

    • Eric

      I WANT ONE, gorgeous.

  • Skedaddle

    #35- lemme motorboat that for you 😉

    Great work ladies!

    • milly

      #35 is Arika Ames (or at least the top pic is) who used to have her own solo girl site.

  • RWD


    • Baldy

      Dion Aint gonna get you there..

      • Avante

        I don't think its gonna happen this year … and I'm a leaf fan too ..

    • Danny P

      The Chive supports the Blackhawks. ————————— Thumbs for Lord Stanley!!!!

      • thegza

        Leafs great Legacy, shity 2010 team, but Amanda is the #1 in the NE division

        • Amanda

          Happy to see Chive keeping up Toronto homage 🙂 Let's hope they win in this lifetime.

        • tdotbronco

          Im from toronto,f*ck the leafs and there dumbass fans.GO FLYERS!!!

          • Locode


            Ironic, you calling Leafs fans dumbasses and being unable to figure out the right spelling of their.

            I think it can be narrowed down a lot easier. Everyone from Toronto is a dumbass, regardless which team they support.

      • Baldy

        My flames ass whooped your hawks today

        • MetalMiller

          The Red Mile is surviving, lets get the Flames to the Cup!!!!!!

    • Locode

      Leafs suck. Dion Phaneuf has blown more cock than all the girls here combined.

    • DSN

      Nobody in Canada actually bleeds Blue and White, Leafs are shit, GO HABS

      • Daeway

        Heck yeah!

      • Daeway

        BTW they're playing tonight (saturday). Expect some pretty hard core action.

    • Dan

      Please don't label the whole country as morons. LOL

    • Sam

      fuck the leafs
      Nucks all the way!

    • mop

      thanks for seguin
      go Bs

    • less10percent

      Toronto thinks it is the center of the universe, oh yeah and the Leafs suck.

      • Avante

        Shit we are not the center anymore ??? …. I am going to have to burn all elementary school text books now …

  • Baldy


    • cyphon

      dont you mean fapulous ?!?

      • Baldy

        Bahahah! Funniest comment to date.

  • Danny P

    Hot hippie chicks FTMFW!!!!

    • trollin

      those hippie chicks were far from hot……………. I bet that they have hairy armpits…..

      • petepuma

        And dread locks are f'ing nasty…

        • http://www.voiceonvoices.co.uk Pyp

          Why are dreadlocks nasty??

          You have to have very clean hair for dreadlocks, most people think that they are dirty and you never wash your hair, but that is not true.

          I think we DO need more hippy chicks on theChive!

          Oh and regarding the hairy armpits, I have dreadlocks and are hippy like and my armpits are not hairy at all.

    • Dan

      I love the hippie chicks, we need more every week. theres nothing like a free spirit willing to show off her hottness to the worls

  • Danny P

    #35 is outstanding!!!

  • Baldy


  • Anonymous

    Less random body parts, more smiles please!

    #15 is amazing. More please?

    #20 No, just no.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623360792 James Seldi Seldon

      #20 the one on the left was kinda cute.

    • trollin

      No indeed…….
      #20 is just nasty as hell………

      • MaryCath & Jillian

        Gross hippie bitches… not a fan!

    • fckngruven

      Yes more of 15 please

  • stafferty

    Freckles, Gingers and oddles of hand bras. I have the distinctive feeling that this weekend will be epic.

    Great job Chivers

    P.S. Jess, no reason to be shy, we love everything we've seen so far and will love everything else you show.

    P.S.S. What do you have on the couch with you Michelle?

  • partly

    16 deserves her own post imho ————————–>

    • royal

      i totally agree. smokin

  • MikeK

    #25 – Michelle? More like Meh-chelle, because she's… Meh (sound of apathy).

    • Erik von Markovik

      …and whats that on the couch with her?

  • Phondo

    Starting to seem a little desperate.

    • AJCO

      MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. i keep expecting to open one of these galleries to find some like DVDA pix with "hi chive!!1!" scribbled across the bottom

  • davey

    Go LEAFS GO!

  • NateCider

    16…..not fair

  • Juan

    #15, I feel like she is staring straight into my soul with those eyes..

    • stafferty

      She looks a bit like a young Olivia Wilde to me.

    • johndory

      how has no-one mentioned the eyes on the ginger in #10. goddess

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