• Random

    This post should be renamed to Washboard Abs & Camel Toes

    • johncandyroulette

      Im not seeing alot of Camel Toes

      • Nunya bidnes

        actually, the post should be renamed "would you suck these chicks' dicks?" and I would have to say yes to some of them … damn, now I think I'm gay. Crap.

    • Squatstopee

      That's really witty.

  • tjf

    Fucking gross.

    • Yates

      Number 18 looks like a dude.

      • drea

        so does number 4….man trail

    • Malachi Constant

      You insecure retard, these women are awesome. Go add another beer to your gut hater-

    • Matt

      That`s not very manly like to say.

    • http://twitter.com/ADavis41 @ADavis41

      Iggy Pop and Carrot Top also have overdeveloped abs but who is looking?

  • FoulWind

    i need to go workout now

  • Bob Loblaw

    Hmmm sure, why not?

  • fanofbigboobies

    no, thanks.

  • juice


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

      unless your fapping to tits, the face, or the ass, then thats gay. cover the faces of them with your hand and they look like men.

  • Its-a me, Mario

    some of these #17 for example are just really thin, and of course muscles are gonna show if you are that thin.

    But anyway, I must say I'm jealous, not really aroused

    • http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

      Have you seen a thin girl? You don't have definition like that if you just starve yourself. You can easily identify a developed six-pack and malnutrition by seeing if the rectus sheath (the valleys separating the individual muscles) runs below the surface levels of the abdominal muscles. If you're malnutritioned, your abominals won't "pop" like that. All these women are in ridiculous shape and/or genetically gifted to be able to develop muscles like that.

      IMO, though, that shit is a little too much for me. I prefer my women in shape but way more feminine looking.

  • DJwillflo

    NOT >_<

    • You're Welcome

      Of course a woman would say that, assuming that's you in your avatar. Yeah, some were too skinny and not actually fit. Others weren't holding any water by keeping hydrated, making them look veiny. But there were many who looked good and quite fit. An overall "NOT >_<", though? I don't think so.

      • OOOOO

        Of course a MAN who spots jealousy from a female would break her down like that. hahaha

      • mipo2010

        either someone pissed all over your Cheerios this morning or you're banging a big fat ol slob of a woman!!

      • drea

        there's about 2 cute ones…..not saying that cuz im "jealous", i think most men would agree most of these woman are too buff

        • You're Welcome

          2? I counted 21 that had attractive bodies, and 8 that stood out, being 5, 21, 23, 27, 34, 35, 37 and 42. They had great bodies which I don't think any non-chubby chaser would agree with. Many of these women weren't even muscular; they just had a low bodyfat percentage.

    • Locode

      Change your name to LargeMarge.

  • http://twitter.com/lcaller @lcaller

    In a heartbeat for most of them, but there is a line between sexy and masculine… But power to them :_

    This is why i follow UberGirls on Tumblr http://ubergirls.tumblr.com/

    • tr335


  • Ay Ay Caramba

    Chicks with washboard abs? Hot as hell. With muscular man-arms? Not so much…

  • Anon

    Too much definition in the abs is a turn off. Also, arm veins

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17815425 Adam Purcell

    No thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tekrebel Charlie Makarov

    some of these dudes are hot.. oh wait…

    • Mmmandiii

      Totally unrelated, but you are such a cutie!

  • Pufffdragon

    Did anyone else just vomit in their mouths??

    • Locode

      Only the gays.

    • top dog


    • Six

      That was precum, wasn`t it?

  • rev007

    # 2 and #38 …wow, I mean….Give me a minute, it'll only atke 1 minute

    • Kyle

      #2… Yes. Chive, find her and bring her here. I want to marry her. I'll take great care of her. Won't even cheat or anything. lol

    • Quintero

      Ite art , siple as that<3

  • http://www.4chan.org Anon

    NO, they are ugly as fuck.

    • Altober

      Agreed, there might be some rare exceptions that might look well, but most of the time they are not hot

    • GTO

      #21 isnt bad, bud the rest are gross

      • classic

        You guys don't like # 2. She is wicked hot

    • gegagdou

      number 16 .. thumbs up!

    • Smoke-n-Water

      Not just hot, SO HOT!! Not the body builder ones, but the rest, A+

    • reena

      Im astonished on how many horrid things I am reading! These girls look AMAZING, and Im jealous! These are people who were able to take there bodies to the next level.. Which is what I am hoping to do!

    • Marc

      You stupid Anon and probably a fat fuck.

    • Sammy

      Yeah right, all those girls look hot. They are not the bodybuilder steroid up girls but I love a strong fit sexy woman.

  • Notagree!!

    Every single photo is horrible !!

    What about a post named : Chicks with two big balls between the leggs : Hot or not?

    • Locode

      I guess you're a fatty chaser.

    • Shitfaced

      I guess you want your chicks to look like girls, not monsters.

    • Boris Yeltsin


  • V. Putin

    I forget to say;

    Please help to save tiger from extinction, or as annoying german would say..caput.
    Tiger is important animal because he is other living thing closest to toughness of Russian man. Only exception is Russian Bear. Bear is so manly, he feeds only on sharks.
    Back to Tiger- please save.

    Tigers are not dicks

    • Olya Makarova

      I am russian, and I KNOW that russian men are not tough, they are alcoholics with nasty uncircumsized dicks. they drink and smoke cigarettes, they die of liver cirrhosis at the age of 45. and don't you dare compare them to beautiful tigers!!!

    • biatch


  • hamster huey

    and the answer is HELL NO

  • Black6dog

    If they're not overly washboardy then I think they're pretty sexy. I'm talking like 25, 33, 44, and 33 is my upper limit but damn she is fine! Plus if she has visible abs you're pretty much guaranteed she's gonna be pretty fine! or at least in shape you know

  • deez nuts

    I think most of those “chicks” have dicks

    • top dog

      All of em can have my dick.

  • Sid

    Hell and yes. I love them. it all depends on the lady of course. I could stare at 12 all day long.

    • Phil


    • Haters Gonna Hate


    • Shitfaced

      If you look closely you can see where she's tucked her balls back between her legs.

      That looks like a fucking tranny – you guys are lame.

      • Tamera

        Ha !!

    • Jacob

      I like 26 myself. That's my dream girl!!!

  • davey


  • humptus

    Take supergirl, the rest are just freaky >_<

  • Rafael

    No, it has been proven that women who work out excessively have AIDS.

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